Hail the King Chapter 190.1

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Chapter 190: The duel of the strongest (Part One)

Everyone started to chatter among themselves when they saw Fei’s defense line getting poked through.

Although people from Chambord were confident in their king, some of them gasped when they saw the scene. Even Cech, the strongest among them, couldn’t participate in this level of battle. The two men who were battling were at least mid-tier five star warriors. If they weren’t fighting on the mountains in the distance, the people watching the battle would be injured just from the energy around them. Since people couldn’t see everything clearly, they could only wonder and gasp.

On the other hand, the knights in golden armor cheered on as they saw Chris-Sutton gaining the advantage. Even Chris’ wolf, the dog like mount glanced at Blacky with a disdainful look. Blacky immediately responded and growled dangerously as it grabbed onto the ground with its paws.

“Ah, danger!” Emma who was in the luxurious magic carriage gasped and opened her eyes wide as if she was a scared rabbit.

“Don’t worry, Alexander is safe!” The Elder Princess who was silent spoke to comfort her. As she patted Emma on the shoulder, she looked at Angela who was sitting beside her. She discovered that this pure girl wasn’t afraid about her fiance’s situation at all. She just opened her eyes wide and stared at what was happening on the mountains. From her calmness, Tanasha could tell that she had confidence in the man standing on the northern mountain.

In fact, Angela’s confidence didn’t come out of nowhere.

Tink! Tink! Tink!

A series of ear-piercing metal collision noises sounded.

Fei who was swinging his fist slowly suddenly changed up his tactics. He instantly punched out rapidly like lightning several times. Every single punch hit the golden lance accurately, and every hit reduced the color and the energy flame of the lance by a little. After three punches, the energy flame around the lance disappeared, and the lance’s body was completely exposed.


It was another punch.

It struck the tip of the lance accurately.

The young knight was delighted. He laughed, “Such a dumb savage, you want to take on my golden lance by using your body? You are asking for shame…… Open!” As he shouted, streams of silver warrior energy charged into the lance from the young knight’s body like mercury, and the golden lance shivered in mid-air and let out a noise that sounded like the roar of dragons and tigers.

“Really? Let me see if your shitty stick can handle my fist!”

Fei was wearing the Titan Battle Gauntlets, which were level 6 items from the Diablo World. It still had the durability 50/50, and was virtually indestructible! Why would Fei be afraid of Sutton’s lance? As Fei spoke, he smashed onto the tip of the lance.


As if there was a loud thunder, the devastating force directly smashed onto the lance and knocked away all of the silver warrior energy surrounding it. Sutton on the other hand couldn’t hold onto it no more, and the lance flew out of his hands and dashed away like a golden light.

Chris-Sutton himself was affected by this huge force as well. He flew back and barely landed on the peak of the southern mountain.

After the wind blew back, it seemed like nothing had happened.

“Great!” the young knight suddenly spoke. With his weapon knocked away, he still had a smile on his face, “I have to admit that I underestimated you savage’s fighting ability. Although you surprised me, you would be wrong if you think you could defeat me with this. The real battle starts now!”

As he said that, the young knight waved his hand, and the golden lance that was still falling down the mountain seemed to be pulled by an invisible force and flew back up to his hands. With his right hand pointing the lance upward at the sky, the young knight took off the necklace he was wearing with his left hand. Whoosh! After the necklace was taken off, his golden cape instantly started to flutter in the air.

Also, the young knight’s presence changed! Like a huge lance that was pointing at the sky, his strength started to increase! Fei felt like Sutton was almost going to advance through the peak of a 5 star warrior.

“Idiot, I hope your strength is good as your mouth!”

Although Fei was concerned, he didn’t hesitate to attack the young knight using his mouth.

However, he had to admit that this arrogant opponent in front of his was the strongest person that he had ever encountered. 【One Sword】only flashed by the peak of East Mountain at Chambord when he saved the Elder Princess, the white haired old man on Paris’ side was a six star warrior, and [Zenit’s God of War] Arshavin was almost a six star warrior. However, both of them were injured early on by traps and calculations from each other and lost the abilities to fight at their prime. [Hidden at Snowpeak] Dani who was a five star warrior was also injured from fights from the peak of East Mountain. All of these factors led to Fei’s relative easy victory with a lot of powerful parties. Today, this five star warrior did bring Fei the hardcore battle that he desired.

“Metal Warrior Energy…… Gold – Lance – Tsunami – Strike – !”

As the young knight roared, the silver warrior energy surrounding his body started to pile up and spread to the surroundings. Like a tsunami from the ocean, the warrior energy was spreading to the surroundings like waves. What was surprising that it seemed like there were real noise of the tsunami coming from him. The golden lance in his hands circled like lightning and finally turned into a golden blade that stood straight in the tsunami like warrior energy that was piling up behind him. When this “golden blade” appeared, all of the warrior energy seemed to pause for a second.

Table of Content

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