Hail the King Chapter 199.2

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Chapter 199: You…are you really an elite? (Part Two)

“If someone don’t know what their positions at, then I will use my fist to speak instead of my mouth.” Fei smiled proudly.

“In Azeroth, violence may be a good choice, but, it also can’t solve every problem.  The strength of your majesty now is also completely no match against the Empire that occupied the great powers for hundreds of years…” The Royal Princess was speaking so many words for the first time and seemed to be a little bit tired. She paused to breath for a few seconds. She was wearing the female version of Caribbean clothing designed by Fei for all the women in the Chambord city in order to make the body figure of the women looked even more charming. Although the princess was sick for a long time, she still looked as beautiful and fabulous. She patted herself on the chest, then looked at Fei’s eyes, and she said earnestly, “Your majesty, you are also the king of the exquisites. Even better than me and Paris. Why should you always pretend to be a fool who is only interested in fighting and killing? ”

Fei smiled and thought, “Pretending to be a sheep but killing the wolf is quite an interesting thing to do. How can people like you understand the feelings that comes with this? You are the kind of person who like to keep everything in your hands.”

Seeing that Fei did not reply, the Elder Princess didn’t really mind too. Her right hand gathered the long hair that was flowing in the wind, and her left hand reached out from her sleeve. A red pentagonal small iron piece appeared in her soft palm. This small iron piece was obviously held for a long time. The color was smooth, glittering with light. If one carefully observed, one could discover that it was also engraved with a few complicated runes with unknown meanings. Fei figured out these were not magical symbols.

“This red iron piece maybe able to help you in the future, it will count as my appreciation for your medicine.” The elder princess said. Disregarding the knight captain Romain and the female swordsman Susan’s shocked expressions and anxious attempts to stop her, the elder princess tossed the trinket.

The light throw created a red-light arc in the air. The small iron was thrown directly to Fei.

Fei caught it using his backhand. The red color pentagonal iron piece started to warm up in his hands, the feeling was like a hundred years old piece of warm jade that was smooth and soft. Not the feeling of iron at all. With a moment of surprised in his heart, he carefully observed to think for a while, and discovered that besides the engraved words on the one side, the other side of the red iron had a mountain surrounded by mist printed in a scroll figure, which was pretty interesting.

Fei could tell, this small iron plate was probably from an extraordinary origin, and it had a mysterious meaning. He thought for a while, looked up and laughed, “I thank your Royal highness for this. Thank you, I appreciate it!” Suddenly he got an idea in his mind, he took out a large bottle, [Full recovery potion] and handed it to the princess royal, smiled and said, “Angela told me that the medicine was helpful to your recovery, this is my last bottle. At a day of departure like today, I will give this to you as a gift!”

The elder princess smiled gently, her blue eyes rippled and she did not refuse. She asked Susan to take the medicine.

Fei opened his inventory space again and then took out two copies of the manuscript, after slight pause, he gave it to the princess too, and explained, “The first record of the manuscript is a fast healing potion recipe, you remember that day I was at the top of the Eastern Mountain Top and was injured badly. I could quickly recover my body because of this medicine, but the configuration’s success rate is not high. The second manuscript is just the formula of the potion I gave you. Later, if you still need the medicine to maintain in a good condition, you can give to the pharmacist directly in the palace to make some more. The required material is also very simple, however, the success rate is not high either!”

A surprised look appeared in the Elder Princess Tanasha’s eyes. She carefully collected the two manuscripts, and sighed, “Your Majesty, you are indeed wise, I’m afraid that you already guessed that one day in the future, His Majesty Arshavin will come to you to ask for these two magic potions, so you wanted to borrow my hands to give it to him”

Fei smiled a little.

That day at the top of the Eastern Mountain top, Fei already had to use both the [Life potion of healing] and [Full recover potion] in front of the public. He realized that these two kinds of medicine’s magical effect would surely get people’s attention, especially people like Arshavin who were ambitious at heart. He absolutely knew the function and meaning of the potion, and deeply remembered it. Although at that moment he did not immediately ask for the medicine since the situation was complicated, sooner or later, he would definitely ask for it. Rather than waiting for him to come knocking on the door and asking arrogantly for it, it was better to be a little clever and offer it himself, and that would make both sides feel better.

However, having brought the medicine recipe from the Diablo world to reality, the medicine would obviously face a certain level of variation. Fei and Sister Ankara gradually mastered the new formula. Fei, naturally, did not give all the secrets to other people. He had prepared the two pharmaceutical formulations for the princess, which, as he said, even if all the ingredients were gathered, the success rate would still be low, even less than 5%… And because the principle was still the principle system from the Diablo world, even the master pharmacist could not see the secret of the potion. This was why Fei had formulated the recipe and gave it to Arshavin by the hand of the elder princess. Some things would seem more credible if it was given through the elder princess’s hand.

“Princess Tanasha, I have a question that I have been wanting to ask you.” Fei flew off the subject.

“Go ahead.”

“I’ve always been curious, you… are you really a master?” “Fei asked earnestly.

Table of Content

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