Hail the King Chapter 200.1

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Chapter 200 Fight for Chambord! (Part One)

A hint of surprise passed through the Elder Princess’s blue eyes.

It seemed that she never expected Fei would ask such a weird question. After a moment of silence, she chose not to answer. Instead, she turned around and walked towards the magic carriage in the distance. Then, the arrogant and callous Silver-Armor Knight troops that were waiting for the princess rushed into Chambord’s battalion. Very cautiously, they escorted the princess onto the magical carriage, not bothering to greet Fei nor linger in the battalion, and spurred forward to the Hot Spring Gate.

As the troops passed by, the air resounded with smoke and dust.

However, when the magical carriage gently passed by Fei, the tightly closed window opened for him. The Elder princess looked at Fei through the window with a strange smile. Her lips were slightly open and she wordlessly exclaimed—-


Or at least this was what Fei concluded by looking at her lips.


The scar-faced knight leader looked to where the magic arrow flew from and shouted angrily “Who’s there? Show yourself!”

An extremely beautiful figure was approaching from the distant golden grassland as if a goddess descended from the sky. It seemed like she was walking in slow motion when in fact she was moving at a great speed.  She arrived at the Mountain of the Hills in an instant with her hands holding a mysteriously powerful bow with the form of the branches of a dead rose. Without a word, she went and stood behind Brooke.

The scar-facedd knight leader was surprised by how young she was.

The strange woman looked to be in her twenties. She was gorgeous and had a great figure. Her legs are slim and long, her waist was soft and flexible and her fair skin blemish free as if it was delicately made by jade. Her fiery red hair flowed like a flame burning in the wind. The armour on her appeared unbelievably strong. It was engraved with some mysterious and profound inscriptions, covered by marvelous light and it emanated an aura of great mystical power. He likened her to a sacred goddess of martial prowess

“Who are you?” he said ambivalently.

Within such a short period of time, he was shocked that he was not capable of perceiving how strong this young woman was. Even more curiously, it appeared her magic element power was constantly changing. It was sometimes cold as ice, sometimes hot as fire, sometimes swift as lightning, sometimes gloomy as poison. What kind of power was this?

“Elena, soldier of Chambord!”

The woman responded calmly.

Although Gordon Brooke was covered in blood, he felt less restless after her appearance.

He knew this stunning and powerful female rogue archer for sure, because he had seen Fei accompanied by her a lot. Though he had no idea where this woman came from, he knew that she was the king’s most trusted person and her archery was unbeatable. Brooke remembered once Fei spoke about her and sighed that even the king himself was no match for her.

A truely benevolent force to be reckoned with!

“Your honor, be careful! He is a really tough one!” Brooke warmed Elena cautiously.

Brooked didn’t know her position in Chambord but she was always with the king. Since he respected the king, he chose to refer to her respectfully.

“Hmm,” Elena raised her Lethal Rose Bow without a backward glance and said, ”You be careful as well!”

Then she concentrated on bending her bow. Three arrows made of frost magic appeared on her pale blue bowstring. The tips of her deadly arrows shining brightly. The body of her arrows were extremely cold, spilling white cold condensation in all directions and lowering the temperature rapidly.


Her magic arrows shot swift as lightening and as powerful as thunder.

The battle has begun.

“Damn! This woman is also a soldier of the King of Chambord…Who the hell is this king of Chambord?! Where the hell did he come from! Why on earth does he have such a beautiful and powerful soldier?” The scar-faced knight leader swore beneath his breath. He dared not to be off guard. Powering up his silver qi, he fired his silver sword pulses towards the enemy.


The frost arrow clashed with the silver sword pulses again. The fusion was creating tremendous bursts of energy which destroyed everything it encountered.

Elena bent her bow calmly with her beautiful hands, as elegantly as if she was playing a harp. When she plucked, various magic arrows were fired at an incredible speed, no one could ever trace their passage. It was hard to believe that even a man like the scar-faced knight leader who possessed a four-star premium Swift Edge qi and twenty years of battlefield experience still could not get within ten meters of her.

The silver sword pulses and the magic frost arrows were constantly colliding and bursting.

“This woman, she’s not only strangely powerful. Her control of pace is unbelievably accurate too? It’s like she’s been through thousands of battles. Her moves are so cold blooded, striking fear with every blow.”

Little did he know, Elena, as a female rogue fighter, had survived the world of Diablo. From the day she was able to defend the Rogue Encampment with her bow, she had to fight against thousands of devils and monsters. There were countless moments that she was about to die but eventually she fought back and survived. That’s why an “experienced soldier” like him who had only fought against humans could never compare with her.

For the moment, neither could gain the upper hand.

Table of Content

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