Hail the King Chapter 186.1

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Chapter 186: Before the Rain Storm the Wind is already here (Part One)

The trial result discouraged the originally confident warden Oleg, He felt ashamed. After the discouragement, he started working hard and dug deep into torturing methods so that he could better serve the King.

However, to the King, it didn’t matter anymore.

Before the team set out, the Soros Caravan manager – Redknapp told Shirley to send a small booklet listing all the records of the spheres of influence that the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group had, including the number of masters, names, and level of power, etc…To the Soros Caravan, they could get this kind of information very easily. Also, this wasn’t any classified documentation. Anyone could inquire about it so Redknapp took it as an advantage to do a favor to Fei!

Finally, Chambord’s expeditionary army left the territory of the Black Stone Kingdom in the afternoon.

“Your Majesty, we are entering the border of Thrace Kingdom. We heard you and Thrace didn’t quite get along!” Redknapp whipped the horse, but the giant dog was too aggressive, and he was too afraid to stay close and said.

“Haha, it is far more than unpleasant. The King of Thrace chose the Black Stone King’s side, an enemy of our Chambord. During the day of my enthronement, they sent Prince Okocha and the master Hershzen to attack me on the mountain during the ceremony. All of them were killed by my sword. We are enemies for life!” Fei laughed.

“With that being said, Your Majesty will have to be careful when we enter Thrace!”

“Why? I was hoping the King of Thrace was as courageous as the King of Blackstone, leading the military and showing up by himself. It would save me so much work!” They finally entered the mountains in the afternoon. Fei had a broader-minded while looking at the level land, and bragging excessively.

Redknapp smiled, not saying a word.

Since this morning, he had been observing Fei’s every action and behavior. The description of the King of Chambord was very brief in their intelligence reports. Since he convinced the upper management about the execution of the plan, he had to observe whether the Chambord King was worth it to invest in. From the observation, he could not come to a decision. The young King was sometimes polite like an old noble, sometimes too arrogant, sometimes mature, and sometimes like a little kid. Redknapp had read a lot of people in his life, but this time, he couldn’t understand this Chambord King.

“This young King seems like he is covered by a layer of cloth, very hard to read.” Redknapp became more shocked the more he thought about it.


More surprisingly, the King of Thrace knew the Chambord Expeditionary Force was coming, but he hadn’t taken any actions. Not even like the Black Stone King that sent someone to observe. It seemed like he was going to let nothing happen, allowing the Chambord Expeditionary Force cross his territories.

In the evening, the Expeditionary Force and the Caravan stationed next to a waterfall.

“This place is well-known for the beasts hunting around. It is said a group of level three magic beasts Fierce Wind Wolves are always hunting here…” Old Zolasc suggested Fei to change the campsite, but from the report, this was the best place to settle. The only thing they could do was to be more alert, preventing attack from the beasts.

And the fact has proven, Old Zolasc really is a jinx.

During midnight, they heard wolves growling around the site.

“Damn, it is the group of Fierce Wind Wolves…”Redknapp heard something, quickly dressed up and ran out of the tent, jumping on a big stone and looking around. Redknapp got nervous and said, “Damn it, it is the wolves. I’m afraid there are at least six to seven hundred of them … How come there are so many of them?”

In Zenit, level three magic beast Fierce Wind Wolves were just low-grade beasts. The power of an individual wolf was not strong, but the most terrifying part was that they liked living in packs. There was always a large number of them. When they found their prey, the wolf packs will call other groups close by, just like water flooding everywhere. They were courageous and crazy, not stopping until one side died…This kind of wolf pack, even the regular military were afraid of them.The whole army would completely wipe out if they made any mistake.

“Something’s wrong, why are there suddenly so many wolf packs?” Redknapp seemed to have found out something. Shirley and the swordsman appeared, looking very seriously.

“Ready…quick! Archers…don’t let them get close!”

“Lazy head, go get changed and grab your sword. Do you want to be eaten by wolves?”

“Damn it, why is there so many?”

“Make the fire bigger. They are scared of fire, add more wood…quick, light up the torches!”

Table of Content

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