Hail the King Chapter 188.2

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Chapter 188: The Hostile Young Man in Golden Armor (Part two)

Suddenly, an exclamation uttered from the crowd.

A 50-year-old man fell from the horse, and when people lifted him up, he was no longer breathing.

“Dick Daddy is dead… in fact, his body was already overdrawn past the limit. If it wasn’t for him holding his last breath to take one last look at motherland Chambord, maybe he would have already died on the road…” Some people’s tears were dropping, “Maybe now that he felt that his wish was finally granted, he passed on. Now he can be buried in his homeland.”

This group of people had mixed emotions, it was like a dream.

Lampard, Drogba, and Pierce rode round and round to protect the crowd, and they couldn’t, help but let out a sigh after seeing this scene. Old man Dick unexpectedly held his last breath until he saw his homeland, and before that, even death was stalled by this old man.

Lampard dispatched a fast horse to Chambord city to report the news of their return.

At that moment, a batch of scouts on horses appeared behind them. They hurried to Lampard’s side and whispered. Lampard’s face instantly changed. He looked at the compatriots still celebrating crazily for their return, he lowered his voice and asked, “How far?”

“They have stepped into our borders, still one-hour horse-riding from us.”

“Damn robbers, they dare to invade our Chambord city so brazenly. They really don’t know how good it is to be alive. But now, time is short. Paul, immediately accelerate this group’s march, maintain good order, and try your best to get everyone into the city within the next hour. Didier Drogba, dispatch a horse to go report to Elder Bast and Elder Brook. There is a tough enemy attacking so get them prepared to fight. Then, you come with me and cover the rear.”

Lampard soon made the most correct decision.

At the Tier 4 subsidiary kingdom Tadeke border area, Thunder Mountain region, there was a narrow and dangerous terrain named the One Line Sky.

On both sides of the One Line Sky were towering cliffs. The cliffs were smooth, unable to be climbed, and there was no vegetation growing.

A few sneaky guys in black cloaks were busy preparing for something on top of a giant rock at the top of the One Line Sky. At the same time, some people were standing in the high lookout staring at the distant mountain road, and at the same time urging, “Hurry up, they are almost here…”

In the distant mountain road appeared a large group of people moving fast.

But suddenly, just at that moment, with a shrill croaking sound, a shadow with a gust of wind came right into their midst. The few people in black cloak lifted their head, and just felt their vision going black, and sharp pain. Three pitch black ravens dove viciously into them, and even directly gouged out the eyes of three of them out with their steel hook-like beaks.

“Ah!!!!! NOO! Help!!!!”

The three unlucky scums that lost their eyeballs screamed in pain and rolled around on the ground. They began stumbling without a sense of direction and fell directly off the cliff.

It was chaotic, and at the same time, giant wolves covered in pure white fur appeared out of nowhere, surrounding the 4 remaining men in black cloaks and began biting fiercely. These giant wolves demonstrated shocking strength that was far beyond the level 3 magic beast Fierce Wind Wolf. Very soon, on the stone mountain top were left piles of scattered bones, rags, and blood.

After a dozen minutes, Chambord’s expedition army and the Sorors Caravan finally arrived at One Sky Line canyon.

“Ah, there are a few more bodies here…” The fat man Oleg licked his lips and exclaimed with surprise.

“Go ahead.” Fei really wanted to kick this fat a-s’s a-s away because whenever he sees corpses he would act like a guy that was desperate to take a s–t who stumbled upon a washroom. This was too f*cking embarrassing.

The manager Redknapp took a careful look at the corpses, and noticed that they were similar to the past 5 or 6 times they saw dead bodies on the road. Although these bodies fell from high above and broke into pieces, it could still be seen that their eyeballs were removed. It looked like they were attacked by some beasts. Redknapp couldn’t help but start thinking a bit more. Ever since some people almost died from yesterday when someone used a spell to cause the mountain side to collapse, the Chambord king not only didn’t increase their vigilance but withdrew all his scouts and sped up their march. What’s even more surprisingly was that, since then, it had been a smooth ride. They didn’t encounter any more danger or attacks and smoothly entered the Tadeke border.

Aside from seeing 4 to 5 groups of dead bodies of some men in black cloaks, there was nothing else that happened.

“It seemed like Chambord king did something in the dark and took out those assassins that were preparing their attack… Could it be he still has a hidden force under his command?” Redknapp was in shock.

After passing the One Line Sky and advancing two more hours, they came to the edge of the Thunder Mountain Region.

There were two mountains that were a hundred meters taller than the other mountains, like two tall cranes among a group of chickens. The two mountains were located on opposite sides of each other, like two towering warrior statues that stood on the edge of the mountain region. Their shape was quite peculiar, and they were very famous in this area, named the Dual-Tower Mountain. After passing the Dual-Tower Mountain and another day of traveling, they would successfully enter the territory of their destination, Zenit Empire.

However, when the group was 500 meters away from approaching the Dual-Tower Mountains, Fei noticed, there was a regiment of a hundred knights in golden helmets standing in firm formation under the mountain. They didn’t show any signs of moving after seeing the arrival of the expedition army, and the young boy that was standing in front of the regiment, in golden armor, holding a golden helmet, with his blonde hair flying in the wind, riding on a strange-looking magic beast, was currently staring in the distance at him full of hostility.

Table of Content

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