Hail the King chapter 188.1

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Chapter 188: The Hostile Young Man in Golden Armor (Part one)

“Great minds think alike, Manager Harry. I noticed this too. These slippery smelly mice wouldn’t dare to approach us head-on because they know that they are no match for us. That’s why they used such a method…” Fei suddenly thought about what the Black Stone King did before. Every time when it approached night, the Black Stone King would send Prince Ike to lead a cavalry squad and continuously harass Fei’s camp, and Fei already vaguely remembered something else.

“But they knew that they would not be able to kill you with these means, why would they still do it?”

Manager Harry Redknapp naturally understood that this series of attacks were aimed at the Chambord King, he and the Soros Caravan were just there by chance. However, other than curiosity, he didn’t have any thought of just avoiding this Chambord “plague”. After all, for a businessman, there was a creed that had been etched into the marrow of their bones – it was absolutely impossible to not pay a price to get a huge return, and before making any investment, they will first let themselves judge the rate of return. And obviously, according to Redknapp’s observation recently, especially when the Chambord King demonstrated extraordinary strength during the fight with the Blood-Edge mercenaries, his personal bodyguard Fernando-Torres and the meat-mountain Oleg had also showed their strength, Redknapp became even more convinced that the danger that this Soros Caravan of his would experience was absolutely worth the hidden worth of this Chambord King.

As long as the profit was there, businessmen will never be less courageous than the craziest mercenaries.

“Who knew? Maybe they are stalling time to prepare for something. Maybe they want to tire us out…” Fei shrugged his shoulders and said as if it was not a big deal, “In short, these guys are definitely malicious. Thinking about this is too troublesome, the truth will be revealed one day anyway… Harry, I have this premonition that someone is waiting for us at the front. Maybe, hehe, we will meet them soon.”

After treating the injured, Fei commanded and the army began to accelerate their march.

Fei told Angela to return to the safer carriage that the Elder Princess was in, and at the same time, in order to prevent any more unnecessary injuries for being caught off guard, Fei called all the Saint Seiya back, and changed to [Druid Mode] himself. At this moment, the level 32 Druid Character could already summon 5 spirit wolves and 3 ravens. Fei scattered all these beasts and began closely monitoring the surrounding.

Since the Druid could readily change his vision to the perspective of the white spirit wolves or the ravens in the sky, it was almost like Fei grew more pairs of eyes, as if he had military satellites and radars. He could observe almost 10 kilometers of all movement within a radius.

On the surface, Fei looked calm, but inside his heart, killing intent had already risen.

The collapse of the mountain just now already injured five Saint Seiya and a dozen Bylaw Enforcement Officers, and some of the injuries were even serious. This was the most amount of damage Fei had taken after the very first time when Chambord defeated the Black Armor Army. If it wasn’t for potions from the Diablo world that treated the injuries in time, there could have been casualties, and the damage had already spread to the Soros Caravan which costed them the lives of 5 guards. Such despicable sneak attacks one after another, who could imagine what those despicable rats would do next? What if someone really dies?

Are you f*cking joking me? My warriors aren’t meant to die here.

Fei already made up his mind, he will for sure do something brutal to those sneaky and faceless guys.

The sunset is like blood, dying red the grassland before their eyes.

The scenery was like a painting, so serene.

Suddenly, a very tall and skinny figure slowly appeared on top of a yellow grassland.

He used his trembling hand and slowly took off his pitch black helmet. Beneath that was a thin face with a pair of teary eyes. Looking at the rushing river and the towering castle that sat between the mountains and couldn’t suppress his tears anymore. He greedily breathed the air that carried the scent of his homeland, and dropped his knees onto the ground. He began passionately kissing the land under his feet, and his body had already begun shaking excitingly.

“Chambord City, I finally came back alive!”

This man suddenly stood up with his hands in the air as if raising up his own soul, and then he let out an angry roar.

With the roar, more and more figures began appearing behind him and crazily ran to the mountaintop. They were all in ragged cloths and clad in black armor that were not fit for their size. After such a long journey they have been exhausted, using the spears and swords that were originally used for killing as walking sticks. Their energy was fully depleted, and they all relied on that unmovable faith in their heart to be able to make it back here.

“Back… I’m really back!”

“Chambord, my city, I’m actually back to see you again…”

“Oh god, I’m not dreaming am I?”

This group of people was the mine slaves that were finally escorted back by Lampard, Drogba, Pierce, and 20 or so Saint Seiya.

After experiencing the hell-like life in the Black Stone Kingdom, living every day in the fear of death in the next second, seeing comrades being killed from the mine collapsing or under the butcher of their supervisors. They all thought that they might not ever be able to drink from the Zuli River or see Chambord’s city wall again, but now the scenery presented before their very eyes finally drove them completely crazy.

Table of Content

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