Hail the King Chapter 198.2

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Chapter 198: Masters (Part Two)

Allen who was laughing like a mad man suddenly froze.

A vague numb yet itchy sensation appeared around his waist. He looked down, and realized that his metal armor from Imperial Knight Palace was cut in half, and his skin was exposed. On his skin, a series of dense blood dots like small pearls formed a straight line.

Drogba who was holding onto him was still spitting out blood from his mouth. It seemed like his injury was more severe than the man he was holding. But when Drogba let go of Allen and fell to the ground, Allen who was standing let out a desperate cry like a wild animal. Clouds of blood mist spurted out of his waist, and his body, with the field of dry grass two meters tall behind him, were both cut in half cleanly!

“Such a fast sword, such a sharp sword energy. Hahah, you guys won!”

Allen whose upper body was now on the ground said that with the last breath he had. After that, he closed his eyes and died unwillingly. Until his death, he still couldn’t understand why his bug like opponents were able to have that mysterious and power black armors, why the black haired strong man could break his energy shield, why that sharp sword energy could chop his body that was protected under the four star water attributed warrior energy.

“Drogba, you ok? You are not dead yet, right?” After taking care of his opponent, Pierce quickly walked to Drogba as he asked with care.

“Cough, cough…… You damn heartless white haired punk. You really dared to use that strike. What if your sword chopped me in half as well?” Drogba was severely injured. He coughed up blood as he said.

“Shiz, you can still swear? Hehe, looks like you are ok!” Pierce let go of the breath that he was holding. He laughed as he took out a bottle of red colored potion and poured it into Drogba’s mouth. “Didn’t you come up with this idea? You said you could hold onto this yellowed haired b—–d so he couldn’t dodge, so I can use my saint sword to chop him up….. On top of that, you are wearing the Taurus Saint Cloth that his majesty gave you. My sword couldn’t harm you.” Pierce said.

As the light red colored potion entered Drogba’s stomach, it came to effect. Drogba’s wounds were quickly recovering. Drogba exhaled as a rare serious expression appeared on his face. “That’s right. Thank god his majesty gave us these armors. Otherwise, we could see what the Grim Reaper looks like for real. This four star warrior is so powerful. If we didn’t waste some of his warrior energy, both of us wouldn’t be a match to him!”

“Compared with his majesty, we are too weak. We have to get fast quick in order to follow his steps…..” Pierce sighed as he remember Fei used to chop up Four Star warriors like cabbages and cakes.

“We have to go support Mr. Brook, he is facing the most pressure……”

Drogba got up and whistled loudly. A series of neighs sounded as two level four Roaring Flame Beast dashed to them through the tall grass. Both Drogba and Pierce jumped onto their mounts and charged at Brook’s direction.



“Kill -!”

When he was less than ten meters away from the small hill, the furious scar-faced knight leader leaped into the air using the momentum from his horse and chopped down at the soldiers on the hill like a huge bird with eye-piercing silver flames around him. Dashes of huge silver sword energy flew towards the hill like flying snakes.

“Back!” Brook shouted and command the soldiers who were charging forward to back off.

At the same time, he drew from the warrior energy inside of him and waved his swords to block the attack.

However, most of the sword shaped energies were aimed towards him, and there was no way for him to block all of the ferocious strikes from the scar-faced man. A series of puffing noises sounded as numerous wounds appeared on his body. Blood was spurting into the air and formed several terrifying flowers made out of blood. The difference of power between the two were so great that Brook was covered in his own blood after one encounter…….

However, the military leader of Chambord didn’t back off as he bit his teeth and stood still.

Because behind him, the last dozen former mine slaves hadn’t passed the stone bridge.

“Hahaha, is that so? Are those dirty slaves the reason why you guys won’t back off?” The scar-faced knight was very smart. He knew what was going on when he saw the scene on the stone bridge. A cruel smile appeared on his face as he said, “I shall let you witness how the stuff and people that you are trying to protect turns into ashes and smokes, hahahah!”

He was set back continuously, so the hatred on his mind reached its max.

As he said that, he shook his sword and sent out a few more silver sword-shaped energy. He wanted to cut off Brook’s limbs and capture him alive. He wanted Brook to witness Chambord Castle burning down in flames, and chop off the head of this stubborn commander of Chambord to vent all of his anger and frustration.

Brook held his sword tightly as he still didn’t back off.

However, his injuries were quite severe and it was hard for him to move.

He didn’t have a single master around him. Lampard, Drogba, and Pierce were all sent out by him to distract the invaders and the other four star warriors. They had not returned, and his own life was in great danger!

But at this moment –

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Four fire magic arrows with terrifying magic surge on them suddenly appeared and struck the silver sword shaped energy accurately. As booming noise resonated in the sky, both the fire arrows and the sword energy exploded, and a visible energy wave rushed to the surroundings like an enlarging circle.

“A master? Who?” The scar-faced knight leader was shocked.

“How can Chambord Kingdom retain such a master?”

Table of Content

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