Hail the King Chapter 199.1

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Chapter 199: You…are you really an elite? (Part One)

After entering the empire’s territory, the expeditionary force began moving at a much slower rate.

On one hand, it was to wait for Lampard and the others to return to the main army. On the other hand, Fei was very curious about everything in the empire. Unlike the jurisdiction of the subsidiary countries, the Zenit Empire was a vast territory. It was divided into seven provinces. Within each province was several cities, which were far more eminent than Chambord city, as both the military and administrative system were considered perfectly executed. This was set to be Fei’s target for development. In order to develop a strong city like Chambord, simply relying on the level of knowledge of someone who was an otaku during his past life was definitely not feasible.

When the sunset was about to arrive, the Chambord expedition and the Soros caravan arrived at the Ernst province of the empire. A broader river located far away snarly cut off the connection between the North and the South. There was an old city near the river, which was more than ten times the size of Chambord. This was called the first military’s Hot Spring Gate checkpoint in the Northern area of the empire. Through the ferry across the river, in accordance with the imperial law, the subsidiary army was not allowed to enter the city. Also, the expeditionary forces could only camp on the outside of the river and send people into the city to purchase food supplies. Fei took Angela and Emma on a trip to search for a gentle flow side of the river for fishing. The blonde female swordsman Susan who was next to the elder princess suddenly came over.

“The elder princess will take her leave now?” When Fei heard the words from the female swordsman Susan, he went into a daze.

“Yes, Your Majesty, now we have entered the territory of the empire, Arshavin the highness prince, has sent someone to meet us. He will soon arrive at the Hot Spring Gate before sunset. Now the situation is complicated, therefore the elder princess must go back as soon as possible.” She replied patiently, with her long blond hair.

The proud female swordsman, like a peacock, had a surprisingly good attitude, and was also very respectful towards Fei. Actually, the reason causing this shift was also very simple –during the Twin Tower Battle, Fei mysteriously defeated the imperial knight who was one of the ten Execution Knight honored as the Golden Sun knight, Chris Sutton. Because of the victory, Fei’s status also increased a lot since then. Within the empire, the strong ones were respected, and that was the common rule of the game. Although female swordsmen Susan was not very flexible herself, the Elder Princess mentioned the point so she could finally understand. The rise of Chambord’s king was unstoppable, regardless of it being strength or power. Fei already had what he needed for people like the Elder Princess to show their respect.

“Well, if this is the situation at this point, then she can go… ”

The golden sunset was sprinkled with glitter splendor, and Fei suddenly felt a sense of loss.

He thought, this is really strange ah, the elder princess and I saw each other for only three times, even the closest interaction we had was just sitting face to face and eating a meal on a stone table once. That was not even considered a serious date either because I robbed her bowl. Why do I have this kind of feeling? Perhaps, I got used to seeing the pair of dark blue eyes that have been staring at me in the distance away for these several days?

Fei smiled with mixed emotions.

At that moment, the noisy camp, suddenly quieted down.

Princess Tanasha, who had never been seen before, suddenly walked out of the magic carriage, and her sky blue colored dress was trailing on the ground, with a dreamy print, and her smooth linen hair reflected the glow of the sunset. She seemed like a vulnerable woman who wouldn’t look like one of the important characters in a story, but she had a charm that no one could match, so all of the eyes in the whole camp were focused on her.

She gently walked to the edge of the river and stopped in front of Fei. Looked at the shimmering river, the wise woman, who had a smile on her face for the first time in front of Fei, seemed to have no idea how to open her mouth and say something. After a long time, she said, “Thank you for the medicine, King Alexander.”

Fei had not yet noticed after these words, but the Knight Captain Romain and the female swordsman Susan were instantly stunned. In their memory, their royal princess had never said this type of  `nonsense ‘… What’s the matter with her today?

At this moment, the loud sound of horseshoes clopping against the ground came from far, far away.

The crowd looked back and saw that a group of about five hundred men and women in the distance were riding along the bank of the river. Each carried a great deal of swagger, and a few of the knights were holding up a long banner. The flag of the empire displaying the double head of the white bear was remarkable. Besides that, it was the sign of the invincible division called the [Iron Blood Camp] of the [Zenit’s God of War] formed by Andrew Arshavin. On the flag was the double axe of the iron camp, with a black and white mark. The flag was like the dragon in the wind.

This was the imperial knight troop that prince Arshavin sent to pick up the elder princess to go back to the empire capital.

“Along the way, what happened was actually quite interesting. This trip to Chambord went far beyond my expectations…” The Princess had a relaxed feeling appear on her cheek. She smiled and said “But, King Alexander, you have done a lot of things in the Black Stone Kingdom that goes against the Imperial Law, and it will not be so easy to get away from that. I am afraid that there will be some people who are going to look for you over these things besides Golden Knight Sutton,” said the princess with a shy little smile, looking at Fei.

Table of Content

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