Hail the King Chapter 195.2

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Chapter 195: Merciless Fire, Danger of Chambord (Part Two)

The mounted archers of Chambord without arrows were like tigers without teeth and claws; they were essentially meat on the chopping board.

“Hahah, they are out of arrows, charge!”

But soon, the cavaliers couldn’t laugh anymore. The archers of Chambord soon turned to soldiers who threw axes. They all took off the axes that were hanging by the saddle and threw them at the invaders after full rounds of swinging. The axes that were the size of doors flew towards the black armored cavaliers who were unprepared for this and made them cry out loud. With the backdrop of spurting blood and broken limbs, these axes took away around fifty lives. There was only about twenty hundred fifty cavaliers; they suffered a lot of casualties.

Finally, after about ten minutes of chase, the black armored cavaliers pushed the mounted archers of Chambord into a forest under a mountain. The horses couldn’t run in here freely, so the monkey like soldiers of Chambord jumped off of the horses and escaped into the forest.

“Dismount! Run after them, kill them all!”

The leader Dick was already raged. He lost his rationality and swore that he would skin those bastards and used them as leather.

But soon, Dick regretted his actions.

Since his cavaliers dismounted and chased into the forest, they were lost in this “maze”. After a little while, the cavaliers were scattered around the forest. When Dick calmed down and wanted to command all of his men to gather back together, a strong man with a huge black sword on his back appeared in front of him.

Dick’s pupil instantly contracted.

He sensed a sense of danger from this red haired man.

“Who are you?”

Dick drew his sword as he enveloped himself in a green warrior energy.

“Leo Saint Saiya Frank-Lampard under the Chambord King is here to take away your life.”

The red haired strong man stabbed his black sword onto the ground, and then stood there calmly. Although he looked calm, a series of light cracking noises sounded inside of him as strands of white lightning started to pop out of his body. Soon, the white lightning enveloped his body and burnt the plants and trees around him into charcoal and smokes.

“Lightning attributed warrior?” Dick was surprised. But then an excited expression appeared on his face as he licked his lips and said: “I didn’t expect it. A little Chambord Kingdom has such a warrior like you. Good, good……Great!” The green warrior energy around his grew rapidly as he said: “My hobby is to torture great warriors. This sword has chopped the heads of thirty six four star warriors. You would make the thirty seventh warrior today!”

“You are too talkative!” This was Lampard’s response.


At the same time, on the field to the right of Chambord.

In a field with grass that was over two meters tall

Four star warrior Allen, the leader of the other team of cavaliers encounter the same problem as his peer Dick. Almost half of his cavaliers were killed by the arrows and axes from the mounted archers of Chambord. Under the anger, he led his black armored men into this field of grass. When he entered this place, he felt like he entered an ocean of green. His opponents tried to divide his team up on purpose, and almost all of his men were scattered around in this field. In front of him now, there were two strong man from Chambord who didn’t look too friendly.

“Taurus Saint Saiya Drogba, Capricorn Saint Saiya Pierce of Chambord……Hehe, you ugly a-s, you are dead for sure this time!” The two men who were big like mountains told Allen who they were as they cracked their knuckles and walked towards him while laughing viciously.

“Humph! Idiots! How are you two talk to me like that? You guys weren’t even three star warriors yet!” Allen shook the sword in his hand, and the blue, water attributed warrior energy flame exploded as two dash of sword strikes pierced towards the throat of the two strongmen like lightning.

“He is a master!”

“We are no match!”

Both Drogba and Pierce’s faces changed color as they sensed their opponent’s strength.



Brook was still calm. He waved his sword forward and commanded. As his voice sounded in the air, the sounds of bowstrings vibrating resonated. The arrows screamed as they covered all the noises of the surroundings and pierced through people’s ear drums. Like locusts flying towards crops, they flew towards the black flood like enemies.

In an instant, the black armored cavaliers fells down like crops under the sickles as they whined.

This was a battle, a war!

Cruel and merciless.

As the arrows fell, blood spurted into the sky. The screams soon resonated in the sky.

The peers who were charging beside a cavalier screamed as he fell down the horse. He was instantly stomped into meat paste by the cavaliers behind him and lost his breath.

