Hail the King Chapter 182.1

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Chapter 182: Three Shocking Arrows (Part One)

The impact force coming from the collision passed though the axe and surged straight at the bald big guy like the waves in the ocean. The guy’s hand was torn, and blood spurted out of the wounds. The armors on his arm exploded, and the veins bulged. His arms shook as the axe handles fell to the ground.

Such a devastating force.

The bald dude was terrified as he sweated buckets.

He thought his 5-star metal energy that dealt a ton of damage plus his huge strength and the pair of dark steel axes could pass on more than ten thousand pounds of force. For a long time, he used his warrior energy and his strength and killed many powerful warriors. That was how he got the position of one of the six Top Fighters in the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group. His nickname, [Singled-eyed Mad Dragon], was very famous among all mercenaries in the Capital City…… However, he was knocked away easily by the king of Chambord using two strange looking swords like a fly. This shattered his pride.

The anger and the fear were burning inside of him at the same time.

However, this tough looking [Singled-eyed Mad Dragon] was very smart. He didn’t charge at Fei who was literally murdering the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group using his swords as if he was a tiger in a bunch of sheep. Maliciousness appeared in his eyes as he backed off and hid back into the crowd, retreating to the distance.

Fei clearly captured this scene.

However, he didn’t chase. Instead, he continued killing the mercenaries of the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group. Every single one of them had their hands stained by the blood of Chambord’s people already. They were all enemies of Chambord.

The Tier 7 item set 【Bul-Kathos’ Children】were used smoothly in Fei’s hands, and Fei was invincible. No one was able to slow Fei down, not even a second. With his swords, he struck at these mercenaries who lived for money, and the mercenaries of the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group all whined and screamed as they fell to the ground with their hands on their wounds. They couldn’t get in a two-meter radius of Fei.

“Tonight is going to a bloody night! To hold a memorial ceremony for the warriors of Chambord who died in the mine pits of Burning Sun Mountains, none of the members of the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group can get out of here alive!” As Fei shouted, more than forty mercenaries had turned to ghosts under his blade.

Suddenly –

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding – !

Fei swung his sword, and more than a dozen sparks appeared in front of him. They were very eye-piercing in the dark night.

What happened was that more than a dozen black arrows dashed towards Fei under the cover of the dark night. They got within a two-meter radius of Fei like phantoms. This level of assassination was soundless, lightless, colorless, and senseless. It was like the tentacle of the Grim Reaper, making the target defenseless. However, Fei who had the danger awareness of a Barbarian, sensed the arrows and struck out more a dozen times effortlessly and knocked away all these arrows.

The flashy sparks were caused by the collision of the arrows and the edge of the sword.

“Hehehehe…… King of Chambord, you do fit your big name. But how many of my arrows can you dodge under this chaos and darkness?” A voice of a girl giggling and teasing sounded out. It was crisp like an aeolian bell. It was sometimes coming from the right, and sometimes from the left, front, back, up and down. Her voice was evenly distributed through the bank of the lake, it wasn’t traceable at all!

Fei noticed that the pretty girl who stood by the bald man a moment ago suddenly disappeared. Fei wasn’t able to spot her figure anywhere. As the girl giggled, soundless arrows were shot at Fei one after another. Like hungry grasshoppers, they came at Fei from all directions at such impressive speed and quantity that it was extremely deadly.

This level of assassination was way scarier than direct encounters and battle, and it was the most efficient way to consume an opponent’s energy and spirit.

Fei suddenly remembered old Zolasc telling him that this girl had the mixed bloodline of a Dark Elf, that was why she looked like a sixteen-year-old girl despite the fact that she was already thirty. Since she had that bloodline, it was reasonable that she had mastered the stealth technique, slinking technique, and the phantom like arrow assassination technique that belonged to Dark Elves.

“Hehehehe, kiddo, your sword technique is great. But, hehehehehe, try to block my arrows a bit more!”

Table of Content

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