Hail the King Chapter 189.2

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Chapter 189: The Hardest Battle Yet (Part Two)


As if the silver lance couldn’t handle the force, it exploded into piece after numerous cracks appeared on it. The silver warrior energy that formed the lance lost control and shot out in all directions like numerous small knives. All the trees and mountains around the battle were affected! They were all damaged, and even a layer of soil on the ground was removed. Dust was sent flying to the sky, and the scene was shocking.

What was more magical was that even though the silver warrior energy caused a mess, people behind Fei seemed to be protected by an invisible shield. Nothing happened to them! Fei sat on Blacky calmly. Not a single speck of dirt got onto his clothes, and his hair didn’t even move.

After a moment, the dust fell back down.

“Huh? Ok, you have qualified to be my opponent……” After seeing what happened, the young knight in golden armor was surprised as if he didn’t anticipated it. But in the next moment, the arrogant came back to him. “I was born in the noble Chris Family. By two years of age, I grabbed onto a lance. By three years of age, I formed warrior energy. By six years of age, I became a knight servant. By ten years of age, I joined a knight retinue. By fourteen years of age, I already participated in battles and killed generals and chopped down flags. By fifteen years of age, I entered the Executive Knightage of the Imperial Knight Palace and by sixteen years of age, I advanced to one of the Ten Executive Knights and the future candidate of Imperial Martial Saint. You should be proud that you can take one of my strikes. However, that doesn’t mean I would tolerate a savage like you to stain the glory and the honor of the empire! You have to use your life to wash off your crime!”

The young knight got closer and closer to Fei with a proud expression on his face. As if he was self-murmuring, he told everyone his glorious journey as he tried to destroy Fei’s confidence.

“Damn, dare comparing with me?” Fei sneered as he said: “I was born at a community hospital via caesarean section. By three years of age, I went to kindergarten. By six years of age, I advanced to elementary school. By twelve years of age, I went to junior high. By fifteen years of age, I went to high school. By eighteen years of age, I went to university. I had the title of “Three Good” Student every year, and I was the class monitor in my class too. My average had never dropped down to a lower grade in nineteen years, and my mark never went below a ninety. My instructor would always praise me at every parent-teacher conference, and I only failed eleven tests in university……“ Fei spit out a bunch of facts with an even more arrogant expression on his face. “Can you match up with these?” he asked.

Although he didn’t know what Fei was talking about, the young knight in golden armor was provoked by Fei’s disdain look since what Fei said sounded very legit.

“Ok, I will give you the opportunity to fight me fairly, and I will let you know that the battle of the throne isn’t something that your low class savage self can participate in! I can kill you all with my pinky!”

The young knight turned into a silver flame that was soaring up into the sky. In a few dashes, he appeared on top of the southern mountain of the Dual-tower Mountain. He stood there firmly and didn’t move at all despite of strong wind. He looked like a god of war who was waiting to be beat.

“Hahaha, great! Let me see how you can kill me with your pinky finger!”

Fei instantly replied. His desire for battle skyrocketed as if it was a pot of boiling water that was being heated continuously. Since he came to Azeroth Continent and become the king of Chambord, the arrogant young knight in front of him was one of the four masters who had made him feel danger. The other three were [One Sword], the white haired elder, and [Zenit’s God of War] Arshavin. Compared with weak opponents who couldn’t take a beating, a worthwhile opponent triggered the barbarian blood inside of Fei. As Fei laughed, he dashed to the northern mountain of the Dual-tower Mountain using his physical strength.

On the peak of the two mountains, the two warriors stood.

On the peak of southern tower mountain, the golden armored genius knight didn’t hesitate to unleash all of his power.

An eye-piercing silver metal warrior energy enveloped his entire body, and it was still growing as if there was no limit. The warrior energy looked light like silk. It made a metal colliding noise as if numerous blades were smashed into each other. A bird flew by him and was turned into a bloody mist instantly after a whine; it was chopped by the warrior energy alone on the southern mountain.

On the peak of the northern tower mountain, Fei lightly roared.

