Hail the King Chapter 191.1

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Chapter 191: Winner Revealed (Part One)

Under the heavens, at the summit of the broken mountain peaks.

Two shadows proudly stood. As the wind blows, their clothes made fluttering sound.

The reason why everyone below the mountains were dumbfounded was that they finally saw the outcome of this battle. On the mountain top, everywhere on the Chambord King Fei’s body – neck, face, earlobes, shoulder bone, arm, waist… there were thick and thin wounds. Each wound looked as if it was opened up gently by a razor. No scars could be seen but blood kept on coming out from these subtle wounds, forming little blood beads and then drops. And then, the drops ultimately became a little stream along that esoteric armor of his, down to those gloves that were repaired with black dragon scales, and then dripping onto the mountain top below his feet.

And on the south mountain peak, Fei’s opponent – the golden knight Chris Sutton, with a golden spear in hand that was slightly tilted and pointing towards the sky. Not a single trace of dust was on his golden armor. His stalwart body stood straight upright, and the mountain top wind blew wildly, making his blond hair flow like a waterfall. He was as dazzling as the sun, there was not a single trace of injury on his body, and he stood there like a mountain.

The Chambord King was defeated?

The Golden Executive Knight won?

Seeing this scene, the two crowds began reacting completely different below the twin towering mountains.

The golden knights of the Imperial Knight Palace raised the long spears in their hands up high and cheered, not even trying to hide their fanatical worship of their leader at all. Then, behind those people, on top of a thin horse with withered hair, the insidious-looking old man with a goatee finally smiled and satisfyingly nodded. No one knew what he was thinking about.

And then on the Chambord side, Pete Cech, Oleg, and Torres, those three frowned as they observed the battle’s situation over and over. Judging by the level of injury on His Majesty and the Golden Knight, it seemed like Fei lost. However, the three also had a strange feeling that they were forgetting about something…

“Ahh… Alexander… he’s hurt!” Inside the Elder Princess’s magic carriage, the blond loli Emma tightly covered her mouth. There were tears flashing at the corner of her eyes. At that moment, the little loli seemed to have forgotten that the guy at the mountain top was the noble king, and she was just a maid, yet she unexpectedly called the king by his name.

The elder princess’s deep blue eyes still seemed as calm as always, the startled look instantly flashed past her eye. Beside her, the little girl Angela who had always been very quiet still had her beautiful eyes wide open. Looking at the figure that was covered in blood as if he had just crawled out from a bloody pool, a magical light shined passed Angela’s eyes. It wasn’t panic or nervousness, but an unprecedented belief and calmness!

At the front of both armies.

The big black dog and the strange wolf beast seemed to have detected something. The rolling-thunder-like low roar sounded from both throats. Their eyes were locked onto each other, and all the fur on their backs erected and became steel-needle like. The two beasts released a dangerous scent that would terrify everyone.

A thunderbolt suddenly flashed between the clouds.

The ear-deafening thunder suddenly lingered beside the ears of everyone that lived in St. Petersburg.

The black fortress towered into the cloud, and the tip of the tower was like a sword inserted into the deepest region of heaven.

On the top of the tower in front of a curved window, a big and tall man with knife-like brows suddenly revealed a face of surprise. His vision traveled past tens of thousands of miles, and it seemed that he saw something very surprising. Then, he thoughtfully brushed his chin and smiled, “Interesting, I did not expect such an interesting ending. This really made me more and more look forward to how things unfold in the future!”

“Ahahaha, completely unexpected!”

“A big surprise. Maybe the Zenit’s Military Exercise will become more interesting this time!”

“Great! Worth the anticipation!”

“Hehe, another empire elite is born?”

Not long ago in the skies above the Empire’s capital, a few terrifyingly powerful spiritual presences awakened. They seemed to have sensed something, and with surprise, they swept through the overcast sky and disappeared immediately after.

The dark clouds above the Empire’s Capital, seemed to have become more intense and gloomy.

At the tip of the two mountains.

“I’m curious, did that woman Paris ask you to deal with me?” Fei suddenly asked.

Blood kept seeping out of his thin wounds. Despite the barbarian’s powerful physical strength, the remaining silver battle energy left inside his wounds couldn’t be expulsed right away. It’s just like countless invisible wind blades constantly cutting into the wound, pulling it open again the moment it started healing.

The terrifying residual battle energy had entered Fei’s body when the two clashed earlier. When faced with a terrifying opponent, for someone like Fei that liked to fight head on, it was impossible to avoid any injury.

After being silent for a moment.

The Golden Knight finally spoke.

“Lady Paris forbade me to come look for trouble from you. However, as one of the ten Execution Knights of the Imperial Knight Palace, do I need a reason to look for a barbaric king’s trouble? Poor savage, all the things you did, each every one of them is enough to put you on the execution seat of the Knight Palace!”

“Haha, is it? That’s a shame, you don’t seem to be able to do it!” Fei smiled and said.

Right after his voice faded, something strange happened.

Table of Content

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