Hail the King Chapter 186.2

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Chapter 186: Before the Rain Storm the Wind is already here (Part Two)

The guards of the Soros Caravan were experienced. They respond to the situation very quickly, not even taking three to four minutes, 40 people quickly took over the best place for defense. The camp lit up a lot of torches, blazing in the sky. Everyone raised up their weapons and were ready for a large battle.

But when one looked at Chambord’s campsite, they would see that Chambord’s expeditionary army was so much quieter.

The King of Chambord never showed up but his army seemed to have received an order and went back to what they were supposed to do, not even being affected by the growling.

At the same time, there were two shadows appearing on the big rock next to the fall,

One was over two meters tall and obese, and there was a scar on his face. He brought a dead and gloomy atmosphere, it was very scary. The other one was tall and thin, a blonde handsome man, holding a longbow. The quiver on his back carried over a hundred arrows, just like a Fairy Prince.

Redknapp knew both of them.

One was the Chambord King’s warden, and the other one was the King’s guard.

Redknapp was confused why the Chambord King didn’t come over but sent them both only on an emergency. Was he that confident about the strengths of his subordinates? Does he think they could defeat the wolf packs by themselves? Or was the Chambord King too arrogant and did not even know how terrifying the wolf pack is?

Redknapp was more leaning towards the latter.

He was experienced and had seen all sorts of surreptitious things. He seemed to know something was wrong about the sudden appearance of this group of giant wolves. From his intuition, he knew it was not that simple. It seems like someone lead the wolf packs here on purpose.

With giving him much time to think, after a long howl, the groups of wolves started running towards them. Many pairs of bloody eyes appeared in the dark, scary like the eyes of devils.

Redknapp stood on a big rock and started mumbling magic spells.

All the guards and masters of the business team stood next to Redknapp, ready to fight. Someone was holding a weapon with his sweaty palms and started to shake.

At the same time, another giant rock crashed into the ground from far away.

The fatty’s mouth was holding a stem, and he sat down, just like he was ready to watch what was going to happen. He was crossing his arms, like he was not planning to help. The blonde young man who sat next to the fatty was holding the longbow, and finally pulled out the first long arrow from the quiver on his back.



“What, you actually send someone to do such thing?” In a magnificent tent, a fourteen to fifteen year old teenager in golden armor yelled, “Alpha, who let you to do such a stupid thing?”

Everyone in the tent was frightened at the sight of this angry teenager. They did not even dare to breathe. The old man was the only one who are impassive and said, “Your Majesty, I don’t think it is stupid. There will be less troubles when Your Majesty kills him.”

“B—–d! If I wanted to kill him, it would be a piece of cake. How come there are so many troubles? How dare you underestimate me?” The golden armored teenager was still very angry and yelled, “Alpha, stop all these stupid actions! This is my order! I will wait here for the arrogant Chambord King, and kill him by myself!”

The old man didn’t say a word.

The Black Stone King, Thrace King, Chi Shui King, and many of Fei’s enemies were standing behind him. More surprisingly, these were not anybody here but the Kings of all the Kingdoms. However, these people were trembling in front of this teenager, not even daring to be disobedient.

After the teen in golden armor calmed down, he gave multiple orders, and kicked everyone all out of the tent.

“Master Alpha, is our plan still going? It seems his Majesty is very displeased!” The Blackstone King said right away he left the tent.

“Yeah, if Your Majesty knows and decides to investigate…” the Shi Shui King doubted.

The rest of them were also looking at Alpha, the old man. He was obviously a high status.

It seemed like this old man Alpha was very weak, just like a housekeeper, but, he was a very frightful man. Only people who knew him understood how scary this tiny old man was.

Table of Content

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