Hail the King Chapter 196.2

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Chapter 196: I will crush your heart (Part Two)

“Hehe, however, it’s quite unfortunate. Your insane sword technique couldn’t save you since you chose the wrong battlefield……” A cruel smile appeared on the thin and shout four star warrior’s face. Bright green dots suddenly flew out of the trees around him and entered his body, then the three deep wounds that were bleeding quickly recovered and disappeared. He laughed proudly: “My warrior energy attribute is wood, the most powerful healing energy attribute there is. Since there are a lot of trees around me, I’m able to absorb the wood energy from the surroundings and recover. Even if you stab me thirty times, three hundred times, I could still recover. However, every time I successfully strike you, your strength would decrease a little. Haha, when all the blood inside of you depletes, I will chop your head off and make it my thirtieth war trophy!”

“Too talkative!” Lampard sneer. He didn’t move, but the lightning surrounding him grew bigger and bigger.

“Haha, you are cool! Hehe, and I love collecting the heads of cool warriors like you……” This Dick loved to talk. He was doing it to attack his opponent’s confidence. He squinted his eyes, and small green dots would leave the numerous trees around him and envelop him. Although the trees were drying and dying at a visible speed, the green warrior energy enveloping Dick got stronger and stronger. Dick’s energy soon grew bigger than Lampard, and he licked his lips and said, “Next, try to take this strike……”

Dick moved the swords as he said.

A green light appeared on the blade of his sword, and a vivid green dragon head was formed on the blade by his green warrior energy. The dragon opened its mouth, and its sharp teeth was vivid as well. Pressure appeared on Lampard’s shoulders as if he was facing a real dragon.

“Warrior combat technique…… Green – Light – Dragon – Sword !!!”

The huge dragon head opened its mouth again, and a huge ancient looking green sword shot out of it. The sword was about four meters long, and it looked very real. It buzzed in the air as it pierced through everything in its way, including trees and rocks. Dust on the ground was also sent into the air as everything struck towards Lampard!

It was another high level warrior combat technique.

The warriors of the Imperial Knight Palace had great resources, and ordinary four star warriors couldn’t be compared to them.

The technique [Green Light Dragon Sword] had at least double Dick’s power, and this strike was on the level of the peak four star warrior…… It was an insane boost!

However, Lampard’s face didn’t even change color.

The huge sword in his hand was now stabbed into the ground. The cracking noise of lightning resonated in the forest as the lightning drew an image of an angry golden lion roaring at the sky behind him. He slowly gasped his right hand and formed a fist around his wrist. This movement seemed to have unbelievable magic. All of the lightning around him instantly condensed onto his right fist as if a whale swallowed all the water in the ocean. Then, a light silver dot appeared on his fist followed by eye-piercing silver light shining at everything around him……

For a moment, even the sunlight was enveloped by this silver light.

Dick suddenly felt like his eyes hurt, so he had to close his eyes in order to dodge the light that came from his opponent’s right fist. Then, he heard the deep roar of the red haired cool warrior.

“Lightning – Speed – Fist !!!”

“Warrior combat technique? This bumpkin warrior knows warrior combat techniques as well?”

Dick couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

He suddenly sensed a great amount of danger as he felt a vast amount of lightning energy dashing towards him. He was shocked, but he wasn’t slowed. He unleashed all of his energy and injected all of it into the Green Light Dragon Sword. The four meter long green sword instantly grew bigger.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Numerous silver lightning bolts struck the five meter long green dragon sword formed by the warrior energy.

Then –

Crack …… crack…… crack!

A series of light cracking noise sound as Dick was shocked again. He had sensed the collapse of his green dragon sword. When it was struck by the numerous lightning bolts, each lightning bolt broke away a part of the sword at a time. Dick couldn’t do anything but to watch his four star warrior combat technique get destroyed!

Then, the residual silver lightning dashed towards him.

“How…… how is this possible?”

He opened his eye wide, but he wasn’t able to catch anything.

“Too fast. I couldn’t track his trace. I couldn’t spot his fist…… S–t…..” Dick was so scared that his soul almost flew out of his body. He quickly set up a series of green swords made of his warrior energy for defense, and backed off rapidly. He wanted to dodge this strike, but all of his defensive swords were torn apart like paper. The lightning instantly went through his body……

Then, the world fell into silence again.

“Can you use your wood energy to repair your crushed heart?”

Lampard asked coldly. His face was almost next to the terrified face of his opponent. Lampard was still in the position of punching out his right fist, but now, his right fist had pierced through Dick’s chest. In his right hand, there was a heart that was still pumping slowly.

“No……” Desperation appeared in Dick’s eyes as the strength in his body slowly deteriorated.

“Relax, I don’t have the habit of collecting heads.” Lampard’s voice sounded again.

A semi-sad and semi-happy expression appeared in Dick’s face, and it seemed like he wanted to say something.

“However…… I will crush my opponent’s heart.” As Lampard said that, he squeezed his hand. The heart in his hand turned into a bloody pulp.

Table of Content

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