Hail the King Chapter 192.2

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Chapter 192: Famous after One Battle! (Part Two)

Smelling the faint fragrance coming to his nose, feeling the soft and warm body in his arms, Fei felt warmth in his heart. The so-called hero and beauty, even a steel-like man would wish there to be a beauty appearing beside him after a battle of life and death, and give him a warm embrace. And at this moment, Fei felt the volcano eruption-like passion of a young girl, after feeling touched, he also felt a little guilty… The battle just now probably made her worry a lot!

On the magic carriage in the distance, the other two women’s expressions were also delightful.

The blonde loli Emma started smiling, even though the snow white skin of hers still had traces of tears left. Looking at Angela and Alexander embracing each other in everyone’s cheers, at this moment, this little loli with a little freckles and a little stubborn personality suddenly felt an unprecedented calmness and ease. In her bright eyes, the scenes of Angela taking care and protecting the Alexander in the past who didn’t have a clear mind began surfacing again…

And the Elder Princess, her ocean-wave-like eyes observed the place where Angela just sat in the carriage. On the faint purple velvet blanket there was a clear fingerprint crease. It came from being gripped by someone under extreme tension. Seeing this, the Elder Princess’s slightly skinny yet delicate cheeks emerged a smile, “I thought this little girl really was confident in her love and wasn’t worried at all, but this is actually the case…”

However, this wise Elder Princess didn’t realize, for a simple and young little girl, how difficult and courageous it is for her to forcefully maintain confidence towards her loved one in such an intense situation.

At a little distance, the Soros Caravan was stunned.

The shock in their hearts could hardly be described.

Especially manager Harry Redknapp, the charming young woman Sherry in the red dress and the young swordsman in a white robe beside her. They all found what they saw to be very hard to believe. Perhaps the people from Chambord didn’t know what the victory of this battle means, but these three knew. It was the Golden Sun Knight Chris Sutton, one of the ten Execution Knightage of the Imperial Knight Palace, the most admired super genius of the entire empire, the future star of the Empire’s martial arts. Although Sutton was only 16 years old and had slightly less experience in comparison to the other nine knights, he was still one of the symbols of the imperial’s cutting-edge force. A subsidiary kingdom’s king being able to defeat an execution knight of the Imperial Knight Palace, that was something that had never happened before. It was only the shadowy [One Sword] legend that was able to do this, but he had never challenged an Execution Knight like this…

In short, the Chambord King had created history.

If in a more complicated view, Redknapp could almost be certain that the result of this battle could affect the future direction of this heated battle for the Empire’s throne.

Now the empire’s situation was becoming growingly complex, with Empire Yaxin’s body weakening by day, and the two princes Dominguez and Arshavin each holding significant power with a lot of ministers supporting them. The infighting between them was becoming increasingly hot both under broad daylight and in the dark. However, being able to secure the neutral parties like the Knight Palace and the several Empire Martial Saints had been the top priority of these two princes, because the cutting-edge martial strength would play a crucial role in the battle for the throne. But at this sensitive moment, what does it mean to have a young elite on par of the strength of Knight Palace suddenly appearing out of the blue? It’s just like a legendary sword that could deliver a fatal blow to the enemy had suddenly appeared, and whoever had this sword in his hand would have a higher chance to ascend to the power and glory of the supreme throne!

Looking at the almost destroyed twin towers, the manager in black robe was filled with mixed emotions.

He clearly knew, after this stop, Chambord King Alexander’s fame would be thoroughly casted. From now on, he was afraid that no subsidiary kingdom within Zenit Empire would dare to provoke the prestige of the Chambord King. And then within the Empire, this news would spread sooner or later, and by then, he was afraid that the Chambord King would be the focus of all major powers, and as for whether he will become the most honorable guest or a hindrance, it will depend on which prince this young king chooses to support.

And the broken twin mountains will always be a testament to the horrifying battle that had taken place here today.

It may not take a long time before poets began gathering here to gather inspirations. Perhaps they will really create a lot of beautiful and magnificent poetry ballads to celebrate the rise of the genius-like young man, who would ultimately become the attention of the whole continent one day.

Table of Content

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