Hail the King Chapter 185.2

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Chapter 185: The Cage inside the Team Formation (Part Two)

“Nothing much.” Angela blinked and said, “I feel that Princess Tanasha is very pitiful. She has an odd disease, so she is very weak all the time, especially during the freezing autumn. She couldn’t take the wind, otherwise, her condition will get worse. That’s why she could only stayed in the carriage. If I were her, I would be very bored. So, Emma and I would always visit her. I found she is actually very nice…”

From Angela’s description, it reminded Fei the first time he met the Princess. This was the first time he found that the weak and skinny body with a pair of blue eyes in his memory very vividly. On the first time they met, Fei thought that the Princess seemed like she had a weird disease, and was very weak. Therefore, he gave her the “Energy Recovery Potion” for fun. He just didn’t know if the Princess actually tried the potion, or she threw it away long time ago.

“Oh yeah, Alexander, Princess Tanasha mentioned the purple potion that you gave her seemed to be effective but she had finished the bottle. Do you still have some extra? Can you…” Angela asked Fei with her big round eyes. Although she hadn’t finished her words, it was obvious what she was trying to say.

It seems like the Princess was pretty good at winning people’s hearts. At least Fei clearly saw it this time. At the same time, Angela treated this Empire’s Female Saint as her bestie, just like Emma. Angela never asked Fei for anything. He couldn’t believe the first thing she asked for would be for the Princess.

Fei gave out his potion to Angela right away.

Not even mentioning a tiny bottle of potion, to Fei, no matter what this sweet young lady asked for, he would try his best to bring it to her. This kind and gentle young lady was the softest part in Fei’s heart. No matter if it was the flooding waves of beasts from the Diablo world or the bloody killing in reality, whenever this lady’s face appeared on his mind, his heart would feel a lot at ease.

This fairy-like lady must be a gift from God!

It was not the first-time Fei had this thought.

Seeing Angela’s excited face as she brought the potion to the Princess, Fei smiled. Maybe the Princess mentioned the purple potion to Angela on purpose. She couldn’t ask him because she had the status of the Elder Princess, so she used Angela to ask for the potion. Fei understood these tricks without need to think about it. One thing surprising Fei was that the Princess actually took the potion that he gave ti her, not throwing it away.

Also, the things he had done during the past few days had been a little out of line. Like capturing the main territory of Black Stone Kingdom without the permission of the Empire; and destroying a lot of the Black Stone Kingdom’s mines. These acts could be considered to be treason against the Empire and the Princess had seen everything, but she didn’t say anything. What was that terrifying brain of hers thinking about?

Fei had been thinking this question.

The Empire Princess Tanasha, the female saint of wisdom that seemed to have everything under control, the nightmare of all single nobles, even King Yaxin had to take her seriously. This was indeed a terrifying character.


The next day, the weather appeared to be extra nice after the night of killing.

A new day started, the lakeshore became busy after breakfast. Even though Fei and Redknapp didn’t have any oral agreements, the Soros Caravan and the Chambord Expeditionary Force advanced together.

Between the teams, there were four horses pulling a steel cage.

Inside the cage, was one of the six famous Blood-Edge Mercenary elite warriors that was beaten with bruises and completely crippled – [One-Eyed Mad Snake]. Just like a dog lying on the ground, not even moving a bit. If he was not hatefully staring at the figure on the giant black dog at the front with a beautiful girl in his arms, people would think the cage was carrying a bunch of rotten meat.

Although Oleg used bloody methods, he barely got any information.

The rest of the Blood-Edge soldiers surrendered and gave out all the information after being terrified by Oleg. However, they were just the bottom characters and they barely knew anything.

For the Bald muscular man, the middle-age pervert, and the female devil with the dark elf bloodline, the major leaders, of course they knew a lot more, but they knew that they would die for sure if they were captured by Fei. So, these outlaws who had gotten used to the taste of blood were very tough under the trial, all the way until the Old Zolasc and Modric killed the middle-aged pervert and old elf with his sword since they could no longer take the trial anymore. Oleg still couldn’t get any further information about the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group.

Table of Content

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