Hail the King Chapter 204.2

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Chapter 204 Big Events in the Empire (Part Two)

Fei was surprised to find out that the appetency his fiancée was born with did not only have an influence on animals. Even those rude mercenaries were unbelievably affected, and they were friendly when they were with her. Fei could tell, it was the kindness from deep inside of their tough hearts. It was the emotion that people only had for their families.

“That is strange, is that because Angela has the spirit of a protagonist?”

The wooden door was pushed open as Fei was snickering. The shadows of two appeared in the doorway, one tall and the other short.

“Haha, look who is here! Old York, when the hell did you come back from the empire?”

“Haha, I just came back, I cannot wait to come here and have a drink with my buddies…” The tall one replied as he looked around, eventually heading to Fei’s table with the short tiny fellow, saying “Hey young man, can I have a seat here? Everywhere else is full. “

Fei smiled and pushed two wooden chairs towards him, “Have a seat please.“

“Thanks, man…” The tall man named York sat down gladly.

All of a sudden Fei felt that things turned dark in front of him, as if a giant mountain stood ahead of him. This guy was exceptionally strong. Even the barbarians in the Diablo world were inferior to him. He was about thirty or forty years old, but his fire red beard drew a lot of attention, making him look like a bold and forthright man. His fellow, on the other hand, was a lot skinnier with a tanned skin tone, but you can still tell that he was quite good-looking. Not a while Fei noticed that this tanned skinny guy seemed very shy. Most of the time he just looked down, but when he lifted his head up, there was a shy smile, together with his white teeth and dimples on his face, made him look like a stunning young man.

“Hey man, get me two large premium rye beers! Hurry up…” the big guy York was knocking on the table and yelling, looking like he couldn’t wait for a second longer.

His voice was rumbling like muffled thunder in the pub. However, the other mercenaries were already used to this, and all burst out into a guffaw. Someone asked in a high pitch, “Hmmm premium rye beer?Old York, seems like you made a  good fortune after going to the empire… ”

“Emmm, a bit, but only a bit.” The big guy scratched his head with a smile hanging on the face, not even trying to hide the fact that he did make a fortune.

“Oh come on man, you have to get us drinks since you got some money in your hands.” Someone shouted.

“Ok guys, drinks for everybody… I mean, regular rye beer, I can’t afford the premium for so many people.” The big guy said passionately without a hesitation.

The crowd responded with loud applause and cheering. The pub was full of noise and excitement again.

However, this fellow did not seem too happy about it. No matter how hard he winked at the big guy trying to stop him, he just did not get any hint at all. So he gave up, and could not help but shake his head and stare at the big guy with an awkward smile.

Seeing this, Fei started laughing at himself.

Fei had been observing those two guys the entire time. They made quite a strange mercenary group. As he could tell, they were definitely not from the best tier. The big guy might be a one-star peak samurai, but the young fellow might not even be close to a one-star. However, the strange feeling and sharp sensitivity of someone like Fei who had the【Barbarian Mode】told him that this young black guy was not as innocent as he thought. Fei could tell there were some potential dangers deep inside of the guy, and his scent was familiar to Fei, as if he encountered that somewhere before.

“Hey Old York, tell us about your trip to the empire, anything interesting?”  Someone shouted in the pub.

“Ok fine, speaking about the big events in the empire, the one that draws the most attention must be the military contest among the 250 subsidiary countries. There are only 10 days left, and 80 or 90 percent of the subsidiary country troops had stationed outside the empire. Not to mention that the top ten first-class subsidiary countries are already there.” The big guy did not continue talking until he took a nice big drink, “All the chambers of commerce, private banks and casinos had set historically high odds and payouts in the market. Tons of aristocrats and businessmen were betting crazily on this contest… ”

“Stop here man, that’s out of date now, we all know about this event already. Everyone in the empire knows that only those from the first-class subsidiary countries have a chance to be the final winner.” Someone contradicted.

“Then you just don’t have any clue, I’m afraid it might be different this time.” The big guy laughed while shaking his head, “I heard that a few days ago among the kings of the subsidiary countries, there was an amazing young master that showed up out of nowhere going to the contest, who shocked the entire empire by beating the Golden Sun Knight – Chris-Sutton, one of the top ten Execution Knights from the Imperial Knight Palace, in the battle at the twin peaks tower.”

Table of Content

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