Hail the King Chapter 187.2

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Chapter 187 (Part two)

“It seems like I focus too much on the Chambord King, and neglected something around him…the Chambord Kingdom, it is getting interesting. Maybe it would really convince the chairman to activate that plan!”

Everyone from the Soros Caravan went back to their own tents.

The wolves’ bodies were everywhere outside the tents. The Fierce Wind Wolf was a type of magic beast. Their bodies had magic crystals, but this low-level beast’s crystal was not worth much. And the wolves were killed by the young man from Chambord, they didn’t help at all so that they wouldn’t be presumptuous and pick up the crystals.

Torres and Oleg jumped down from the rock and walked into the sea of bodies.

Oleg pulled all the arrows from the bodies and put it back into the quiver. At the same time, he picked the crystals from the wolf’s skulls with a knife and put it in his pockets. Oleg was pretty insane. Especially on the night when Fei bestowed him with the Cancer constellation characteristics, he started getting excited when dealing with dead bodies.

Although Fernando Torres’s fingers were cut by the bowstring, he still checked the wounds on the bodies very carefully, reflecting back onto this fight.

His archery skill was just on the top level of god tier in the Kingdom of Chambord. It was impossible if he wanted to kill about five hundred wind wolves. But after he was given the powers of Sagittarius, it seems like he had some insights on top of his hard work. These days, his archery skills improved a lot.

Tonight was actually a test set up by Fei to train him, he ordered Oleg to protect him, not giving a hand until it was an emergency. For Fei, after he switched to assassin mode, he prepared to help Torres when there was danger. Who knew, under the pressure, Torres bore it and overcame. On average, he used two arrows to kill a Fierce Wind Wolf, but he got very close to stepping into the true bow master’s realm, even stimulated Sagittarius’s power.

Fei was stunned and surprised to see that Torres’s archery skill improved, which gave him the feeling of watching his child grow up. After the danger passed, Fei returned to his tent quietly. No one in the campsite realized Fei came out.

The next day, the team continued the journey.

Although it was quiet on the road, many weird things happened subsequently very soon.

In the afternoon during rest time, someone in the Soros Caravan realized the water close to the resting site was poisoned. There was a poor guard who drank the water, and he was poisoned and died, leading to the discovery. If they didn’t find out, the caravan and the Expeditionary Force would be in a big trouble.

“Tasteless and colorless, a terrifying poison. Someone did it on purpose. It wasn’t a long time ago, otherwise it would be flushed away. Obviously, someone did it against us…” Redknapp was a four stars sorcerer and he knew a bit of pharmaceutics, so he came to the conclusion from his observation and analysis.

Fei nodded.

He retrieved some poisoned water from the river and put it in a small bottle. He was ready to give it to the pharmaceutical expert in Diablo – Ankara the nun to study the ingredients. It may be useful if she could make an antidote.

During the evening, the Expeditionary Force and the Soros Caravan stopped near some boulders.

The station was attacked by beasts again, as expected/ Torres repelled them using his bow and arrows, and this further confirmed Redknapp’s conclusion earlier. Meanwhile, Fei observed from the dark and pondered on something.

On the third day, when the team was passing a steep canyon, rocks began collapsing out of nowhere. Both sides of the cliffs were collapsing and giant rocks began falling down. It was very dangerous.

“Corpse-Piling Shock Wave—!!”

The meat-mountain-like fattie growled and the shockwave he sent smashed a lot of the big rocks into rubble. The situation became manageable with the assistance of the Saint Seiya and the officers. Only one person was injured in the Expeditionary Force. The guard’s legs were broken when he tried to protect the Princess. The Soros Caravan followed the Expeditionary Force entering the canyon, so they weren’t affected as much, but there were still some people injured or had died.

“I sense the residual scent of the earth-type spell ‘Rage of Earth’ in the air. This collapse must be created by someone on purpose…” Redknapp had a sullen look as he told Fei his judgment.

Table of Content

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