Hail the King Chapter 183.1

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Chapter 183: The Complete Wipeout (Part one)

His lightning like eyes were already on the [Singled-eyed Mad Dragon] who was already ordering the rest of the mercenaries into an attack formation. He pointed at the bald man with both of his swords as his long black hair fluttered in the wind. He shouted with murderous intent filling his voice, “When you tried to capture and kill my Chambord’s citizens, have you thought about a day like this? Today, the King of Chambord will give you animals who lost all humanity a taste of becoming prey under someone else’s swords!”

“Yuck! So what if I did kill and capture some low lives of Chambord?” Although he was shocked by Fei’s presence, he was a dangerous character after all. He started laughing viciously as he shouted, “Even if there are less than a thousand dead Chambord low lives, there were at least five hundred. On top of that, there were countless woman of Chambord that I got tired of playing and sent to become prostitutes in the military camps. Haha, daddy will put it out here, what can you, as a little king of a level 6 affiliated kingdom, do?”

“Good! Good! Good! Good good!!!” After saying five “good” continuously, Fei got so mad that he started laughing, “What can I do? I won’t kill you today. In a month, I will let you use your dog eyes to see how the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group will be wipeout out of St. Petersburg!”

After a short moment of being stunned, the bald man started to laugh, “Get rid of the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group from the Capital City? Haha, that’s the funniest joke that I have ever heard. You pitiful short-sighted god, do you know how many master warriors that the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group has? Do you really think that you are invincible in the world? If you pay us 30,000 gold coins, we can treat it as if nothing had happened, and you can still be alive and be the king. Otherwise, if any one of us survives this and passes the message to the headquarter in St. Petersburg, the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group will visit Chambord and kill all of you in a month.

“Ok, then I shall see how the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group kills all of us!”

Fei was too lazy to say more. He switched to Barbarian Mode and used [Leap]. He dashed into the mercenaries and let out all the power of the Level 7 item set 【Bul-Kathos’ Children】. Without holding back, the blade of the sword flashed, and heads shot up to the air with streams of blood, resembling fountains. In a few seconds, Fei went through layers of mercenaries as if he was a hot stick that was passing though cheese and got close to the bald man.

“Hahaha, King of Chambord, you are trapped!”

The bald single-eyed man suddenly laughed viciously as he backed off rapidly. Not sure when, but there were ten mercenaries with strong crossbow in their hands.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

They pressed on the triggers, and twenty devastating arrows that would pierce through trees, that two man couldn’t even hold by wrapping their arms around it, flew towards Fei after a series of blood-freezing spring and gear noises. These ten crossbows were the trump cards that the Blood-edge Mercenary Group got after paying a great price. They could be considered alchemist products. The crossbows had low level wind magic arrays engraved on them, and low level magic gems were embedded on them. Even the arrows had magic arrays engraved on them. They would increase the speed of the arrows, damage, and effect how they appeared.

At this moment, Fei was in the middle of a speedy charge. Under the sudden attack of the archers, the twenty arrows were almost in touch with the vital spots on Fei’s body as soon as the spring and gear noises sounded.

This was the trap that the bald man set up in the short time.

This was also why he said those words to provoke Fei.

From the previous battle, the bald man knew he was no match with the king of Chambord. His opponent’s strength was beyond his imagination. If he fought him directly, then the lake would be filled with every mercenary’s corpse soon. His only trump card were the ten crossbows. Although he looked dumb, he was sly on the inside. When his peer was in stealth and tried to assassinate Fei with the arrows, he had quietly set up this lethal trap.

This was the moment that the trap was about to catch the prey.

The bald man’s vicious smile shone in the dark.

He almost couldn’t hold back his laughter. He could almost see Fei’s body getting pierced by the arrows and die on the spot. If he was able to get rid of this opponent, he could still turn the things around. The mercenary group still had enough strength to take care of Soros’ caravans.

“Be careful……”


People in Soros’ caravans including Redknapp and the woman in red tried to notify Fei, but it seemed too late.


“Piece of cake.”

As Fei sneered, something occurred. A series of flames appeared on Fei’s body. Flames in blue, red, green and purple appeared on the vital spots on Fei’s body. In these flames, Fei didn’t back off but charged forward more. He didn’t even use his swords to block the arrows. He went up against the bloodthirsty arrows and tried to use his own body to block the arrows.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

With everyone’s eyes and ears on him, a series of light metal collision noises sounded. It sounded like arrows were hitting on a metal bell. The twenty arrows that could pierce through rocks fell to the ground when they hit Fei’s body like toothpicks hit a wall.

Table of Content

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