Hail the King Chapter 183.2

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Chapter 183: The Complete Wipeout (Part two)

At the same time, the flames around Fei’s body slowly dissipated.

A set of mysterious armor appeared on his body out of nowhere.

Fingers, palms, wrists, arms, helmets, chest, back, waist, abdomen, crouch, legs, knees, foot were completely covered in armors of different color. The set of armor looked simple yet smooth; it was rare to be seen on Azeroth Continent. Every component was tightly attached to Fei’s skin. However, it wasn’t like the heavy and big knight armor, this armor made Fei look magnificent and valiant.

Every component of the armor was also extraordinarily mysterious and beautiful. Every component was tightly connected and emitted a light flame and devastating magic surge. It was obvious that they were all magic items. With the Bul-Kathos’ Sacred Charge and Bul-Kathos’ Tribal Guardian, he looked like an invincible god of war who stepped out of the battle with god and demons.

No one really saw where this armor came from.

But everyone clearly saw this magic armor appearing out of nowhere and easily blocked the lethal sneak attacks. The big arrows couldn’t even leave a mark on the surface of the armor.

“How is this possible……” The bald man’s pupil contracted as his body felt cold.

Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink!

Before he could react, the lights reflected off of the swords as the sword moved. Blood rain from the sky, and the ten experienced archers had no chance of using the crossbows again. They were chopped into twenty pieces by Fei’s swords.

In the next moment, Fei’s swords passed through the bald man’s body.

A cold sensation passed through his body as the bald man felt like his limbs getting numb and losing the strength to stand. Streams of blood leaked out of his wrists and ankles. Before he could react, his hands and feet were almost cut off by Fei’s swords.

“I have said that I will leave you alive for you to see the fall of Blood-edge Mercenary Group!”

Fei’s cold voice sounded in his ears as if it was a call from the Grim Reaper. The injury on his wrists and ankles devastated him even more. To a warrior, this level of injury to wrists and ankles were equivalent to getting crippled; it was worse than killing him. The bald man lied on the ground powerlessly as he stared at Fei in viciousness: “King of Chambord, how dare you……” As he said that, he was about to bit his own tongue and suicide.



Fei stepped onto his chin and broke it and sneered, “I said you will stay alive, so you won’t die!”

Fei jumped into the air and landed on a stone pillar. He glanced around and tried to look for the mid-aged man who looked humble and was standing beside the bald man. Among the four top warriors in this team of Blood-edge Mercenary Group, he was the only one who still didn’t show his strength. That man was still a big potential threat.

At the same time, Fei made a hand gesture, and the Saint Seiya who were hidden around here dashed out like mad tigers and killed the rest of the mercenaries.

This was the first time that everyone found that the King of Chambord didn’t come here alone. The warriors under the King of Chambord had already surrounded the bank of the lake. It was obvious that the king of Chambord didn’t plan to let any mercenary leave here alive. The warriors of Chambord were high in morale and powerful. A huge man with a scar face who looked like a meat mountain and a handsome archer with his blonde hair fluttering in the air led these warriors and demonstrated a one-sided massacre. The mercenaries of Blood-edge Mercenary Group tried their best to resist, but they couldn’t put up a fight as if they were eggs who hit stones. Soon, less than a dozen mercenaries who were alive dropped their weapons and begged for forgiveness. The rest of them were all killed!

At this time, Fei finally found one of the leaders who still hadn’t showed himself.

“Got to run? Humph, too late! Come out!”

Fei stood on the stone pillar and punched out in the air. These fists somehow smashed onto the surface of the lake. With the strength of a level 38 Barbarian, these punches made the air explode and sent the lake water into the sky. Under the lake water that was falling down, a figure that was trying to get away like a fish had to return to the bank of the lake due to the strikes from Fei.

This was the mid-aged man who hadn’t showed his strength, a mid-tier leader of the Blood-edge Mercenary Group, the definition of a smiling tiger. He had killed numerous people, and was one of the men behind the operation of capturing citizens of Chambord.

“Forgive me, King of Chambord……” As soon as this man landed on the ground, he kneeled down and begged for forgiveness.

Fei jumped off of the stone pillar and stood in front of him.

Suddenly –

“Hahaha, die!”

This mid-aged man suddenly initiated the attack. His expression became vicious as he shook his shoulder and spread out his fingers. The muscle around his waist vibrated as his elbows, knees, wrists, and ankles moved in abnormal patterns. In an instant, hidden weapons shot towards Fei’s vital spots like raindrops…… This man was actually a master of hidden weapons. In a moment, more than a hundred hidden weapons were shot out all locations of his body. There were also stinky poison and magic surges hidden inside this attack.

“Humph! Easy! Let you see this!”

Fei sneered. He was prepared for this already! He stood there with the swords in his hands dancing. The sword moved and left a series of afterimages that looked like phantoms in the air, and the raindrops-like hidden weapons were completely blocked away from his body.

This was the devastating power of Fei after his [Sword Mastery] achieved level 8. His understanding and control of swords was beyond any warrior at Azeroth Continent.

The hidden weapons were knocked away, so the mid-aged man’s act ended there.

Fei’s sword didn’t hesitate to severely injure his wrists and ankles to prevent him from shooting out these hidden weapons. Fei even destroyed a few nerves vital spots that controlled some muscles on his body. This was easily for Fei who could switch to Assassin Mode easily.

Till this moment, more than two hundred mercenaries and the four leaders of Blood-edge Mercenary Group were wiped out; no one was the exception.

The people in the Soros’ caravan were shocked!

“Your majesty, how should we deal with these people?” Torres walked by and asked Fei while pointing at the mercenaries who surrendered.

Table of Content

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