Under the full coverage of the arrows, every cavalier had to kick their horses with the spurs on their iron boots to make the sweating horses charge a little bit faster. They had to get close to the archers of Chambord in the shortest amount of time! They tilted their body forward to try to minimize their exposed body as they prayed to gods and hoped that they wouldn’t be shot by the arrows that were raining down from the sky. No one was able to dodge this level of arrow coverage, and except the kings who were protected by strong warriors and high ranking military officials, only the soldiers who were both lucky and strong could survive through this.

Fortunately, they could already see their enemies who were on a small hill about two hundred meters away.

There were only a hundred of them, and they formed a defensive formation. Looking from afar, they looked like a bunch of helpless scarecrows. This weak and powerless scene stimulated the testosterone inside every cavalier. Every one of them believed that they could stomp their weak opponent into meat paste after one charge! They also believed that they could soon charge into Chambord Castle like a storm to kill, light things on fire, rape any woman, and take away any valuables and treasures to make their lives more meaningful.

They were getting closer and closer……

There was only about fifty meters between the two groups.

The black armored cavaliers who had great eye sight could already see the scared expressions on the military officers’ faces and their trembling legs since no one was allowed to retreat. This scene stimulated the viciousness in their blood even more! Every one of them roared as they whipped their horses to make them run faster. They swung the weapons in their hands as they expected their weapons to chop off the heads of their enemies.

Only the scar-faced knight while the silver warrior energy enveloping himself with his horse frowned lightly. He had finally sensed something strange by using his instinct.

Now sure when, but a strange yet familiar nose piercing smell dispersed in the air. When he looked at the black haired enemy commander who stood straight under the strange flag of two dog head on a pair crossing axe and sword that were dripping down blood, he was frightened! The fact that this commander was standing under the flag like a nail and looked very valiant gave him a bad feeling!

“Wait, there must be a trap……” A lot of thoughts flashed through this scar-faced knight’s face. He suddenly thought of something when he smelled this scent in the air more.

However, it was too late.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of bowstring vibrating noise sounded at this moment.

The scar-faced knight looked up, and his pupil contracted as he saw twenty flaming magic arrows. Like twenty meters, they dashed into this “black flood” with violent burning fires.

In the next second, the unbelievable happened –

Boom! The ground started to burn as well-

That’s right, the whole ground caught on fire.

The dry grass that were about half a meter tall instantly turned into the flames from hell that were there to take away these cavaliers’ lives. Like an erupting volcano, the red-yellowish fire appeared on the ground and licked the charging cavaliers mercilessly. The nose-piercing smell and black smoke were everywhere, and the fire quickly spread and lit the area of a kilometer in radius in just forty seconds as if it was alive. Almost every cavalier was caught inside this burning fire from hell.

The Grim Reaper appeared with no sign.

The merciless flames swallowed everything.

Numerous cavaliers who were laughing viciously and swinging their weapons were turned into flame man who were screaming and struggling. They all dropped their weapons and slapped the flames on their bodies as they tried to extinguish them. However, the flames ate their bodies as if they were the most passionate lovers on this continent. Soon, these men were killed in the fire one by one.

This scene was so majestic and terrifying that it looked like it was comparable to the forbidden fire spells in legends.

However, the scar-faced knight clearly knew that this was no forbidden spell.

The twenty fire arrows contained the surge of fire elements that he was very familiar with. He knew that they were the simplest and easiest to make fire magic arrows. There was only one reason why the entire field lit up – in this field where the grass was about half a meter tall, there was a ton of catalysts for fire that were planted here before. These catalysts for fire had a strange smell, and these special minerals could turn a spark into a burning flame in seconds. That was the source of the smell in the air, and this was the reason why the scar-faced knight was uneasy, and this was the reason the fire spread this quickly.

Not sure when, but the wind suddenly started to blow.

With the help of the wind, the fire grew bigger and stronger! Smoke soared into the sky, and screams and whines resonated on the field. Man on fire…… horses on fire…… there was fire everywhere!

The scar-faced cavalier unleashed all of his warrior energy and kept the burning fire three meters away from him.

“Everyone, listen up! Don’t be afraird, charge! Charge! Charge out of this sea of fire! There is a river at the front!”

The scar-faced knight leader roared in anger as he commanded the cavaliers to charge forward. The only way of survival was to get away from this fire as soon as possible! Since the wind blew from the north, the field fifty meters away from them where their enemies stood didn’t catch on fire. The cavaliers all knew that as long as they charged over their enemies’ defensive line, they could escape from their worst nightmare.

“Charge over, kill all of those damn people of Chambord!”

This was the only thought in the scar-faced knight’s raging mind

Table of Content

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