Hail the King Chapter 193.1

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Chapter 193: The Brave is the Conqueror (Part One)

The cheering crowd took a long time to calm down.

This time, everyone’s eyes on Fei completely changed. Especially those guards of the Soros Caravan that were still a looking down on this subsidiary kingdom’s peasant king who was used to seeing all kinds of nobles and elites. However, the way they looked at Fei was filled with respect and worship now. This was the natural reaction of the weak to the strong. On the land of Azeroth governed by the rule of the jungle, the strong were respected, and all issues were resolved with fists and weapons.

The team set out after a slight reorganization.

The victory of this battle dispelled all the notions of sneak attacks ahead of the expedition team’s journey. Now with an elite capable of defeating the Execution Knights on the team, unless someone was really tired of living, people wouldn’t even have enough time to suck up to Fei, let alone sneak attacking. It was basically suicidal!

So, everyone advanced full of confidence.

Fei comfortably rode on the big black dog’s back with the beauty in his arms.

He went past the twin towering mountains. Now, there was only a hilly region ahead of them and then it would be a vast plain. The expedition team’s remaining journey would be a smooth road with no more danger, and it would be expected that they would arrive at the Empire Capital in a little more than a day.

However, just as they were about to pass the hilly region, Fei suddenly looked back. Just at that moment, don’t know why, Fei suddenly had a feeling inside his heart. A strange kind of feeling lingered in his heart, as if in the distant the Chambord City encountered something…


The whole prairie trembled and the earth was wailing.

The cavalry that was like a flood appeared in the distance on the border between sky and earth. The long flags flying in the wind were like many little black dragons, ferociously advancing in the sky. All the flags were black, and on top of them there was a simple and ugly painting of a steel knife dripping blood and a white skull. This was an unknown army completely dressed in black armor. The leading cavalry units’ horses, armor, helmet, and armor had no symbol or markings. It was obvious that they deliberately hid their identity.

All 2000 cavalry soldiers were like a black torrent that was murderously galloping over.

In front of them, on a slightly uplifted hill, a red figure and a black figure stood up tall, like two towering stones. They fearlessly faced the torrent, quietly waiting for something.

The distance between the two sides was getting closer.

“This is the Taurus Golden Knight Didier Drogba under the Chambord King’s command. The advancing army should listen up! You guys already invaded Chambord’s territory. I will give you ten breaths of time to turn around and leave, otherwise…. We will kill without pardon!”

The knight on the hill suddenly shouted. His voice rolled out so loudly that it pierced the heavens and travelled far away, unexpectedly suppressing the sound of thousands of horses galloping.



The other side’s response was an even louder arrow.

With a burst of deafening wailing that pierced through space, the arrow was shrouded in a faint color of flame, akin to a falling meteor from heaven.

“Not good… Didier, be careful!” Lampard’s face changed.

He saw that the arrow contained a strong fire element with terrifying and lightning-like momentum. That was an arrow shot out by an elite that was at least an intermediate 3-star. He was worried that Drogba would pay a price for underestimating the shot, so he took a step up and punched into the sky. A silver thunder burst out from his fist and hit directly onto the arrow. After a big boom, an explosion appeared in the sky, and an invisible air wave scattered towards all directions destroying all plantations nearby!

“Son of a b*tch, show some respect!” Drogba flew into rage.

He looked around, reached and took down the giant axe that was hanging on the side of his horse. Then with both hands using full strength, he threw it towards the enemy. After the transformation by the [Hulk Potion], both arms had at least tens of thousands of pounds of force. The axe was rotating and whistling frantically, seemingly to even be a level higher than that red arrow.

This axe was actually thrown out more than 200 meters by him.

The knight that shot the arrow before saw the situation and didn’t dare to block head on. With the flaming red energy flashing on his body, he instantly leaped into the air and dodged it. His movement was extremely agile, and he returned to the back of his horse with another flash. He was clearly an elite.

Table of Content

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