Hail the King Chapter 203.2

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HTK Chapter 203 (Part Two)

After the Elder Princess and her people left, the Chambord Expeditionary Force did not set off on the second day, but simply stationed themselves on the outside of the Ernst capital Hot Spring Gate.

The Hot Spring Gate was one of the most famous ten cities in the Zenit Empire. It was not only the metropolis of Ernst, but also a well-known economic and cultural hub in the Northern region of the empire. More importantly, it’s a solid fortress. Whether it was the size of the city or the military forces, it’s impossible for the Black Stone Kingdom’s fortress to compare with it. Also, the Hot Spring Gate was just like a gate that was located in the middle of Chambord City, guarding the road to the outside. It had extreme strategic significance. Therefore, Fei wanted to stay here to observe more and wait for Lampard and the others to return to the army.

The second day was sunny and crisp in the morning.

After Fei arranged the camp matters, he called off the guards’ accompanying him and took Angela and Emma with him before leaving the campsite of the Expeditionary Forces to visit the Hot Spring Gate. A big city like this, it was much more flourishing and grand than Chambord City. For Fei–a homeboy in his previous life who only knew about the Azeroth Continent from books and legends, and the two little girls, who never came to such a big city before, this city had a fatal attraction.

“Hey! You three, Stop! Foreigners need to pay a tax to get into the city.”

Just after reaching the city gate, the guards became baffled like they found peerless treasures, avariciously staring at Angela and Emma’s bodies. One barred the gate with his spear, blocking the way to stop them. With their elegant outfits and temperament, the soldier knew that these three people were not common peasants. It was hard to say what would happen if Fei and the two girls didn’t seem like nobles.

“Tax? How much?” Fei smiled not feeling angry.

He knew that these soldiers were “princess” soldiers when he saw the scruffy armors and the untidy formation of these soldiers. They didn’t join the war and0 see death. These soldiers could never be opponents to the Bylaw Enforcement Officers of Chambord. It was easy to imagine how their peaceful lives made them lose their vigilance. Even the garrison in Hot Spring Gate – one of the most famous ten cities in the empire – was not that strict.

“One empire standard silver coin for each person.”

“One silver coin? Really?! How could it be so expensive?” Emma couldn’t help but ask back. An empire standard silver coin could provide for a poor family in Chambord for more than one month.

Fei shook his head. He knew that these soldiers were rambling about the price, but he was not willing to talk too much with these people. He threw three silver coins out, and walked into the city with the two girls. The coins fell on the ground and those soldiers grabbed like a bunch of dogs trying to get their bones.

After passing the city gate, it was an outer district designed to defend during a siege. Past the outer district, they finally made it to the main city.

When they walked into the main city, a new world appeared.

There were wide, clean streets in the city. Although it was early in the morning, not too many people were on the street. It was much more busy than Chambord City. There were a few hawkers already starting to prepare their stalls. Caravans were in a hurry, mercenaries and excursionists were grimy, everyone started to work for a new day. Most buildings that were along the streets were made by stones, colorful signs were swinging with the wind. There were so many shops opening one by one, and the whole street was filled with the appetizing smell of food.

Angela and Emma were suddenly attracted by the bustling scenes and they gasped, just like two oriole birds. They took a look at everything, all the things here were so fresh and beautiful.

Fei walked behind them with a smile, observing the city while he protected the two girls.

For the longest time, Fei was really curious about the reason why all the empires were so tirelessly keen to build fortress walls and castles. In the Azeroth Continent, where top tier experts like the Sun-class Lord could move a mountain with their hands and even split the sky, all these walls were not even stronger than a top tier expert’s hair. No matter how stable or grand your walls were, it wouldn’t cause any problems to a Moon-class Elite or a Sun-class Lord. Even a capable star-class warrior could just jump over that. So, the creation of walls seemed like a futile project to waste money and materials.

But just now, Fei found some interesting things.

Each brick that was on the walls of the Hot Spring Gate was covered with some magic runes. These runes were not really difficult to understand. With the magician knowledge that Fei learned from the Nun Akara and the wretched Uncle Kane, he could resolve out that they were some simple magic transmission and soil reinforcement spells. He secretly used his palm to push the wall and found out that once the thrust stopped, the magic power would appear inside the wall, and any damage below a 3-star rating wouldn’t be able to damage the walls.

Also, after entering the city of the Hot Spring Gate, Fei instantly felt a very active magic element fluctuation in the city. It was almost more than twice as much as he felt outside of the city. It was really incredible. These few steps could create such a huge gap!

But just another few minutes, he found out the source of this bizarre phenomenon.

Table of Content

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