Hail the King Chapter 197.1

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Hail the King Chapter 197 (Part one)


The short and thin Dick was struggling to say something, but his throat could only make a noise akin to a beast roaring with despair. He watched Lampard’s arm slowly emerge from his chest, the last expression of his once arrogant face was a look of regret. Then, the sword clattered on the ground, he died as soon as he ceased to breathe. Lampard lightly pushed him, and the cold body fell to the ground.

Just then, a sudden burst of fire and flames appeared in the distance, burning half the sky.

Lampard was shocked, his body flashed, and appeared on a hundred-meter-tall tree the next second.

He looked up into the distance. The flames covering the whole prairie were seen. Lampard knew that this was the army leader Brook’s handiwork. However, Lampard was once again anxious. When he thought of the other team, there was a master who was almost at the four stars peak. This fire would not have burned that killer, even if more than one thousand black cavalries would have burned. There were no pros which can contend with the killer beside Brook, the situation will take a nosedive, as long as the other side charges through the fire sea.

He had to help.

After a clear whistle, the disappearance of more than twenty Chambord archers out from the woods, have appeared under the tree.

“Lord Lampard!”

“Is everyone here? Were there any casualties?”

“Yes Lord, everyone is here. Everyone else is fine, except Andy and Taylor who suffered minor injuries. The two hundred and fifty black cavalry invaders all stayed in the woods, none of them escaped.”

“Good job. But the fight is not over yet, now divide into two groups, you guys go to support Lord Drogba and Lord Pierce immediately, I am going to help Lord Brook…… Remember, the situation is urgent and you must be fast!” Lampard looked at the twenty soldiers’ faces, some of them were still bleeding. Although they had the advantage of being on familiar terrain and killed more than two hundred black cavalries in the woods, the sacrifices made by the twenty men were also not low. However, Lampard could not think much at this time, he could only speak softly, “Take care!”. Then with a flash, he disappeared instantly.

The silver lightning roared out air, Lampard lightning rushed to the distant hills which had the two headed dog and axe banner planted on it.

At the same time, a string of hurried whistles sounded. The sound of hooves came, the horses that were deserted in the forest had come back again. The bloody Chambord soldiers rode these horses, and headed towards the grassy meadow long distance away.

In there, their brothers were still in a bloody battle for defending the homeland.

“Hehe, look at the two little mice, where can they escape to?”

The black knight Alan who had messy grass-like yellow hair had blue energy flames surging around his body. With just with one hand, the water blue energy crazily shot towards Drogba and Pierce like arrows, forcing them to creep away. Only two big a—s could be seen between the grass indistinctly, and pools of blood.

He was playing a game of cat and mouse, appreciating the opponent’s fleeting desperate scream.

“Haha, stop and take a break! Hehe, can you guys still run away with such a severe wound and so much blood spilling out?” Alan’s yellow hair was blowing in the wind. He jumped up into the air, looked at the two men running ahead, spreaded out water-blue sword energy and then sent it like a volley, sweeping up bursts of dust and grass on the ground.

The imperial Knight Alan came with several orders from a powerful figure. Naturally, he was aware that the two people fleeing were important people under the Chambord king. It would be a great achievement with a big reward if he could kill these two people. Therefore, he does not care that the other Chambord horse archers had escaped and just chased Drogba and Pierce.

Table of Content

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