Hail the King Chapter 201.2

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Chapter 201: The Battle is Won (Part Two)

This was a one-sided massacre. The hundreds of riders had nowhere to hide and were covered in sorcerous arrows. The tough black armor was not able to provide any kind of barrier between them and death. The burning flames, freezing frost, sizzling electricity and omnipotent poison took all of their lives in an instant.

In the distant hills, two dozen strangely armored young girls appeared. They were holding bows, and their bodies were covered in first and second stars of magical elements. There were fire, electricity, ice and poison. Their eyes expressed nothing but indifference. Within a tremble on the bow strings and less than ten inhales and exhales, hundreds of trained riders were killed.

Sorcery archers were indeed the nemesis of cavalries.

Not only were these young and lovely sorcery archers capable of unbelievably powerful magic, they were unbelievably accurate as well. Each arrow was shot with incredible precision and shot through the air to hit the intended targets. Although the Black Riders were entangled with the Chambord guards, the guards were not harmed by a hair.

God tier powerful sorcery archers.

In an instant, all of the intruding Black Rider army was eradicated.

“How did this happen? Why does Chambord harbor so many elites?”

Three golden crown wearing kings were devastated and started screaming. They attempted to escape with the help of diligent guards but the rain of arrows simultaneously killed all the guards. The Chambord soldiers swam in, beating the s–t out of the three and tied them up with rope, like animals.

The chaotic and violent battlefield finally started to die down.

A flash of silver raced in, powerful energy radiating out of Frank Lampard who just finished his victim.

Soon, two howling level four, Roaring Flame Beasts came hurling like unstoppable fire. On the back of the beasts, were the Brothers, Drogba and Pierce.

Meanwhile, the fighting between the rest of the guards had also stopped. They were covered in blood and holding their axes. Everybody was looking in the same direction.

In the entire battle field, there was only one fight still fiercely going on, the fight between the leader of the Scarface Knights and the “Valkyrie” Elena. Swords were vigorously attacking each other and there was no telling who had the upper hand.

Four independent sorcerous powers were interchanging around Elena’s body. The image was indescribable. No one as young as her could embody all four of the elements and interchange them at will.

However, having an advantage did not mean she was winning. Although the rival was not able to get close to her due to the intense magical offense, the leader of Scarface was in no grave danger either.

The man was the strongest of the four Four-star elites. His capabilities were exceeding the peak of Four Stars, reaching Five Stars. If “Valkyrie” Elena had not been able to combine the other six profession mercenaries’ powers, and embodying ice, electricity, fire and poison, the four elements of magic, on top of accomplishing all of the missions with Fei in [Lut Gholein] and reaching level 35, she would not had been able to match this Scarface warrior.

The two were pretty much equally matched but Elena was slightly more experienced, enabling her to slightly suppress her opponent. But finishing the fight soon was very difficult.

Bang bang bang bang…

The Scarfaced cavalry leader bursted out with silver sword energy, dispersing the incoming flame arrows. Immediately, he backed up and gestured a pause. He withheld his sword and smiled arrogantly while glaring at the surrounding Chambord Bylaw Enforcement officers. He slowly proceeded to say, “You bold, ignorant men. How dare you attack the Imperial Knights. Are you all so desperate to be wiped out by the Execution Knights?”


“Execution Knights?” Brook was a little shocked, “You are one of the Execution Knights?”

The Scarfaced threw a black belt on the ground, “Open your pitiful eyes and look who you’re attacking. How dare you murder Dick, Allen and Gulo, the three sacred knights and kidnap the three kings of Blackstone, Lake and Thrace? Making a mistake like this, even the Chambord king cannot escape punishment of the Execution Knights. Hahahahaha….”

Was he really a member of the Execution Knights?

Brook and the crowd examined the black belt on the ground. It was engraved with a double-headed bear and a metal armored knight riding on a horse. Anybody who was anybody would know very clearly that it was the sigil of the Execution Knights.

The crime of attacking an Execution Knight was not to be taken lightly. Even for a king.

On that thought, the faces of the few who understood the gravity of the matter turned pale.

“If you really are an Execution Knight, why would you invade us Chambord? Did you have an direct order from Emperor Yasin?” A doubt crossed Brook’s mind and he started to interrogate.

“Who the hell are you?” the Scarfaced smirked, yelling angrily, “Who the hell are you to demand answers from me? I give you ten seconds to release the kings, bind yourself in rope and hand over the murderers who killed the knights in chains, and come with me to be trialed. Otherwise, in ten days, I promise the Execution Knights will turn your Chambord city into ashes. Even the king of Chambord will be sent to the fire pillar.”

The Scarfaced cavalry leader smirked again.

He was obviously bluffing under such dangerous situation. What else could he do other than trying to scare the pressing Chambord fighters? Moreover, he was the esteemed Execution Knight, with a bright future following the Golden Sun Knight, Chris Sutton. Killing a few civilians of a colony was like killing a few chickens. What could they possibly do? Would they dare to kill an honorable Execution Knight of the Imperial Knight Palace?

Even when completely surrounded, he had no fear at all.

Table of Content

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