Hail the King Chapter 189.1

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Chapter 189: The Hardest Battle Yet (Part One)

After seeing the golden armored young knight, a surprise appeared on manager Redknapp’s face, “It’s him…… what a surprise!”

“You know him? Who is he?” Fei asked with a smile on his face.

“Imperial Knight Palace, ranked at the tenth seat of the Ten Executive Knights. He is Chris-Sutton, and the self-claimed Golden Sun Knight. He is a genius knight from Zenit as he is only sixteen years old. Most people his age are still dreaming of becoming a servant of knights, yet Sutton was granted the position of one of the executive knights by Emperor Yasin himself due to his unbeatable talent. He is the star of the future, and many families and nobles of St. Petersburg believed that he could become the future Martial Saint of the empire…… Put it in simple terms, he is a character that is hard to deal with……”

Redknapp used a series of flashy titles and adjectives when introducing the young knight that was far away, and his tone sounded very serious. It was obvious that this young knight had a lot of fame in the empire. However, the manager in the black robe laughed and added with a strange expression on his face, “But, this genius who named himself the Golden Sun Knight is short-tempered. He is also famous for his stubbornness and self-conceit. He is merciless and doesn’t allow anyone to bend his will. He is a very haughty character, so I would guess that the assassins weren’t send by him. He isn’t interested in doing anything shady. However, from the looks of it, he is here for you, your majesty. It’s better to be careful when you encounter him!”

“Little kids who bocame famous at a young age … they are all arrogant like this. Hehe, gods have mercy! He should hope that he doesn’t provoke me!” A meaningful smile appeared on Fei’s face as he said that.

The battle sense of a barbarian was very sensitive. Fei had already felt the unhidden hostile attitude that this Golden Sun Knight had towards him. This attitude made Fei wonder why he was like that since they had never met each other before, so they didn’t have anything against each other in theory. Fei was a little confused as to where this attitude came from. He also felt angry, “A good dog shouldn’t block the road. If you don’t want to hold yourself back, I will beat you till your mom can’t recognize you! I don’t care if you are a genius or the Golden Sun Knight.” He thought.

The distance between them got closer and closer. Gradually, everyone felt the subtleness of the atmosphere.

Both parties felt the threat from each other.

Blacky let out a deep and horrifying roar as ferocious lights shone in its eyes. Fernando quietly placed his left hand on three arrows. Warden Oleg held his fist tight, and the strange looking black fist glove with back hooks on it showed itself. Peter-Cech on the other hand formed 25 Saint Seiya into a V shaped charging formation, and a vague red flame appeared on the Roaring Flame Beasts hooves as a light magic energy appeared in the air……

The knights in golden armor under the Dual-tower Mountain also sensed something. Disdainful smiles appeared on their faces. It was like a sneer from a noble towards lower class people. They uniformly pulled down their helmets, raised the lances in their hands to a 45 degree angle, and released silver and golden warrior energy flames outside of them. The energy flames enveloped these knights’ lances as well as their horses. Looking from afar, it seemed like that the knights and their horses were merged into one, and together, they looked like a stream of golden current. As if the young knight who attracted the attention like the sun commanded, they would charge and tear up the enemies in front of them into pieces.

Under this tense atmosphere, the two groups got close to each other, and Fei and the young knight stared at each other with no intention of backing off. The distance between them was only 20 meters.

Fei waved his hand, and the expeditionary force as well as the caravans paused.

After a brief moment of silence –

“So you are the King Alexander of Chambord who dared to ignore the laws of the empire and attack affiliated kingdoms of the empire?”

The young knight in the golden armor spoke first.

He tapped the head of the strange demon beast that he was riding on. It looked like a wolf, but it had a horn on its forehead. It had long yellow hair, and chains wrapped around its body. The beast carried the young knight forward, one step at a time. From the knight’s tone, it sounded like he was a god who controlled the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and questioning and accusing Fei like a guilty criminal.

“There might be some misunderstandings, Mr. Chris……”

The black robed manager Redknapp heard what Sutton said and felt like there were some misunderstandings, so he quickly signaled Fei and told him not to be impulsive. Redknapp on the other hand rode his horse forward and laughed, “Mister, King Alexander his majesty was attacked and harmed, so he only did what he had to do for self-defence……” Slowly, Redknapp told Sutton exactly what he knew. When it got to the scene where the expeditionary force of Chambord attacked Blackstone Fortress, he artistically described the crimes of Blackstone King such as slavery and murder beforehand, then said, “Both parties had some fault, but the Blackstone King killed and enslaved citizens of Chambord, so he is guilty first. Mr. Chris, you should really investigate it.”

