Hail the King Chapter 204.1

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Chapter 204 Big Events in the Empire (Part one)

In the splendid land of Hot Spring Gate, there stood six heaven-touching cylindrical towers, hundreds of meters in the air.

From where those towers were located, however, Fei clearly felt a stronger kind of magical fluctuation, as if there were multiple layers of waves radiating outwards endlessly. The power was so strong that it was no less than the effect of the magic elements caused by a full breakout from a Five-Star Magician. It seemed like the existence of those towers was the reason for the abnormal fluctuations of magic elements.

”Is it the legendary Mage Tower?”

Fei soon noticed that the six mage towers in the Hot Spring Gate were located respectively at every point of a hexagon, and he was already familiar with this kind of location, which obviously formed a tremendous Magic Array division. It was implicitly releasing a sort of strange transparent enchantment that trapped the Hot Spring Gate within. However, the strength of the enchantment was too weak to be noticed by most people; that might be also why, so far, the giant Magic Array still remained hidden.

“I see… the entire city is located on an already built giant Magic Array. Even the walls around are part of it. Once invaders show up, the power of the mage tower, as well as all the magicians in the city, can be used to stimulate this Magic Array. After enhancing the power of the enchantment, it might be able to defend itself against those gallant warriors; or even to fight them back.”

Fei gradually figured out many things.

He suddenly realized that the world was way more complicated than he expected. Fierce competition to survive as well as the history accumulated over thousands of years would only make this world even more fantastic. Fei was already shocked by the single wall in Hot Spring Gate, but it also delighted him with a perfect plan for reconstructing the defense of Chambord.

Along with Angela and Emma’s laughter, the whole trip did not only shock Fei, but was also eye-opening.

Hot Spring Gate was the economic and cultural hub of the empire’s northern region. Its population was ten times larger than Chambord.

As it was getting close to noon, more and more people from various industries such as vendors, artists, mercenary and trade caravans all showed up on the street. The crowd made the street so packed that you could hear all the noise from peddling and talking right beside your ears.

Two girls were hopping around, amazed by the bustling scenes that they had never seen before and totally forgot about the rest of the world. They just could not help buying all the fancy stuff they saw. As it was about noon, they finally decided to rest at a pub called Ivy League. It was now that Fei realized that his storage ring was almost full.

Ivy League was a popular pub among the lower classes in Hot Spring Gate. People from various backgrounds would like to gather there, especially the busy mercenaries. Fei picked a place like that with the purpose of getting some useful clues from those who traveled extensively.

Moreover, what surprised Fei more was the food provided by the pub. It was his first time to taste the amazing food from other parts of the world, not the flavorless stuff from Chambord. The feeling of being part of the cheerful and boisterous scene reminded Fei of his last life back in university, hanging out with a couple of friends, grabbing as much beer as they wanted in a tiny messy restaurant near the university, enjoying being youthful and fearless.

Fei had a sip of the rye beer and was reminded of the sour bitter taste, yet calming while going down the throat. Fei took a breath with pleasure, then glanced around in the pub.

Most of the men in the pub were mercenaries, dressed in some old but neat leather armor. The armor looked like it was polished a lot, making the leather look polished and shiny. It sounded like thunder when they were talking, sitting together in little groups and bursting into laughter from time to time. There were also some guys liked to enjoy their beer while waiting for a chance to grab the a-s of the curvy waitresses, then everyone started to laugh again. People had their own groups. If you paid more attention, you could find different kinds of badges on them showing off their status to others. Although Hot Spring did not allow the subsidiary kingdom’s troops to get in the city, this mercenary seemed like an exception. Fei keenly noticed that almost every one of them had a weapon on them.

Compared to those mercenaries in the pub, Fei and the two girls looked totally out of place, not only the way they dressed but also their temperament showed unconsciously. From the beginning when Fei brought Angela and Emma into the pub, some people stared at them with curiosity, or to be precise, they stared at the two girls. The innocence and beauty of Angela and Emma definitely were refreshing the pub that only used to be filled with rudeness and boorishness.

“Hey, beautiful ladies, please allow I, Old Sang, a chance to buy you some drinks.”

“Oh my God, I see my charming goddess. Hahaha, have a drink. I barely see such beautiful ladies here.”

Once a while, there were some excited and hasty dudes from far away raising their steel cups to present their compliments along with laughter.

As for receiving this nice invitation, Angela did not get mad. Instead, she chose to be enthusiastic as well as elegant. She would hold the cup with a sweet smile on her face and had a sip in response to the mercenaries’ guffaw. You could not find any affectation on her, but only a deep elegance.

Table of Content

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