Hail the King Chapter 184.1

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One Month Agreement (Part One)

”Fei saw that the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group was already secured by the Saint Seiyas. They were all shivering and kneeling on the ground. He pondered for a bit, and pointed at the woman, the crippled bald giant and the half-dead middle-aged man that were nailed onto the stone pillar. Fei saw Oleg walking towards him and ordered, “I want you to handle these people. I don’t care what method you use but I need detailed information about the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group…Oh yeah, and for the one-eyed giant, keep him alive. I want him to see the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group vanish.”

Warden Oleg was an expert on torture. Bad people needed to be handled by bad people. Oleg was very excited about it, licking his lips and replying, “Yes, Your Majesty!”

Suddenly, there were few Saint Seiya of Chambord walking towards them, dragging the bald giant and the middle-aged man towards the lake. The half elven woman who was nailed onto the stone pillar was also dragged down alive by Oleg.

Soon, someone was moaning from the lake, including Oleg’s laughs and rage. Plop, plop, plop. It seems like something heavy has thrown into the lake.

While hearing the screaming from the Blood-Edge Mercenary soldiers, Fei saw Angela’s carriage, and frowned. He kicked a tiny stone at Oleg’s head and yelled “You are such an idiot, don’t throw the garbage and pollute the lake. Move further, don’t make loud and disgusting noises, you are disturbing everyone…”

Oleg moved the torturing spot to the forest and the noise lowered as expected.

The bylaw enforcement officers were responsible for cleaning the warzone.

Soon, the bloody battlefield that was covered with broken limbs and bodies was cleaned very quickly, and the remains were dumped far away by the officers onto the grassland. The moon was shining on the lake, the golden-brown leaves were blowing around on the ground just like a soft golden rug. The view was very beautiful, the killing intent disappeared, and it was very quiet and peaceful.

Multiple military tents were erected very quickly.

The Chambord Expeditionary Force got used to the camping style life since they left the kingdom. Everything was going on track and carefully. Nobody cared about the Soros Caravan who was in the aftermath of the war and taking precautions to the Chambord Expeditionary Force.

But soon, the manager in black robe Redknapp and the attractive young lady with the red dress came along to see Fei.

“Let them in!”

Fei was sitting still in the center of the big tent, and listening to a soldier’s report, summarizing the loss from the battle.

Since Fei passed through the Kingdom of Chambord, he experienced a couple wars. He ended up victorious in all so far. Some of them were by luck due to weak enemies, and gave Fei time to grow bigger and stronger. Also, his enemies always underestimated Fei, and the power of the Kingdom of Chambord.

The Black Armor Army lost due to this reason. The sexy Paris and the Princess also underestimated Fei, and were overturned by Fei in a simple way – playing dead. Today, the battle with the Blood-Edge Mercenaries was the same. Although the head of Blood-Edge Mercenary Group had heard of the fame of Kingdom of Chambord, obviously, they only received limited information. And Fei’s power grew drastically, so he was victorious in the end.

“If there is an enemy stronger than ourselves, is it possible the Kingdom of Chambord will still be invincible?”

Fei asked himself.

Suddenly, Fei realized, although he always led the army and took the challenges, he allowed them to go only if they had absolute advantage without facing any danger. Just like the hen protecting her children, Fei only let them experience the thunderstorms only after the thunder and lightning were gone. From these experiences, did they really get trained? Maybe he ignored something?

Azeroth was governed by the law of the jungle. No one knows what would happen in the future, what kind of danger they would experience. When they face a strong enemy, would the Saint Seiyas of the Kingdom of Chambord and officers be able to handle it?

Fei couldn’t answer these questions.

Table of Content

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