Hail the King Chapter 223

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Chapter 223: Warriors from all regions

“That man…… is he the king of Chambord?” Someone in the crowd suddenly shouted as he felt like the man, who just stepped into the magic carriage guarded by imperial guards, looked familiar.

“Really?” Someone wondered.

“Yeah, it’s him! I remember I saw the king of Chambord today at noon, and that young man with black hair was ……”

“But how can the king of Chambord be protected by the imperial guards?”

“Also, that huge silver sword and cross of fire, could it the techniques of King of Chambord and assassins?”

“Such a devastating force, and I can still sense the residual energy in the air. His strength is now beyond a six-star warrior; where is he now?”

“Since the King of Chambord’s strength is beyond our expectations, then the duel between him and the seventh executive knight Kelud tomorrow at noon will be even more interesting! It’s hard to predict who will win!”

As the crowd chatted among themselves, many warriors from various kingdoms sat down beside the ruined building and tried to concentrate and sense the residual power left by Fei and the other assassin. This level of battle was rare for low-level warriors to see; although they couldn’t see it up close, the residual energy and the surge after the battle could give them inspiration. This was the best opportunity for them to try to advance their warrior energy further.

Other people who were more thoughtful looked at the magic carriage that was disappearing as their faces changed color.

Didn’t matter if it was individual strength or power and influence, it seemed like the king of Chambord was beyond their imagination.

Imperial Martial Saint Mountain.

The mountain was located in St. Petersburg and right beside the Emperor’s Palace. The mountain was like a sword that soared into the cloud and the sky. The Martial Saint Mountain was the highest point in St. Petersburg. All of the magic towers in the city were a lot shorter than this mountain.

In this mountain lived the Empire Protector – Martial Saint.
The current Martial Saint was named Krasic, and he was the invincible god in the mind of every warrior in Zenit.

The mountain shaped like a sword soared into the clouds. The steep slope of the mountain combined with the smooth, mirror-like surface of the mountain made it hard for four-star warriors to even get up the mountain that was more than a kilometer tall. There were no paths or anything that led up to the mountain.

Since almost no man could reach the peak of the mountain, Martial Saint Mountain was mysterious and majestic in the citizens’ mind.
Some say that there were palaces that only gods lived at the peak. It was beautiful and didn’t belong to any man.

Some say that there was a peaceful village at the peak of the mountain. It was always spring there, and there were a ton of rare animals, intelligent beasts, precious herbs, and mystic ingredients.
Some say that the biggest secret of the empire lied at the peak of Martial Saint Mountain.

Of course, all of these were just legends and tales.

Except for the important members of the royal family of Zenit and some important officials, only a few powerful warriors knew the truth behind the Martial Saint Mountain. No one knew for sure if these tales were just rumors and fake, but they all knew that the Martial Saint who protected the empire had a super status. Although the Martial Saint didn’t participate in the politics, no one dared to publically question the Martial Saint’s majesty. Every generation of Martial Saint was undoubtedly the most powerful warrior in the empire.

The wind blew through the clouds and flirted with the stars in the sky. A thin figure appeared quietly on the highest peak of Martial Saint Mountain. With his robe fluttering in the wind, he only left a lonely yet unparalleled power sensation to the surroundings. This sensation felt a little ancient as if this figure had been co-existing with the mountain for numerous years.

The location of the Martial Saint Mountain was in a strategic spot. This man was able to see everything around this great city at the peak of the mountain. He was even able to see the campsites that were far away. At this point, the lights under the mountain were bright, acting like bright stars in the darkness. Suddenly, something occurred! Close to the campsite, a huge silver sword soared into the sky, at the same time, a cross of fire also appeared out of nowhere……

The sensation of this sword and cross could be felt very far away.
“Huh? This…… it is that little kid again. Eh, wait…… it is a little different from the last time!”

A smile appeared on this man’s face as he closed his eyes; everything happening within a large radius was able to be clearly sensed by him. He nodded and murmured: “That’s right, it is different….. he is even stronger now, and his power is more strange…… Not bad, another win. However, he is not a mad dog, but why is he like an angry wolf? He seems to fight everyone he sees…….”

At this time, an elder appeared behind him. This elder bowed and said: “Master, you are looking for me?”

