Hail the King Chapter 222

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Chapter 222: Do one thing for me

“You can all get up. It’s my own negligence that caused the situation today, and it is not your fault!” Paris was already out of Fei’s arms. With the white dress, she looked untouchable. She lightly waved her hand calmly and pardoned the guards from their obligations as if nothing happened.

“Thank you, Ms. Paris!”

The imperial guards got up with cold sweat on their bodies as they looked at Fei with admiration, respect, and suspicion.

Although they saw that they came too late, everyone knew from the look of the huge silver phantom sword, the cross of fire, and the collapsed buildings that the assassins were very powerful. They wouldn’t be much help even if they participated in the battle. They knew that the assassins were enough to wipe the entire team of imperial guards. If this young man in front of them didn’t act, their Ms. Paris would be a cold corpse now.

However, the king of Chambord who liked showing off wasn’t in the mood of enjoying the reactions from the guards.

He sighed as the red flames flashed by and took away his set items from the Diablo World. He then dusted the chipped wood and rocks off of his shoulder as he stared at the woman in front of him for a while. “Beauty, why do I have a weird feeling about this? Seems like you already know the assassins were coming here. I feel like I’ve been used by you again.”

The beauty fixed her blonde hair as she giggled with the other hand over her mouth. She looked very pure and naïve. She only giggled and didn’t admit or deny Fei’s allegations.

“So the more beautiful a woman is, the better she is at lying.” Fei already knew the answer from the beauty’s action.

“Haha, don’t mind me. I actually don’t want to use you to take out my political opponents. These assassins are not from any forces in Zenit.” Paris knew what Fei was thinking about, so she explained.

“Not from Zenit?”

“Yeah. They appeared in St. Petersburg about two months ago, and they are so mysterious that no one was able to trace them. It seemed like they are here to assassinate key officials in the empire, and they have succeeded so far. More than a dozen officials and nobles in the empire have been assassinated. On top of that, both I and the elder princess Tanasha have faced attempts several times in the last few days. Although we were safe, we couldn’t really find the root causes. These people are vicious and sly. They knew who the powerful warriors in the empire are, and they wouldn’t try to assassinate someone when they didn’t feel comfortable. I tried to trick them and trap them several times, but it all failed!”

When Paris got serious, her superficial and sexual presence disappeared completely. A holy and sincere expression appeared on her face as she smiled and explained to Fei. She looked very attractive at this moment.

“Oh, so you became more calculative and risked your own life to attract them? You only brought a few guards and no powerful warriors, but you came to such a noisy and popular place. You made them think that this was a rare opportunity so they would send their best assassins to kill you, but you invited me to come and used me to capture them all?”

Fei wasn’t dumb. After hearing what Paris said, he knew what was going on.

“You are so smart.” Paris giggled as she flattered Fei, “For some reason, although they are not from the empire, they knew what goes around the empire very well. They knew about the whereabouts of all master warriors here, so when I do bring them, the assassins wouldn’t come. Your Majesty has the ability to kill them, and you just came to St. Petersburg and not many people know about you. The assassins won’t think much of you, and that was why we were able to attract the assassins and kill them off!”

Fei rubbed his temples and thought, “Such a dangerous woman……”

“Haha, actually, since the king of Chambord killed the mysterious assassins who bothered the empire for long, Emperor Yasin would definitely reward you when he hears about it. This is a big credit, and you Alexander totally gained a ton tonight! Why the long face?”

From the “Your Majesty” to “King of Chambord” to “Alexander”, the way Paris addressed Fei changed a lot. When she called him Alexander, it felt close and intimate as if they were old friends.

Fei thought about it and felt like this woman was right. He didn’t lose anything.
However, the feeling of being used by this woman didn’t feel good.
“I’m curious; what if I didn’t come. Wouldn’t you be seeking your own death?” Fei suddenly thought of a very important question.

“There isn’t a perfect strategy in this world. Any decision comes with risks. Since you Alexander is so nice to that elder princess, why can’t you be nicer to me? Am I less pretty that that pale elder princess? Haha, don’t stare at me like that. If you didn’t come, then I can only say that the luck was not on my side!” This beauty rolled her eyes as she said with a teasing and coquettish tone.

Fei knew this woman well, and he won’t be fooled by her this easily. “I bet that even if I didn’t come, you have your own way of dealing with these assassins.”

“Haha, I didn’t expect your majesty to know me this well. If you actually didn’t come, then I can only flee and go to your campsite for protection. We could only change the battleground, but you will still fight for me! The only thing is that once the assassins get to your camp, your subordinates……” Paris laughed, “So I did give you a choice, and you made the right decision. The perfect ending!”


This woman was really fearful.

If Fei didn’t come, then the Chambord soldiers would be affected by this event.
Fei stared at her forcefully. After a short moment of silence, he rubbed his chin and said, “Let’s put the rewards from Emperor Yasin aside. I just saved your life at that critical moment. Beauty, how are you going to thank your hero?”

“Hahaha, do you want me to give myself to you?” The sly beauty Paris said without hesitation despite the fact that her guards were close by. As if her true character was exposed, she said with a joking tone. However, her expression was very coquettish and yet naïve. Various temperaments appeared on her, and she looked like a blooming Datura flower. Even though people knew that this flower was poisonous, they were willing to pick it up due to its beauty.

However, Fei knew this woman well and didn’t fall for her tricks.

Fei waved his hands and an invisible force loomed around them. This blocked sounds, and only they could hear their conversation.

“Before the competition, I’m going to wipe out the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group. I hope that I can bring my soldiers in without being questioned by the guards. Also, I don’t want anyone else involved in this. Beauty, please arrange everything for me!”
“Hahaha, now I know. Alexander, you knew I was up to something, but you came anyway because you want this from me.” Paris was really intelligent as well. She knew everything right away.

Fei smiled and continued, “Only a few people in St. Petersburg can do this, and you are one of them. Since you invited me here, I would come here more than willingly. Our relationships are formed on trades, and everything would be better if we make everything clear.”

“I know that you are speaking the truth, I’m hurt by your words…… Hehe, your request isn’t hard to satisfy, and I can arrange it for you. However, the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group isn’t that simple. There are many other hidden forces behind it, and one of them is the noble group – the Fellon Family. Alexander, you have to think everything through before you take action!”

“The Blood-Edge Mercenary Group must be eliminated!” Fei was very serious.

During their conversation, more and more people surrounded the building, and these people started to chat among themselves. The battle that was so impression shocked everyone in the campsites. The huge silver phantom sword and the cross of fire were visible from very far away, and everyone was still able to sense the residual energy of the battle from standing by the battleground. A lot of warriors came here and tried to sense more of this energy so it might help them to advance in the future.

Fei and Paris got onto a magic carriage rode by the imperial guards. Other guards separated the crowd, and the carriage was able to leave the place.

Many people knew that the man and the woman who got onto the carriage were the parties involved in the battle, but they were not sure if they should go up and ask since the imperial guards were standing by them. As they looked at the collapsed building, some smart ones knew more about it. Everyone knew that this Wind-Whisper Pub had the military of the empire behind it. However, the managers didn’t stop the perpetrators and let them leave with a bunch of imperials guards protecting them. The information this leaked was very interesting.

Table of Content

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