Hail the King Chapter 182.2

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Chapter 182: Three Shocking Arrows (Part Two)

As the girl’s untraceable voice sounded again, more black assassination arrows flew towards Fei at a faster speed.

Ding, ding, ding – !

Fei changed up his striking angle and positions and easily blocked these arrows.

“Hehehehehe, kiddo, I’m becoming more fond of you. How about you join the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group? And let me this big sister love you dearly? It would be a lot more enjoyable and fun than battling and fighting!”

The coquettish giggles came with the raindrop like arrows. Every step Fei took led to more danger; any bystander would shout out in shock.

Ding, ding, ding -!

Fei sneered as he walked forward despite the fact that he was already circled by all the mercenaries. His swords flashed and shined as it easily blocked and knocked away all the arrows that were like raindrops in a storm. Under this circumstance, he was still able to keep up the pace of taking at least one life away every time he stuck. His presence was shocking like the lightning as he didn’t leave any life behind.

“Hehehehehe, little brother, if you continuous, big sister will get mad…… Quickly drop your weapon and lay down to get some rest. You are exhausted, you need to rest!”

The girl’s voice that was coming from all directions contained an indescribable coquettishness, and it would make people feel tired sub-consciously and wanting to drop their weapons and get some rest on the ground. However, Fei sneered to that; it was a good vicious mental confusion technique that went hand in hand with the assassination arrows, but it was useless towards a valiant Barbarian who danced on the verge of life and death.

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding -!

The two blades that Fei wielded formed a blade storm that didn’t even let wind pass through. It didn’t matter which angle, what situation the dark assassination arrow came from, they were all smashed away mercilessly by Fei from a meter radius.

With a series of sparks appearing in the air, and Fei looked like a mid-night God of killing.

Blood-Edge Mercenary Group mercenaries quickly suffered more than eighty casualties, and corpses with hot blood leaked on the ground, scaring these mercenaries who risked their lives for money. Even though they usually killed and lit people on fire, they were shocked, and their spirits quickly collapsed. It was obvious, the female archer who was hidden couldn’t touch this man’s hair, even when she gave it all she had. This was already unbelievable to the mercenaries.

“Hehehehehe, little man, you are so playful! You don’t listen at all. You have disappointed big sister too much……” The girl’s coquettish voices resonated in the sky again. It was still coming from all over the place and was untraceable. “Looks like this big sister will have to change her method.”

After she said that, something occurred –

All a sudden, a few dark assassination arrows shot out. They weren’t targeted at Fei anymore, they were aimed at old Zolasc and young boy Modric.

What a malicious, vicious female killer.

Fei was surprised for a second. He stomped the ground with his left foot. In the loud booming noise, Barbarian – 【Leap】was activated. Fei appeared in front of the two people while leaving a series of afterimages in the air, then the air-piercing noise of his dashing through air sounded. He struck out a few times and chopped away all the assassination arrows.

“Oh……. So surprising. Little brother, so you actually care so much about these two lads? Big sister has found your weakness……” The old woman laughed proudly. She thought that targeting these two weak powerless people would put Fei into a very reactive situation.

At this time, about a hundred mercenaries of Blood-Edge Mercenary Group gathered together still in shock when Fei retreated.

Fei sneered, “Really? Too bad, I found your weakness as well!”

As he said that, Fei switched to Amazon Mode. He grabbed in the air, and an ancient looking blue long bow appeared in his hands after a flame burnt in the air. The shape of the bow looked like a brave eagle that was about to dash into the sky, and the bowstring was a beam of light that was blue and gave off a cold sensation.

He pulled on the string and three light arrows appeared on the bow.

“Old woman, game over! Show yourself!” After the shout, Fei glanced around as if he had lightning in his eyes, and the arrows moved slowly and pointed at wherever Fei was looking. Suddenly, Fei’s eyes shone and a smile appeared on his face. He instantly released the bowstrings that his fingers were holding on.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The bowstring vibrating noise resonated in the sky, and the sharp arrows dashed through the air and whistled loud ear-piercing noises.

If you consider the old woman’s dark assassination arrows were soundless and senseless, then Fei’s three arrows were majestic and powerful! Like meteors that dashed through the dark sky, the arrows were as fast as lightning and dashed towards a part of the sky as if they draw a triangle in the air.

“Hehehehehe, little brother, you…… NO……AHHHHH……..”

As the scream sounded, it seemed like the three arrows hit something.

After a slight pause, the arrows nailed onto a stone pillar that was more than ten meters tall far away. Boom!

As the loud noise sounded, two streams of blood slowly dripped out from nowhere and slid off of the body of the arrows. Something seemed to struggle in the air, but the three arrows nailed it onto the pillar and didn’t allow it to move at all, as if they were the punishment from the god.

When everyone was surprised, a beautiful figure slowly appeared from the location where the three arrows were at. Both of her arms and her hair were nailed into the pillar tightly, and a ton of ice was already condensing around the arrows. The girl was completely fixed onto the pillar.

It was one of the most powerful warriors of Blood-Edge Mercenary Group – the woman who had the Dark Elf bloodline.

She was no longer coquettish, her face looked pale and depressed. She opened her mouth and shouted in shock: “How…… How is this possible? How did you locate me?” She looked like as if she was seeing a ghost.

However, Fei didn’t pay attention to her.

Table of Content

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