“Eh, I’m going to go down the mountain, and I will be back in four days. In this time, you can take care of everything around here.” This man turned around and said.

“Yes, master.”


At the west side of the Capital, the black castle was the second most magnificent building next to the palace of the emperor.

The tallest black tower within the castle soared into the clouds. On top of this tower, a man who was tall and sharp was standing there. His body looked thick and tough, and he was looking in the direction of the campsites as he was wondering about something.

Ten minutes ago, he felt a familiar sensation from that direction; it was the second time that he felt it. At that moment, the calm and playful expression disappeared from his face, and he got serious.

“The number seven Executive Knight challenged the King of Chambord without getting my permission. How dare he reach into the Imperial Knight Palace and use my knights as chess pieces?”

This man turned around and said, “This matter has to be investigated seriously.”

“Yes, master.” A deep and hollow voice sounded from nowhere. But then, the space beside this man rippled as if it was the surface of the ocean slightly and instantly went away.

There were a total of eleven towers in this castle.

Except for the tallest towers, there were ten other towers that were in various shapes and sizes located around the tallest tower, as if they were stars that were surrounding the tallest tower which was like the moon.
At this moment, within the hall of a shiny golden tower.

A young man who was sitting on the black, mirror-like floor with his legs crossed seemed to sense something. He suddenly opened his eyes and looked into the distance. He lost his concentration as he murmured, “King of Chambord…… you got even stronger? However, it’s nothing! I, Chris-Sutton had made progress as well. One day, I will come and redeem myself from the shame of the battle on the Dual-Tower Mountain…… one day!”

This young man closed his eyes again.

The sharp metal element warrior energy enveloped his body again like melted gold; compared with that battle on the Dual-Tower Mountain, it was even stronger! He was already at the level of a low-tier six-star warrior.

Not too far away from this golden tower, a blood red tower gave off a chilling sensation.

A man with blood red hair was sitting on his blood red throne under a statue of a god. He rested his chin on the palm of his right hand, and his metal element warrior power was in a red color. Compared with the gold warrior power of Sutton, his warrior power was sharper and bloodier. His eyes shade had a hint of red in it, and he was staring at a man who was in a prisoner uniform. Despite the wounds on his body, this man was standing up tall and looked at the red-haired man in disdain.

“Last chance, tell me about where the Map of the Secret Scroll is, and I shall let you live!” The man with the red hair sounded cold and murderous.

“What the Templar Knight left in this world isn’t something that a butcher like you can touch. Stop thinking about it.” The man in the prisoner uniform said with scorn.

“If that’s the case, then you can die!”

A dash of warrior energy flew out of the fingertip of the man on the throne, and the sharp energy filled the room. The flesh of the man in the prisoner uniform was sliced off of his body pieces by pieces. In an instant, this live person was turned into a complete and white skeleton.

“Next…… King Alexander of Chambord, hehe. You gave me a surprise. However, that’s not enough. Haha, don’t give me the opportunity, and let me, the Bloody Knight Kelud kill you by “accident” tomorrow.”

A horrifying red light flashed through the man with red long hair.


In St. Petersburg, in a slit space that was a kilometer deep in the ground.
A long sigh sounded.

“Why did the operation fail?”

“Master, a powerful warrior appeared. That man is so powerful that he injured the Executioner with one strike. The Executioner wasn’t able to escape and got killed instantly. Everyone who participated in this operation all died……

“[Blood Rose] Paris…… you guys underestimated this woman. How can someone who can compete with the elder princess be this easy to kill!”

“Master, we deserve to be penalized!”

“I gave this operation the go-ahead, you guys are not guilty. Did you guys investigate into who that warrior was?”

“We are still investigating. From what we know so far, that man was the king of a level 6 affiliated kingdom in the remote countryside. We don’t know exactly how powerful he is; the most recent news is that he defeated the tenth Execution Knight of Zenit!”

“Continue! Get all the information on this man.”

“Yes, master.”

“This operation failed, and Zenit must have gained some information on us. From now on, everything needs to be more careful. However, Operation Blood Thorn must continue! I will let everyone in St.Petersburg live under the cloud of devastation and fear!”

“Yes, master!”

“Go and continue on your work!”

Table of Content

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