Hail the King Chapter 203.1

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HTK Chapter 203 (Part One)

Lampard didn’t stop Brook’s order. The three kings and the leader of the Scarface Knights were already killed before he asked, “Do you think it will affect the trip of his Majesty since we killed them?”

“It’s the same to kill one or two.” Brook put the bloody sword back in the sheath, slightly shaking his head. After the burning of the prairie, the whole area laid in ruins. He watched the scene of this devastation, frowned and said, “If we didn’t kill those three Knights before, it might not be a problem to let them go, but unfortunately … the Knights will not care about our explanation. No matter whose fault it was, those domineering Execution Knights will only see one thing— that we killed their people. If we let him leave now, after he turns back, the revenge from the Knights will only come faster. Also, killing these people is my consideration for his Majesty’s visit to the Imperial Capital.”

Lampard just sighed but did not speak any more. He understood what Brook said.

With the wind blowing away the grass, everyone had a sudden feeling of anger and oppression. They knew a storm was brewing, but they couldn’t do anything. Chambord did not have the ambition to conquer any city. The only thing they wanted was to live in a safe and peaceful environment. However, the Azeroth Continent was full of chaos and killing. Even if they didn’t want to be involved in the trouble, they will be engulfed in this havoc.

“Fortunately, it’s only a few people who know about this.”

Brook looked at the soldiers who were distributed around. There were less than one hundred people that joined the battle, of which more than eight people had been sent away to distract the black cavalries before. The people who really knew about the status of those four four-star Empire Knights were only around twenty and all of them were innocent and staunch people from Chambord. Brook turned around and sternly ordered that no one was allowed to divulge information about this event. Once someone let out any rumors, they would be killed.

Soon, the body of the two experts, Dick and Alan who were killed by Lampard and the jokester duo knights Drogba and Pierce, the three kings, Gullo, and the leaders of the Scarface Knights had been burned to ash. Their armors and weapons were transported into the blacksmith Samuel’s furnace that was located in the back hill of Chambord and was scrapped. The traces of the fighting also had been cleaned up carefully. Brook was very considerate. The work of cleaning the marks was well done. Nothing was left of this battle.

“However, we have to let His Majesty know about what happened here as soon as possible. Frank, take a night off and return to His Majesty tomorrow immediately!”

The next day, Lampard and the jokester duo knights left Chambord City with 50 Bylaw Enforcement Officers so hastily that they left a dust trail behind them.

In the early sunshine of the morning, there were two people, who had once sent Fei away, standing under the drawbridge gate. The two magnates of the army and politics in Chambord City, Brook and Bast were standing on the rampart, watching Lampard and the others leave the city quietly, until they disappeared in the distant horizon.

“Unbelievable, the Zenit Empire had been stabilized for more than twenty years. A chaotic time is coming so soon again.” The old white faced Bast sighed, worrying inside.

“I heard that Emperor Yasin’s body is getting worse and worse. He is too sick, not even being able to ride horses now. His princes are keen on jockeying for the throne. Those decadent nobles only know how to crazily seek money and the two hundred and fifty dependent kingdoms are ready to strive for the empire. The worse thing is, according to the news from the Priest Ma Zola, the empire’s old enemy, Spartac, has started to mobilize their troops at the border three months ago, seemingly like they want to invade. The dark chaotic time is already showing a few signs.” Brook rubbed the chilled crenellations on the wall, “The three kings would not dare to attack us if these chaotic signs didn’t appear. Nowadays, even the Empire Knights are starting to have some plans.”

“Once the war comes, there will be many kingdoms that will be destroyed, people will be killed and royal families will be annihilated. Although Chambord is located in the North, we probably won’t be able to stay out of this. There is only a little time for us to prepare.” Bast had special experiences, seemingly like he already imagined a scene of a miserable world.

“The only thing we need to do is work on the things that His Majesty left us. I believe that he already noticed the signs, and had been prepared.” Brook was a soldier. He had heroic bones, so he was not really pessimistic about the war.

Bast showed a smile, suddenly changing the topic, “Oh, right, did you find out the identity of the mysterious black master that appeared and killed Knight Gullo in a split second?”

“I have only a little clue, but am not certain yet.”

“Well, Gordon, you need to thank this mysterious man, I heard from Frank that without this mysterious guy’s help, you would have been stuck in a dangerous position.”

“Even if he didn’t appear, I would not have died.” In front of his old friend, Brook didn’t hide too much. He smiled towards the wall and said, “When His Majesty left, he did leave something for me. Before I could use it, this guy just appeared and killed the four-star warrior.”


Table of Content

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