Hail the King Chapter 202.2

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HTK Chapter 202 (Part Two)

Within a few steps, he was already 200 meters out.

“Hah hah, the next time I come back here, all of you are going to die…” The scar-faced knight leader’s devilish laugh came from the horizon. It was obvious that he was too far to be chased down.

“It is unfortunate that we let him get away…” Brook sighed, already planning how to solve the situation. Preferably, he didn’t want to create any disturbances for Fei, who was currently heading to the capital.

“You won’t have a next time.” A calm female voice suddenly emerged.

As the voice ended, a sudden blue light flashed. With it came a portal that was two meters high. The next moment a light red shadow came out from the portal. Unexpectedly, the body flickered with movements that could not be captured with the human eye, moves that have never been seen before, and devastating explosions that came from energy. With the sound of scar-faced knight leader screaming, he fell to the ground like a wooden doll, motionless.

And the red light figure flashed, flying into the portal and disappearing. As a blue flame revolved around the portal, it dissipated.

This all happened, in a blink of an eye.

Quick to the point that no one could react.

Only a few were able to see the mysterious woman.

Elena, Lampard, the two saint knights, and Brook were all shocked by the woman. She was someone who appeared at the mountain behind Chambord city, Chambord’s Hero’s University, as a modest professor that taught martial arts; teaching only the basics of basics. No one could believe that her actual skill was extremely high. Even someone who was at the peak of four stars could not survive the damage from just one blow from her. Remembering their negligence while studying under her, Drogba and Pierce looked at each other, shaking and rustling down with cold sweat.

After a few moments of silence, Lampard flew into the sky. Just after a brief moment, he carried back the scar-faced knight leader. 。

“He is not dead yet.” Lampard said. He threw the last-second-threatening-but-now-like-a-p*ssy knight onto the ground.

The scar-faced knight leader was horrified.

The mysterious figure that appeared out of nowhere, not only was her strength incredible, but her moves were also inexplicable. With his own strength, he couldn’t even react to one strike of the mysterious woman, which locked down his energy and limited his movements. Apart from talking from his mouth, he couldn’t move a single finger.

“How should we deal with him?” Lampard said.

Brook pondered at the crowd. This was a rather hard question.

He knew, this scar-faced knight was probably a real knight from the empire because the whole Zenit Empire, apart from the empire, there were only a few that had the power to command four four-stars knight to work for them. But these four knights surprising followed the Black Stone King, Chishui King, and Slace King to attack Chambord city. Does the empire want to destroy Chambord City? But then after serious thinking, they didn’t seem serious. If they really wanted to destroy Chambord City, then the whole Execution Knight Palace would have appeared in front of Chambord City, not just the dark cavalry led by the three kings. There must be some sort of special reason behind it.

Ignoring scar-faced knight leader, he eyed the two jokesters, Drogba and Pierce.

Drogba and Pierce understood his intention.

Both cracking their knuckles, smiling with a bad intention, they lifted the tangled up Slace King, Black Stone King, and Chishui King. Ignoring their screaming, like dragging dead pigs, they dragged the three into the little bushes behind the hill.

In just a short moment, sounds and movements echoed out.

It was first a fury of fists mixed with the sound of storm-like slapping. Next came the sounds of crying and begging form the three kings, mixed with laughs and screams, creeping out of the crowd.

After few moments, the two jokester knights dragged the three nose-broken-face-puffed-lip-ripped-teeth-cracked kings on top of the hill.

Drogba whispered to Brook’s ear, told him everything he got from torturing the three, with great detail.

Brook nodded and the rock in his heart finally dropped.

Things were similar to what he thought originally. These four knights didn’t come from the command of the empire. Instead, they were being commanded by one of the ten Execution Knights of the Imperial Knight Palace, the Golden Sun Knight Sutton’s trusted follower to come assist the three kings. Their actions didn’t represent the Imperial Knight Palace.

The facts were not as bad as he thought, but, after knowing the truth, how should he deal with the four prisoners?

Feeling the ice cold glaze of Brook, even though the scar-faced knight leader couldn’t move his hands, he still kept his fierce attitude. But the three that were tortured by the two jokesters were regretting and crying like there was no tomorrow.

“Kill them!” Brook said with fearlessness, coming to his decision rather quick.

“You…you dare?” The scar-faced knight leader screamed, threatening with his voice.

But his skull was soon broken by Drogba. Without the protection of energy, it was easily smashed. The Taurus knight cleaned the club by wiping the brains of the dead onto his foot. Ignoring the disgusted look of the crowd, he said with an arrogant voice, “Apparently rocks are harder than the skull of masters!”

On the other side, the Bylaw Enforcement Officers lifted their knives and sliced down. With that, the bodies of the three kings that were begging a second ago, were sliced into two.

Table of Content

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