Hail the King Chapter 224

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Chapter 224: Item from the God and Demon Ruins?

“You can finally decide now, right?” She asked as she pulled the leather cape on her shoulders tighter.

The Elder Princess looked at the letter in her hand and lightly placed it on the table. Under the magic light that had a red tone, her pale face had a rare red glow. Her blue eyes were staring at the Elder Prince Arshavin.

The man who was called [Zenit’s God of War]. After a long period of silence. The last bit of unwillingness disappeared in his eyes. He nodded and said, “Tanasha, I’d admit, you were right about him. I can promise you that I won’t go after the recipe for the potion, and I won’t go after the King of Chambord. Now, just like you said, he has grown out wings and is hard to control!”

Elder Princess exhaled as a relaxed sensation appeared on her face.

“Will you go and check out the duel between him and the Seventh Execution Knight?”

“Of course!” Arshavin was very decisive. “This duel had already shaken half of the capital, and there will be a lot of influential figures showing up. If the King of Chambord can defeat Kelud, he would be worth it for me to get friendly with and try to pull onto my side!”

At this moment, a guard outside the palace announced a visitor. A general in silver armor came in fast and saluted at them. Then, he passed a letter to the Elder Prince. As soon as Arshavin looked through the letter, his face changed color. He stood up and said, “Three generals of the [Iron Blood Legion] had been assassinated. The situation is serious, I need to go back and check!”

After Arshavin and the general walked off, Elder Princess pondered.

“Older brother, you always loved to meet and befriend geniuses, but why are you feeling a little hostile towards him?”


At the camping area of the armies.

The night was getting darker, and the stars were even brighter.

It was cold during the early winter, but it couldn’t extinguish the noisiness and the chatter from this area. What happened at the Wind-Whisper Pub seemed to have roused the people. The fire was burning and cracking while more exciting and wild shows were being performed in this chaotic camping ground; only the best would be respected.

After jumping off of the carriage and watching the flirtatious Paris being protected and taken away by the masters under Dominguez towards the center of St. Petersburg, Fei relaxed. With that level of protection, Paris was very safe, and the agreement between them was probably going to be honored. Despite the fact that a lot of stuff happened in the hub, his mission of being an “old friend” was achieved!

Feeling the noisiness and hearing the shouts coming from the streets, Fei who loved night-markets and small merchants didn’t hurry back to Chambord’s Campsite. He walked to a quiet place and took out a black cloak. After putting it on and hid some of his characteristics, he picked a noisy street and mixed himself with the crowd.

“The top-grade fox fur from Black Forest! It has some cold and ice-magic resistance. Top material for capes and light armor! Come and take a look! Last three, a silver coin each……”
“Forged by masters, the sharpest sword! Take a look! You can be invincible at the Military Practice with this blade!”

“Mysterious items from the God and Demon Ruins, goes to the highest bidder……”

Fei heard all sorts of shouts as he walked along the street. He loved this feeling; an indescribable calmness can be felt from this noisiness. Of course, from the experience of his previous life, walking without making any purchases was boring; the real fun was in buy, buy, buy!

Fei was now rich! Except the Purple Crystal Magic Card that contained a lot of money, he had some loose gold coins and silver coins. Therefore, he bought a lot of items that he found interesting. He didn’t need most of them, but he felt like a real gangster.

Fei bought all of the fox furs from that vendor. These furs were interesting, and they could be made into a nice cape for Angela later. That sword that the other merchant wanted to sell was some garbage; soldiers could use it, but it would chip into pieces after warrior energy gets injected into it.

However, that vendor who was selling items from the God and Demon Ruins attracted Fei’s attention.

This vendor was surrounded by people. It was obvious that the words God and Demon Ruins were very attractive. In between shouting and angry swears, Fei squatted down and took a detailed look. Six to seven items were placed on a piece of black fur. They were all for sale. There was half of a sword, two black small balls, and three oval stones that looked like pineapples with some scaly patterns. No one knew what they were.

After Fei’s observations, he found that not a lot of people were willing to pay. The owner of these items was an elder who was old and thin. He only said that these items were from the God and Demon Ruins, but he didn’t know where exactly they were from and what level the God and Demon Ruins was. However, the prices on these items were extremely high! Each item was at least a hundred gold coins. That made a lot of interested people give up on bargaining. Didn’t matter what happened, this elder didn’t lower the prices.

“I think all of these are fake. How can you get your hands on items from a God and Demon Ruins?”

“Old scammer, brought some stuff here to fool us.”

“Old man, I will take everything for the price of a gold coin, deal?”

There were some people who were knowledgeable in the crowd. Although they couldn’t tell if the elder was telling the truth, the items did have a mysterious feel to them. Some people tried to convince the elder and see if they could get a good deal.

“No, every item is a hundred gold coins! I won’t lower the price!” The elder was not wearing much; despite the fact that he was shivering in cold, he was very stubborn.

Fei kneeled down and held onto the item that looked like half of a sword. He weighted it, then he played with the two small black balls. After that, he gave the three oval-shaped stones a feel; he didn’t know what they were, but he felt like they were eggs of some creature even though they felt like rocks.

“I will take all of it!”

Fei thought about it and said. He saw that the elder was really cold and hungry, so he felt bad for him. Also, Fei was rich, so he retreated it as an act of kindness. He took out six hundred gold coins from his storage space and gave them to the elder in a bag.

“Hehe, I knew I would meet someone who is knowledgeable.” The elder smiled and showed his yellow teeth. He was missing one. He quickly took over the bag and picked out a gold coin. He bit onto it and smiled afterwards finding that they were not fake.

A few men who wanted to bargain and buy these items at a lower cost looked at Fei with hostile expressions. They weren’t happy that someone came out of nowhere and took the items, but they didn’t say anything. These men weren’t dumb and knew that a man who could easily spend six hundred gold coins wasn’t a nobody. In this chaotic campsite, no one knew each other’s background.

After playing with the items in his hands, he felt like this stuff was really mysterious. He looked up and wanted to ask where the elder got them, but he realized that the vendor had already disappeared.

“I didn’t even sense when that elder left with my current power level?” Fei felt like the situation was really strange.

After the transaction was over, the crowd slowly dispersed.

“Kid, you have been fooled. That old man had been wondering around for a few days. He would always bring out some stuff and say they were from God and Demon Ruins. He has scammed quite a few number of people……” A mid-aged man who looked friendly came by and told Fei.

Fei thanked the man as he lightly shook his head. He put the items back to his storage space and walked ahead.

He felt like the situation wasn’t that simple.

All kinds of kingdoms were camped here. The distance between each kingdom’s camp sites was about a hundred meters, and it was quite loud and noisy. Fei walked on the street as he observed the kingdoms on the sides. These camp sites were different in size and had different warriors in them; Fei was able to sense some powerful sensations from larger camp sites. “Those must be master warriors from each kingdom.” He thought.

Not sure when, but snow started to fall from the sky. This was the first time that Fei saw snow on the Azeroth Continent.

The snowflakes got bigger and bigger. Soon, the entire space was dyed white.

At this moment, a deep shout sounded and drew Fei’s attention.

Table of Content

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