Hail the King Chapter 200.2

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Chapter 200 Fight for Chambord! (Part Two)

In the meantime, around four hundred black knights, led by their kings, who barely survived the fire had mounted the hill and were going in to attack Chambord.


Brooke shouted angrily and was the first to charge.

His body was enhanced by a large dose of Hulk Potion, augmenting his healing ability to  extraordinary levels. He regained more than half of his strength just from resting briefly . It might still be quite meaningless when facing a master like the scar-faced knight but he would be a god when fighting against normal soldiers. He brandished his sword, beheading two knights simultaneously. The knights’ blood was splattered everywhere.


“Destroy the enemy! Leave no survivors!”

Brooke’s heroic energy sent the blood of those twenty something Bylaw Enforcement Officers pulsing through their veins. Each wielded a huge axe used as both weapon and shield, and then pushed forward. Although the enemy was several times greater in number , they fought them zealously like the wind.

All of a sudden, a shower of blood fell on the hill and the ground was covered with corpses and broken weapons.

These Bylaw Enforcement Officers had never experienced such a brutal slaughter scene, but they had been in a battle before and had some inklings of such a deadly atmosphere. Also, Fei built an arena in the mysterious city of the grotto located in the back of Chambord mountain where he summoned Fallens and Fallen Priests. Each Bylaw Enforcement Officer, secretly enhanced with the hulk potion, had to fight against these monsters in the arena. As a result, when they finally stepped into the real battlefield, they were proud, strong and fearless.

Where once there were twenty-three men brandishing axes suddenly became twenty-three furious sharks killing anything that’s in their way.

The four hundred black knights could not defeat these twenty-three sharks in a short period of time, so the fight was bogged down to a dreary stalemate.

“Charge! Charge forward! Conquer Chambord City!” Under the protection of his guard, the leader shouted wildly.

“F*ck you! ” A Bylaw Enforcement Officer covered in blood yelled and brandished his axe, cutting the guards protecting the leader in half.

“Well done! ” Another Bylaw Enforcement Officer whose body was still pierced by an arrow turned around and swung at the black knights. The blood of the two black knights and their horses who were coming at him bursted as they were cut into eight pieces.

Brooke was in the frontlines of the fight. He kept brandishing his Sword of the King bestowed by Fei. An enemy was slain every time he swung his sword. He wouldn’t stop until he killed all the enemy who came within the sweep of his sword. No one could ever counter him. He exhausted his energy furiously and it was getting easier, showing a sign of overcoming the two-star level.

“Soldiers of Chambord! Destroy the enemy with me! We’d rather die than give up!” Brooke shouted madly.

“Rather die than give up!” Bylaw Enforcement Officers responded to their general by shouting out their determination, even in the midst of the intense fight.

These twenty three people sounded even more powerful than their enemy. The whole world was drenched in blood. The sun could not bear the slaughter any longer. It gradually went down and disappeared. The time of darkness would begin.

The black knights gradually started to retreat in a disorderly fashion.

Shocked by the madness of the enemy, they could no longer be brave. These people of Chambord were crazy. They didn’t feel pain when they got hurt. Instead they laughed, shouted loudly and swung their axes. Even if they were all covered in blood and wounds, they would not back off as long as they were still alive.

There was no difference between fighting this kind of enemy and fighting devils.

These three kings were under great pressure now even though their guards were still protecting them. They looked at each other, then their faces started to turn pale. They were afraid as they couldn’t help but start to think that they shouldn’t have provoked this enemy. The King of Chambord and his soldiers were all aberrant barbarians!

Suddenly there came an unpleasant angry voice. “Rather die than give up?  Just a group of contemptible criminals. All of you shall die here!”

Accompanying the voice was someone storming out of the dark remains of the fire.

He,enveloped in the light of his orange energy, was flying towards the battlefield with a sound that resembled thunder reverberating across the sky. Before him, arrived the pulses of his sword. The world split apart and the air is loaded with smoke and dust. Brooke, who was in the frontline of the fight, bore the brunt of his power. Brooke felt like a mountain was going to smash him in the face as the ground trembled. He became overcome by the stranger’s poweress.

Table of Content

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