Colorful flames appeared on his body instantly, and magic power surged around him. A set of tight and delicate looking armor appeared on his body. This set of armor didn’t look dull and heavy; it only emphasized Fei’s slender figure. Every component of the armor had complicated magic symbols engraved on it. With a ferocious sensation coming from them, it felt like this armor wasn’t an object, but a part of Fei’s body.

The two warrior didn’t hide their strength, and the people under the mountains were all stunned.

Cech, Torres, Oleg looked up. Although the opponent was one of the Ten Executive Knights of Imperial Knight Palace and had great fame, their king’s invincibility was already engraved in their minds. Their king’s strength was always a mystery to them despite the fact that they were very close with him. They could only tell that their king was very powerful, so this was a great opportunity for them to see how powerful the king really was.

Not too far from them, more than a hundred golden armored knights were also looking up at the peak of the mountains. Like people from Chambord, they were also very confident in their leader. However, an elder with a goatee on a thin black horse squinted his eyes; a dim light would flash by, but no one knew what he was thinking about.

At the same time, people in the Soros’ Merchant Group were also staring up at the mountain. The Elder princess who was in Chambord’s Expeditionary Force also lifted up the curtain for the first time and paid close attention along with Angela and Emma who were beside her.



St. Petersburg.

In a tall fortress looking building that had reached the clouds, a valiant looking man suddenly opened his sharp eyes. He stood up and walked to the window of the stone building. His vision flew through the dark clouds as if he saw something and said: “Who is this person? Causing little Sutton to fully unleash his warrior energy? This is making me curious!”

At the same time, a few powerful people at the holy capital sensed the familiar energy from a far.

“Huh? Little Sutton met an opponent?”

“Haha, a calm lake couldn’t make a great sailor. It’s nice to let this little kid to fail sometimes……”

“Who? Who is fighting with that annoying kid? Hehe, it would be great if he is killed!”

Several thoughts and spiritual power flashed by.

The capital St. Petersburg that was built more than a hundred years ago hadn’t had sunshine and flowers for a long time. Zenit’s Pride, this giant city that was named “Unconquerable Fortress” was cloudy for more than two weeks. It was moist and gloomy, and every resident felt an unprecedented insecurity and discomfort.



“Savage, I hope you won’t disappoint me!”

The young knight laughed as he shook his lance. A few silver warrior energy beams turned into the shape of a lance. After a moment of pause, they instantly dashed towards Fei. As if the air was tore apart, a series of loud booming sounds resonated between the mountains.


Fei punched out and made a metal noise.

He was wearing a pair of level 6 Rare Items – [Titan Battle Gauntlet]. It had many mystic magic symbols engraved on it, as well as a bunch of black back hooks. Like layers of dragon scale, it protected Fei’s hands and forearms. Its defense ability could match any metal, and the strength of a Barbarian could be double by passing the force through it. The devastating power directly smashed onto the lances made out of warrior energy before it even got to Fei. These lances were smashed into pieces when they were about five meters away from Fei as the force was passed through the air!

“Savage, take out your weapon! Otherwise, you are no match to me!”

The young knight shouted as he leaped into the air. While he was in the air, he grabbed onto his lance with both of his hands, and the golden knight lance buzzed and vibrated. It turned into numerous phantoms as it struck towards Fei. This strike was fast as lighting and terrifying. Like a storm, it completely covered Fei in the attack while creating a loud ear-piercing noise. It made Fei feel like more than dozen sharp weapons were struck towards him.

“My weapons are fists!”

Fei laughed as he wasn’t scared. He punched out continuously with both of his fists. It wasn’t fast and wasn’t slow! Although they looked weak, the numerous lance shaped phantoms seemed to disappear as if they were snow that encountered the sun. This attack couldn’t even harm Fei’s hair.

The young knight’s face changed color. He let out a deep roar and grabbed onto the handle of the lance with one of his hands as he pushed it forward. His whole body seemed to merge with the lance as they turned into a golden silver stream of light and dashed through the air. They instantly pierced through the defense put up by Fei’s fists and targeted Fei’s heart! The tip of the golden lance let out sparks and soon turned into flames due to the high friction it was having with the air!

Table of Content

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