Hail the King Chapter 185.1

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Chapter 185: The Cage inside the Team Formation (Part one)

“With that been said, the Soros business union is willing to wait for another month. Your Majesty, you may have the opportunity that you want.” It seemed like the manager in the black robe did not spend too much effort to think and made a concession.

Measuring all actions with a cost and benefit analysis, it was a must have quality to become a successful businessman.

The Soros Business Union was a business corporation, and the goal of a businessman was profit maximization. Killing was the last thing that they would do, unless there was no alternative. Redknapp wanted to report this to the headquarter of the union, and request for the masters to destroy one of the top three Mercenary Groups in the Zenit Kingdom in order to secure the fame and reputation of the Soros Business Union. However, due to the determination of the King of Chambord on revenge, it was okay to be generous for once. If the King of Chambord succeeded, the Soros Business Union could omit some of their troubles too. If he failed, it was just a Blood-Edge Mercenary Group. The Union could also destroy it easily.

Of course, these were just minor issues.

The most important thing to Rednapp was maybe he could use the Blood Edge Mercenary Group to discover more things that he would like to know, and see if the King of Chambord had as strong of a potential as the intelligence reported. Was it worth it for the Union to start the plan again, and make the investment.

Under a cordial atmosphere, they did not discuss on the major topics, but just conversed in small talk. From the beginning, the lady in the red dress called Shirley only looked at Fei few times. She did not say anything at all. It was not that she was ice cold, but it was more like a self-enclosed feeling.

“Alexander, I asked the guard to prepare hot water for you…” A sweet and tender voice said. Angela opened the front door of the tent, came in and said, “The Elder Princess said she would like to have a hot bath after a long ride…” She was surprised because she found that there was a guest in the tent after she spoke. She covered her red lips with her fingers. But soon, she switched to her “Queen-to-be” attitude, smiled to Rednapp, and walked next to Fei.

It caught both of Rednapp and the lady’s attention.

This lady who suddenly showed up was very attractive and glamorous. It seems like there was a spotlight on her.

Redknapp and Shirley had a high status in the Soros Business Union. They were both knowledgeable and experienced. However, it was rare to see such an elegant and refined lady. Angela with her white maxi dress and Fei with his bloody armor sat together. What a harmonious picture. Rednapp and Shirley both exclaimed their admiration in their hearts, “What a perfect couple!”

The appearance of Angela reminded Rednapp that they should not stay any longer, so he stood up and smiled. He wondered and asked, “Your Majesty, I heard Tanasha, the Elder Princess is also in the army, and I have met her few times. I was wondering if I could visit the Princess?”

Fei smiled. He knew this officer was not asking for permission, but was just showing his courtesy. The Princess was here anyways, but the way this Soros Caravan Manager talked made Fei feel very comfortable so he smiled and said, “Yes of course! Help yourself!”

After they left, Angela asked the guard in excitement to send some hot water. Just like a wife caring for Fei, she removed his armor, cleaning the dirt and blood. During the past three-four years, Alexander was retarded, just like a little kid. Angela and Emma had been taking care of him, even showering was not an uncommon thing.

“The Princess has been staying in the carriage for the past few days. You were in contact with her every day. Tell me, what has she been doing?” It was so much more comfortable after a hot bath. Fei took the white towel and wiped the water off his face and asked in curiosity.

Table of Content

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