Hail the King Chapter 198.1

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Chapter 198: Masters (Part One)

“Damn, you wild buffalo, this is going to be bad……” Pierce complained. However, he seemed very excited. He raised his arms and shouted, “Star power, Capricorn Saint Cloth…… befall!!”

As soon as his voice shouted, almost the same thing occurred to him.

An iron chest that had a vivid symbol of the Capricorn on it appeared from a black light that dashed out of his forehead. The iron chest opened itself up automatically as flames appeared around it. What dashed out of the chest was a valiant metal goat. This metal goat instantly turned into fifty pieces and covered every single part of Pierce’s body. As the flames disappeared, a strange looking black armor appeared on him, and a totem of a huge demon-like goat with sharp horns formed from fifty stars appeared behind him, letting out an angry roar. This totem seemed like it had pierced through space and time and appeared here as it had an ancient and vast presence.

“What…… is this?” Allen opened his eyes as he couldn’t understand what he was seeing.

At this second, the two strongmen, without a hint of pride or honor, transformed in front of him like a miracle and turned to “warriors of gods” with strange suits of armor enveloping them. It seemed like these two men stepped through space and time and appeared in front of him. Allen couldn’t describe what he was feeling, but he felt like these two men were like gods, mighty and majestic. Allen had heard a lot of mysterious events when he was in the Imperial Knight Palace, and he had experienced the devastating power of moon ranked warriors summoning their warrior weapon. However, what he just witnessed was far beyond his understanding.

Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!

The blue net was instantly made from sword strikes, and it struck towards the two men mercilessly as if it was an unavoidable punishment from god.

However, the scene of the armor tearing and blood spurting didn’t occur like Allen imagined.

Allen was shocked! He opened his eyes wide in surprise as he witnessed his strike making a series of crisp sounds. The strike didn’t even leave marks on the armors, let alone tear them up. The sounds the strike made sounded like the wind playing with the purple chimes hanging by the window of a goddess’ bedroom, crisp and pleasing.

“How is this possible? Then……Damn, what is that armor made of?”

After seeing his most powerful strike not even leaving light marks on the black armors, as if a bucket of water smashed onto a piece of rock, Allen’s expression seemed like he had just saw a ghost during day time.

In the next moment, his opponent’s counterattack arrived.

“Yellow haired punk, take this…… Gigantic – Long – Horn – !!”

Drogba lowered his head and dashed towards Allen in a weird pose; both of his hands were placed on his chest as if he was going to headbutt Allen. His figure instantly dashed through the air as if he was an arrow. With his body aimed at Allen’s chest, Drogba had an indescribable horrifying presence around him.

“Hahaha, you expect to pierce through my warrior energy defense with that?”

After a moment of surprise, Allen laughed out loud. The warrior energy on this opponent was only about a mid-tier two star; it basically posed no threat to him. Allen didn’t move; he only formed a light shield with his warrior energy to protect his body behind it. Water attributed warrior energy were best at defense.

“Then give daddy’s attack a try!” Drogba’s shoulder smashed onto Allen’s shield.

The light shield lightly indented as it easily blocked Drogba’s attack. The forceful strike only made Allen back off for a few steps, but his shield made of his warrior energy was still firm and sound. When he wanted to laugh, he suddenly felt very weak. He felt like his warrior energy wasn’t moving inside his body smoothly.

“S–t, I over used my warrior energy……” Allen’s face changed color.

“Break!” Drogba’s careless smile disappeared from his face as he seemed earnest as ever. He suddenly shouted as his shoulder struck forward again. As the ground was about to be tore apart by his feet, a subtle ancient star power instantly appeared and dismantled the blue energy shield in front of him.

Crack…… crack…… crack……

The shield made from four star warrior energy was shattered under the struck from a two star warrior energy.

“It is really strange…… However, your attack stops here!” Allen was surprised to see this, but he wasn’t terrified. He forced the warrior energy that wasn’t running smoothly inside his body to envelop his fist and punched onto Drogba’s chest. He knew his sword couldn’t pierce through his opponent’s armor, so he wanted to destroy his opponent’s internal organs and bones through sending his power through the armor.


Drogba spat out a mouthful of blood, and all of it poured onto Allen’s face. Although the Taurus Saint Cloth was able to decrease the force from an attack, the difference in power between him and Allen was too great. The difference between a two star warrior and a four star warrior was great, and Drogba couldn’t fully utilize the power of his saint cloth. Getting injured was unavoidable.

But at this moment –

“Saint Sword – Excalibur – !”

Followed by a loud shout, an unparalleled sharp sword energy appeared from the back. Drogba who was spitting out blood suddenly grabbed onto Allen with his hands and turned around forcefully when he heard the shout. After the using the [Hulk Potion], the physical strength of this strongman made the four star warrior Allen change position with him forcefully.


An invisible sword energy dashed by.

Then, a moment of silence.

“Hahaha! Hahaha! It’s useless, the power of a four star warrior couldn’t be imagined by two idiots like you guys. Even if you coincidentally broke my energy shield, you couldn’t break……huh?”

Table of Content

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