“Oh, it’s manager Redknapp, long time no see……” The young knight in golden armor nodded. The Soros Merchant Group was one of the powerhouses on the continent, Harry-Redknapp who was one of the top managers at Zenit could be counted as one of the top elites at St. Petersburg. Although Chris-Sutton was arrogant, he had to pay some respect. However, he soon frowned and said, “But, I’m just curious. Why would the prestigious manager Redknapp defend a bunch of savage and the idiot king?”

When Sutton spoke, he didn’t try to hide what he meant. The wind blew by, and words like “savage” and “idiot king” clearly landed in Fei’s and his men’s ears. The expeditionary force was instantly triggered! People like Torres, Oleg, and Cech already had warrior energy flames flashing around their bodies……

Fei lightly waved and quieted everyone down.

He sneered but didn’t say anything.

“Mr. Chris, the Blackstone King is at fault here……” Redknapp was still trying to help Fei out.

“Enough, Manager Harry. I think I should remind you of your identity. According to the tradition of this ancient continent, ignoring the laws of the empire and attacking other affiliated kingdoms should always be decided by the Executive Knights of Imperial Knight Palace, and not by your Soros’ Merchant Group.”

Chris-Sutton cut Redknapp off impatiently as he mocked the people from Chambord, “So what can you do even if what you said are true? There will be people coming to prove if they are innocent after I put these reckless low lives into the prison at the Knight Palace.”

“Locking them up at the Knight Palace?” Redknapp was shocked, “How can you do that? The Chambord King is a member of royalty who was canonized by Emperor Yasin……” You have to know that the prison of the Knight Palace locked up serious offenders who committed crimes like treason. Since the establishment of Zenit, no one was able to walk out of the Prison at Knight Palace alive. From what Chris Sutton said, it seemed like he was trying to wipe out these people from Chambord! Why did he want to do that?

“Hahahah, what a joke! What a joke!! Royalty?” The expression on the young knight’s face seemed like he heard the most ridiculous joke. He pointed at Fei’s forehead with his golden knight lance and sneered, “How can a bunch of savages and a low bumpkin king be royalty? How can they deserve the honor from the empire? They are a bunch of shady bastards who stole the honor! They are stains to the empire, so let me get rid of these stains for the empire myself!”

The young knight didn’t pay attention to Redknapp anymore. He rode the strange beast towards Fei. When he was only about ten meters away, he raised his head and said with a commanding tone, “I will give you guys the last chance, if you drop your weapons and give up your Roaring Flame Beasts and surrender, I won’t kill you all here now…… just a reminder, be fast! I’m not that patient.”

“Dumb f–k!” Fei curled his lips.

“What did you say?”

Chris Sutton was stunned. He wasn’t sure if he was hearing right, “How dare anyone talk to me like that?”

But what was waiting for him was the mocking from the king of Chambord. Sutton was instantly enraged! With his blonde hair fluttering in the wind, he asked Fei with a murderous tone and flames shooting out of his eyes, “You dare say that again?”

“Dumb f–k! Dumb f–k! Dumb f–k! Dumb f–k!……” Fei looked at Sutton as he got playful. “Do you really think you are important? Daddy is going to say it a hundred times, what are you going to do?” Fei laughed.

“You………. Ok! You are a bunch of savages. I will kill you first!”

The young knight shouted as he lightly shook his lance out of anger.


A beam of silver metal warrior energy shot out of the body of the golden lance.

The metal warrior energy formed into a silver lance that was about ten meters long and dashed towards Fei while creating a half meter deep trace on the ground as it moved! It caused the rock to explode and the land to shake. Sutton didn’t hold back his power at all!

A master would know if the opponent was good or not.

This attack was a test from Sutton, but everyone’s face changed color as it was very powerful. Even though they only felt the wind that was created by this lance made out of warrior energy, they felt like there were numerous knives being dragged across their skin. People who were strong felt the pain, and people who were a little weak were already backing off as blood appeared on their skin.

Only someone who was beyond a five star warrior could make such a scene.

Everyone felt like the huge silver knight lance made out of warrior energy was the god’s decree, and nothing could ever stop it.

The name of the Ten Executive Knights of the Imperial Knight Palace wasn’t famous for nothing.

Fei who was being targeted felt the huge threat. However, he sat on Blacky and suddenly punched out when the silver lance was about 30 centimetres away from him.

The punch felt weak and soft.

But something magical happened! The silver lance made out of warrior energy that was ten meters long suddenly paused in mid-air, as if it bumped to something unmovable. It wouldn’t make any more progress after that.

Table of Content

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