Hail the King Chapter 195.1

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Chapter 195: Merciless Fire, Danger of Chambord (Part One)

A day before.

Outside of Chambord, the autumn wind was blowing through the dry grass.

“Charge! Conquer Chambord in one go!”

Four warriors who were at least at the four star rank charged on their horses towards Chambord with different attributed warrior energy flame enveloping them. Behind them, there were a couple kings who were dressed in shiny armors with golden crowns on their heads. Their expressions were vicious as they didn’t hid their murderous intents. Following them, there were more than two thousand black armored cavaliers who were charging like a black flood. The iron hooves stepped on the ground and caused dust to fly into the air. And in the dust, several black flags with a skeleton head and blade with blood dripping off of it fluttered in the wind like black dragons.

The entire group was like a pack of hungry wolves that were charging towards a group of fatty delicious sheep.

Finally, the continuous mountains and beautiful Chambord Castle appeared in the eyes of this bunch of red-eyed invaders.

“Charge! Kill them all!”

“Wipe out Chambord…… Conquer them! Hahaha, men over the height of the wheel shall all be killed!”

After seeing the target, every invader started to scream and shout as if they were vicious jackals who smelled blood.

About fifteen minutes ago, two guys who called themselves the golden knights under the king of Chambord appeared in front of them arrogantly and ran away after a little defense. That provoked and stimulated the morale of the invaders. The kings with gold crowns on their head laughed as they commanded their soldiers when they finally saw the castle. The long and loud bugle sounded, and the black armored cavaliers slowed down their speed. Each formation kept some distance between them, and they were adjusting their pace to save up energy for the last necessary crazy charge.

But at this moment, a change occurred –

Whoosh -! Whoosh – ! Whoosh – !

A ton of arrows suddenly shot out of the hill on the right of the cavaliers like a dark shadow. The hungry locust like arrows screamed as they dashed into these soldiers! Without their guards up, more than twenty cavaliers on the right side of the formations whined as they fell off of their horse and got stomped into meat paste by their peers who were behind them.

“There is an ambush…… they are mounted archers from Chambord. Be careful, they are on the right.”

“S–t! They had already discovered us!”

“Haha, what ambush are you talking about? There are only thirty of them! How dare they challenge us? Kolad, take a team of fifty men and bring back those bastards’ head to me in ten minutes…..”

The invaders quickly discovered this raid. After seeing the number of Chambord soldiers, all of them relaxed. A king with the gold crown on his head waved his sword, and a team of more than a hundred cavaliers laughed as they broke off from the big group and charged towards the archers of Chambord who were hiding by the hill.

These cavaliers disappeared behind the hill as everyone expected a slaughter.

But in less than two minutes, something occurred as that king expected his men to return.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

A series of arrows were shot out of the bush under the hill on the right of them.

It was surprising!

The black armored cavaliers who were charging forward didn’t expect this, and many of them fell to the ground. However, the attackers soon showed themselves when more than fifty cavaliers were killed – they were another team of mounted archers from Chambord. There were only about twenty of them, but they cleverly used the hill and the tall grasses to hide themselves. Although there were only a few of them, they were great at shooting. Almost every arrow that was shot from them took down an enemy. However, the invaders didn’t really spot this fact as most of them were just charging by. The only thing that the commanders of the invaders saw was their numbers. It was obvious that twenty more people couldn’t threaten a two thousand men force. Another gold crowned king waved his sword, and another team of a hundred cavaliers separated from the group and charged at these archers.

But soon, the invaders sensed the abnormality.

There were still volleys of arrows that were being shot at them from two sides, and there were black armored cavaliers falling down from their horses continuously. In the last ten minutes, they had suffered more than four hundred causalities. What was more bone chilling was that both teams of more than a hundred cavaliers who were after these archers didn’t return; they were probably dead from what they could tell.

At the same time, about twenty mounted archers appeared behind them. These archers were fast since their horses were top quality. They used a guerilla tactic where they would back off after they successfully attacked and shoot at them from afar when the situation seemed right. These archers were like the invaders’ tails. The invaders just couldn’t get rid of them.

Under such harassment, the high morale and the unified formation seemed to be a little shattered.

