Hail the King Chapter 202.1

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HTK Chapter 202 (Part One)

Seeing how the desperate invader was still awfully arrogant, the people of Chambord became exceptionally pissed. Drogba came out first to provoke the scar-faced knight, “F*ck your mom. Where the f*ck are you even from? Have you even look at your disgusting scarred-face? Did your mom give birth to you from sh*itting?”

The white-haired Pierce didn’t want to be outdone by his companion. He looked at the scar-faced knight like someone looking at an idiot and said, “I know right? Even though it is day time, he can still scare monsters with that face. Invading our country without any intention is already an enormous crime. Additionally he even pretended to be part of our country’s execution knights. I’m laughing my a-s off! Why didn’t you just say you’re emperor Yaxin?”

The way these two were mocking the scar-faced knight was vicious enough itself that it could kill a person.

However, ignorance was often the key to fearlessness. Swearing and looking down at a knight from the holy kingdom could be a small or big punishable crime depending on how you looked at it. Getting burned on the pole was not at all impossible. From the way these two were treating the holy knight, it seemed like they were heavily affected by their rogue king.

“Guess you two want to die!”

The scar-faced knight became extremely irritated, his body shaking from sheer anger. His arm slightly fidgeted, and two sword energies appeared and flew towards Drogba’s and Pierce’s throats like a fierce comet. The very next moment, their heads will come off of their necks.


Lighting struck and forces exploded.

The silent Lampard flashed out and gave one punch. Two plasma poles with the width of his wrists went up against the sword-energy. With the two energies meeting, both exploded, shaking the earth around the area. People that were beside the blast, even with just a trivial deficiency in skill were blown away. For them, it felt like a tornado was blown right in front of them, forcing them to step back unconsciously.

And it was at this moment that Brook had an idea.

The two’s none-thinking and stupid statements lit up the light bulb in Brook’s head.

He walked up one step and gave one kick out, as if unintentional, in front of the dumbfounded face of the bystanders, kicking away the Black Knight’s badge. It flew into the bushes far away. Afterward, Brook said with a cunning smile on his face, “You said you are a knight from the empire? Do you have anything at all that can prove it? I guess not? Hah how fearless are you, pretending to be the holy empire’s knight. Everyone, take down this imposter with me with everything you have!

He was obviously lying, but in no way was he going to admit it!

“This is so shameless…” Drogba sighed, feeling ashamed looking at Brook.

“I know right, his shamelessness, has the same poise as your previous style as well.” Pierce stroked his chin.

“You…” The scar-faced knights’ leader looked at them with disbelief, almost being driven mad.

These worthless peasants, how dare they act this way.

Even in his dreams, he couldn’t imagine that after showing his badge from the holy empire, not only did they not beg for their lives, they even gathered the courage to bite him back, saying he was a fake. The leader’s prestige was being challenged by these ignorant peasants. Lost in the moment from his anger, he bit so hard that his golden teeth were about to break in at any moment.

These were really a group of bandits.

But currently, it was not the time for him to showcase his “Holy knight’s prestigious image”.

Because the Chambord elites all came charging at him, circling him in the center.

Elena struck first. With her slender seductive fingers, thousands of thunderbolts flew out, finding their way to the scar-faced knights’ leader’s vital spots. Lampard’s thunder strikes were so dense that they exploded like water. With a strike from his fist, it lit up the sky and struck relentlessly. Furthermore, Drogba and Pierce, both wearing their Taurus and Capricorn cloths, were both preparing their own ultimate abilities.

The pressure increased exponentially.

“You peasants, just you wait, in a really short time, you are going to pay for what you have done today!” The scar-faced knight leader knew that he could not deal with all of this so he flew away, leaving behind an area of shattered ground.

He could only run.

Even if his emotion was filled with anger, wanting to slaughter the crowd in front of him into minced meat, he could only run away. Keeping his mind clear, as clear as a mirror, he realized that if the peasants were not scared of the empire’s badge, then staying here for any bit longer was really asking for his own death. The opposing group’s goddess-like archer and the warrior that was covered in liquidized-lighting, both had the skill to threaten him. Instead of fighting them head on, he could only run first and bring back reinforcements to destroy this trivial country.

“Quick, don’t let him run away!” Brook’s face frowned, he didn’t think the scar-faced knight leader would be so calm and decide to run away.

Zoom zoom zoom.

Multiple icy-slowing-arrows, linking to each other by their ends and heads, like a thread, went straight to the scar-faced knight leader in the sky. Elena’s swiftness in her archery, created a phantom of movement, faster than what the naked eye could capture.

“Lightning…Speed… Fists!!”

Lampard screamed. Multiple strikes with silver light exploded from his fists. Bursts of plasma homed for the knight in the sky, filling the sky with sounds from the end of the world, frightening the viewers.

The two Chambord masters also reacted quickly.

Both released their ultimate abilities at the exact moment, forcing the knight to stay instead of running away.

The scar-faced knight leader laughed at their petty attempts and struck back. Strokes of sword-energy screeched in the air, broke the arrows and the plasma with lightning speed, keeping it a meter away from him.

The leader’s skill was high. In addition to his rich battle experience and his will to leave, stopping him was proving to be too hard.

Table of Content

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