Hail the King Chapter 213

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Chapter 213: You are about the same

After killing the enemy, Inzagi picked up a sword that a soldier had abandoned and pierced through the head on the ground. The tip of the sword appeared on the other side just like how the spikes in the jail-cart pierced through York’s head. Inzagi then stabbed the hilt of the sword into the ground.

After doing all this, Inzagi wiped the blood off of his face and stood behind Fei.

Fei nodded out of satisfaction.

Only kill one man. This was the test that Fei set up for Inzagi.

Inzagi didn’t disappoint Fei. This young man was able to control himself and his anger when both of his enemies couldn’t move at all. He followed Fei’s order and only killed one man. This at least told Fei that this young man was very respectful of him and was able to stay true to himself when he was faced with temptations……. Only this type of person was worth Fei’s time and energy to focus on and teach.

That was why Fei was happy with Inzagi.

“Why him?” Fei asked with a calm expression as he looked at the skull on the sword.

“Both of them deserve to die! But in comparison, Kulun is a descendant of a Tolemy Family and has a higher status. If I kill him, it would offend a huge force, and they would be after us. Andrew is only a captain in the army, so I would rather kill him when I can only kill one of them to vent my anger and hate!”

The head on the sword belonged to the captain Andrew of the third Huge Hammer Battalion. This strong man was now a headless corpse on the ground. The blood from his neck stained the ground, and Kulun who was the source of this these was so scared that he already fainted like a dead dog.

Inzagi’s answer was short and concise.

This was a surprise to Fei. The young man who was so shy that he had a hard time talking a day ago appeared to have a rare calmness. Fei would tell that Inzagi now had the rough calmness and intelligence of an assassin.

Fei was also quite pleased with the thought that went through Inzagi’s head.

It was obvious that this young man was still thinking about Fei’s situation when he wanted to take revenge. This young man wasn’t scared of death. If he could avenge the people including York and Tina, he would do so even if he had to die. But the reason why he only killed a less important figure was because that he didn’t want to cause too much trouble for Fei. Kulun would result in a lot of trouble after he thought it through.

“You are afraid of causing trouble for me?” Fei lightly shook his head: “Philip, remember this. The reason why I only allowed you to kill one person wasn’t because I’m scared of other people. The real reason why I only allowed you to kill one person was because I want you to come back and take revenge yourself when you are powerful enough, and not take revenge with my help.”

Inzagi was a little surprise. A thankful expression appeared on his face as he kneeled down to Fei.

“Stand up, you need some rest. Fernando, take him to rest!”

“Yes, your majesty!” Torres said and bowed at Inzagi, “Your highness, please come with me.”

Since Inzagi was the king’s disciple, his status was no different than a prince at Chambord Kingdom. That was why Torres addressed him like that.

“Your majesty, Uncle York’s corpse……” Inzagi said to Fei with hesitation as he looked at the iron jail-cart filled with corpses that wasn’t too far away.

Fei nodded.

He switched to Sorceress Mode, and a strong magic surge appeared on his body. Under the control of a level 36 Sorceress, the magic power sucked all the fire elements around him into his hands. He waved his hand with the fire, and a thick a stream of fire dashed into towards the jail-cart like a dragon and enveloped it.

Sorceress Spell – [Inferno].

It would create a cloud of hell fire, and it would melt anything that Fei wanted to.

This was a fire spell that was more powerful than [Fire Bolt] that a Sorceress could cast in Diablo World, and it was the third fire spell that Fei learned.

Dillies who was standing far away and silent was stunned.

“This King of Chambord…… He is a warrior and knows magic spells as well? He is a powerful warrior and a strong fire mage? How? He is at this level despite of his age…… Also, he looks so relaxed when he casted the spell that he didn’t even needed to chant or anything…… Just how powerful is he?” He thought.

Dillies had lost all ability to think. His opponent’s strength made him feel weak and powerless. For a moment, Dillies who was very proud in himself admitted that he was seeing a new star appear.

“Go back where we all came from…… Let York, Tina, and other’s pure souls rest in peace with this fire protecting!” Even though Fei was pretty strong, he still couldn’t save everyone.

Hot tears dripped down Inzagi’s face again.

As he saw the fire eat up his family and friend, Inzagi felt like his heart had hardened. Except the man in front of him, nothing else was able to affect him and wound his heart anymore.

“Huh?” Fei’s expression suddenly changed.

He quickly changed to Barbarian Mode and leaped into the air. He appeared in front of the jail-cart and smashed it open. After dashing into the fire, he came back with four thin bodies.

“Four orphans are still alive.”

Fei switched to Paladin Mode and used [Pray].

A mighty and divine golden flame appeared from within his body and enveloped the four thin figures from the jail-cart. At this moment, Fei looked very kind and god-like. As if he was a holy-figure, he blessed the four little kids, and the four kids who looked dead soon looked livelier; they started to breath, and their face got a bit redder.

“Ah, great! Kawani, Michael, Gonzalez, and David. This is great! They are still alive……” Inzagi who saw this was very excited.

For the last three years, these orphans were like his family. He thought that he was the only one who survived this and had to walk on the path of revenge alone, but he didn’t expect four of his friends to have survived as well.

“Philip, I will let you take care of these four!” Fei stopped [Pray]. The four kids were already back to normal, but they didn’t wake up; it was probably because of they were too weak from the lack of nutrients.

“Yes, your majesty.” Inzagi was delighted.

“Uh, go take a rest.”

Torres order the soldiers of Chambord to take the four kids and Inzagi to the camp to rest.

At this time, Cech and Oleg who heard the news had already rushed there. Bylaw Enforcement Officers and Saint Seiya had already organized themselves into their formations in front of the camp, and their presence couldn’t be ignored.

Fei pointed at Dillies who was severely injured and Kulun who was pretending to be dead and said as he turned around and walk towards the camp, “Kill everyone else except those two.”

The fifty to sixty soldiers who Andrew and Kulun brought turned around and ran. However, didn’t matter how fast they ran, they couldn’t get rid of the soldiers of Chambord. Without exception, these soldiers were all killed despite their cries and begs.

As the number one warrior of the young generation at Hot Spring Gate, Dillies frowned as he tried to heal up the wounds on his body. He couldn’t save those soldiers, even though he had the intent to save those cancerous soldiers. The strength Chambord demonstrated shocked him. Other than the King of Chambord, the blonde young man with impressive shooting skills and the thin and tall warrior alongside the fat bald warrior brought Dillies a lot of shock as well. Even though these warriors were no match to him if he was at his peak, he was still surprised that a little level 6 affiliated kingdom could have so many powerful warriors that were rare at even the Hot Spring Gate.

He couldn’t wrap his head around it.

“King of Chambord, how far am I from the Golden Sun Knight Sutton?” Dillies suddenly remembered why he challenged this king. He shouted at the tall figure that was about to disappeared into the fog.

“Sutton? You two……haha, are about the same.” Fei answered without looking back.

Table of Content

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