Hail the King Chapter 201.1

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Chapter 201: The Battle is Won (Part One)

Brook’s pupils contract. The approaching enemy was another Four-Star elite!

What was even more exciting was that on top of the Four-Star Master, there were hundreds of unharmed, energetic black cavaliers whistling and bolting towards him, with steel glimmering in their hands.

“Finally here!”

Of course, Brook recognized this Four-Star Master. It was the Energy Combat Master whom the head of the Scarface Knights sent to fight off the tailing Chambord archers. His name was Gulo. Apparently, he had gotten rid of the harassment of the archers, and made his way up.

With the addition of this Four-Star Master into the game, the subtle balance between the two forces of the battle was instantly shattered.

The chances for the Chambord Army just took a direct downward turn.

The only ones capable of holding off Gulo were Frank Lampard and the Two Joke Brothers who were not able to make it here yet. Plus the “Valkyrie” Elena was being stalled by Scarface knight. All the aces of the Chambord city were occupied. There was no one left who could withstand the powerful enemy, let alone this enemy that brought hundreds of riders with him. Judging from the circumstances, no matter how ingenious Brook was, they stood no chance of getting out of it at all.

It was hopeless.

The chances for the Chambord army became hopeless in an instant.

The situation did not leave Brook even one moment to think.

He slowed down and took a deep breath while wiping his blood-covered forehead. His hands tightly gripped the King’s Excalibur, his sight as focused and firm as ever.

“To our deaths!!!! Charge!!!”

This Chambord City’s military official roared as he charged towards the Four Star Master Gulo. His eyes were stalwart, his sword without any hesitation. He charged with all his life, like a moth towards the flames.

“Caged beast! How hopeless! Come to die!” Gulo swung his sword with deadly force.

As Brook was getting consumed by the enormous sword, all of a sudden, something weird happened.

A black mysterious shadow came out of nowhere, quiet as a ghost. You could not see him, only the aura of a blade in the middle of the battlefield, intercepting each of Gulo’s offenses.

“Who is this?” Gulo’s rage was rising. He recognized this opponent was powerful.

The mysterious black shadows dove and slid around each attack with incredible speed like lightening. He leapt and a blinding golden light was emitted from the sword in his hand. The light was so intense that it tore the sky apart. Gulo immediately twisted his sword to avoid it. He focused the medallion colored energy and focused on defense instead of offense, desperately trying to block the sudden assault. However, the golden fumed energy completely smashed the earth element energy. Abruptly, an icy light stroke, and blood splattered. Gulo froze, and stood still for an eternity. His face was full of disbelieve and devastation.


The shadow sped past Gulo’s frozen carcass, effortlessly like picking an apple. He laughed while picking up the head of the Four Star Master. And he left, as sudden as the way he arrived. His figure slowly dimming into transparency, as if it was melting into the endless sky, until it was completely gone.

Instant kill!

It was instant!

Who was that man? How could he had killed a Four Star Master so effortlessly? How could he just come and go like that? The most mysterious thing was the piercing golden energy that went through Gulo’s body! The ones lucky enough to witness the whole thing were left astounded. The image of the mysterious shadow would be something that could never be erased from their minds.

The entire battlefield was silenced and amazed. No one had any idea where he came from and where he went.

Brook’s head was blanked for a moment and then he woke himself up.

“He seemed to be on Chambord’s side. But then, why have I had never seen him around his majesty? Well, it’s actually for the best I guess. Now that Gulo is dead, the last ace his majesty prepared before he left could remain anonymous… The battle is won now.”

The twenty surrounding guards had fought to exhaustion, and there seemed to be no more variables that could change the results. Gordon Brook raised his sword and signaled the code.

Whosh whosh!

Coming from the bushes a hundred feet away, colorful enchanted arrows were shot out. So fast they cut through the air making eery sounds. Landing on the hundreds of charging Black Riders.

Boom Boom Boom!

Distant explosions shook the ground, the surging magic elements took over the earth.

Flesh and blood were splattering and broken limbs and steel were flying everywhere.

Table of Content

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