“Mister, what should we do?” A gold crowned king’s face changed color. He even asked and addressed the warrior who was charging at the front and had energy flame around as mister.

“Dick, Allen. Each of you take four hundred cavaliers to clear all the mounted archers of Chambord in twenty minutes! Don’t let any single one of them survive! Gulo, you take a hundred cavaliers to watch our backs and make sure that the opponents won’t harass us anymore from the back! Everyone else, don’t worry about the archers on both sides and charge at full speed! Something must have happened, that is why they are harassing us to buy time…… sound the bugle! Charge! Speed up!!” One of the four warriors who were leading the group shouted and commanded as if he was the leader.

The other three warriors who were charging beside him nodded. Two of them waved their swords and shouted as the same time. Their voices were as loud as the thunder, and each of them led four hundred men to break off of the main group lightly and attacked the archers of Chambord on each side.

With two mysterious warriors leading the cavaliers, most of the arrows that were shot at them were crushed into pieces by these two warriors’ energy flames. With little casualties, they quickly approached the archers of Chambord who were hiding behind the grasses and hills.

The other warrior led a hundred cavaliers and left the main group from the left side. They slowed down and stayed behind the group to deal with the archers at the back. Under the lead of that warrior, they quickly stopped the archers from a hundred meters away so they couldn’t get close.

At the same time, the leader of the entire force led more than a thousand cavaliers to charge at Chambord at an insane speed.

The leader of the group was a strong knight who wasn’t wearing any helmet. His black curly hair fluttered in the air, and he looked like demon from hell with half of his face twitching and deformed. You couldn’t tell his nose apart from his mouth. Everything on his face was like wet mud; it was obvious that his face had been severely burnt. On top of his hideous face, his eyes were pitch black as if he was a demon from hell.

This man’s face was very calm as if he discovered Chambord’s forces’ intention quickly. A smile appeared on his face as he sneered in disdain. As an elite knight from the Imperial Knight Palace, he had been in more than a hundred battles, and he had extensive amounts of commanding experience. He believed that he was not inferior to the famous generals and commanders at Zenit, so he didn’t think the low lives from this remote kingdom could fool him with dumb tricks.

“The resistance of ants, such bad acting!”

The knight with the scar face could almost feel the heat from the blood that would appear on his sword soon.

At the same time –

On a high hill that wasn’t far away, Brook who was carefully monitoring the invaders was surprised. He murmured to himself: “There is someone who is great at military strategies in the enemies! This is bad…… Adjustments must be mad to the plan!”

Brook glanced around and observed the surrounding terrains a bit more as he tried to calculate the possible changes. After he considered both the man power and the number of star warriors of Chambord and the invaders, he felt helpless as he knew no one at Chambord was able to take on the four star warriors who were leading the charge. Once these four star warriors couldn’t be handled, this battle would be hard to win. On Azeroth Continent, masters like star warriors couldn’t be ignored! If there was a huge gap between the powerful warriors of the two sides, the party with little man power could potentially win just because of superior top warriors. Although the defense wall of Chambord was tall and firm, it wasn’t enough to block the invasion of four four-star warriors.

“The only strategy now was to risk everything and take them directly on!”

Brook bit his teeth and made a decision. As the man in charge of the military, he wasn’t the strongest warrior, and he was very straightforward and a little dull. However, he didn’t lack leadership and courage during battle. He had the authority, and he was decisive.

This was a part of the reasons why Fei placed Brook on such an important role.

At this moment, when faced with danger, Brook knew that he had to do something impossible to protect Chambord and execute his strategies to prove to everyone that the king didn’t pick the wrong person.



“Chase after them! Kill them all!”

The thin and short four star warrior named Dick charged on his horse with his sword risen. He was really mad! The task of taking care of thirty mounted archers of Chambord with four hundred elite cavaliers was easy in his eyes, but he didn’t expect his opponents to be this sly and tricky. They were fast, and their archery were exceptional. During this chase, he didn’t get to them, and about a hundred of his cavaliers who shot down by those archers. This was a great shame to him.

After a while, all the arrows of archers from Chambord had their arrows depleted.

Table of Content

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