Hail the King Chapter 181.2

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Chapter 181: The Slaughter in the Night (Part two)

The precious blade inside Bently’s hand, as well as his young and lively body, suddenly also split into two.

There seemed to have been an invisible person in the air who quietly swung a colorless yet indestructible sword, just like a sharp steak knife cutting open a medium-well steak on a dinner plate. It easily cut the perverted young fighter who claimed to have endured through countless storms, into two parts.


The sound of the body and blade landing together echoed, and the entire lakeside fell into dead silence.

The elite Bently that were just pointing at Fei’s nose and swearing instantly turned into a cold dead body just like that, without a chance to fight back or dodge. Those mercenaries with grim smiles that were just waiting for their big boss to take care of these little “mice” that suddenly appeared, had their facial expressions frozen. As they took a deep cold breath, they could already feel the smell of death overwhelming them.

Just one move, and the atmosphere suddenly changed.


An unbelievable elite!

Killing the 4-star level ice-type warrior Bently with one strike, as if butchering a chicken, shocked everyone at the scene.

The bald one-eyed giant appeared calm on the surface, but a tsunami was already going off in his heart. His strength was far above Bently, so he was able to have a very clear look at that instant when those two exchanged blows. The black-haired mysterious teen on the opposite side didn’t use any special energy moves, nor channel any magic. That wave of the sword was a pure explosion of brute strength. The strange weapon’s edge was fast to the extreme, capable of compressing air to form a sharp air blade. It easily cut open the 4-star level warrior that was going full out… Such strength, it could be called terrifying, and it far exceeded the intelligence the bald one-eyed man had on the recently rising Chambord city young king. He instantly understood, some sh*t was going to go down today.

And when the Soros Caravan that was surrounded saw this scene, they suddenly felt the ecstasy of escaping death.

Especially the manager Redknapp standing at the very front with his hands tightly holding onto the magic staff. The shock and surprise in his heart was simply difficult to be expressed with language. Three minutes ago, when Fei and two people suddenly appeared, he felt excited, thinking that things could finally turn around. However, after sensing no energy nor magic from Fei’s team, he thought they were just three vulnerable ordinary people, and his heart sunk again. Who knew, god played a big joke with three twists on him, that seemingly-ordinary black-haired handsome young man was actually a super elite that exceeded everybody’s imagination.

“Harry, should we take this chance to break through the siege?” The charming young woman on his side whispered to him.

“No need to rush, let’s wait first and see how things turn out.” Redknapp shook his head. The good sense of an extraordinary caravan manager told him there could be a big opportunity lying in front of him.

On the far side.

After killing David-Bently with one blow, Fei looked at the sword in his hand with satisfaction.

This dark green one-handed sword [Bul-Kathos’ Tribal Guardian – Mythical Sword] from the [Bul-Kathos’ Children] Set didn’t look like a machete nor sword. Its design was strange and heavy, and it was indeed more fit to be used than the purple and green swords. It was worthy of being the weapon once used by the Barbarian leader [Immortal King], even at the 50% sealed state, its strength was incredible!

With a flick of the wrist, the blade ringed in everyone’s heart.

Fei slowly approached the Blood-Edge mercenary group step by step, his stalwart figure was like a towering mountain, giving the enemies a breathless feeling.

“Chambord King Alexander?” The bald one-eye muscular man’s eyes flickered, “Maybe we can sit down and have a good talk…”

“Talk? You can come talk with my dick!”

Fei roared, and before his voice even faded, he instantly turned into a whirlwind towards the Blood-Edge group. There were still an after-image left at his original spot, yet the edge of his weapon had already hacked through many enemies’ neck. Before the bald one-eyed man could even react, four heads already flew into the sky, leaving blood spewing out like a fountain from four headless bodies. This had lifted the curtain for an unstoppable brutal slaughter prologue in the night.

“Damnit! Kill him!”

This scene made the bald man’s face change dramatically. He roared as he pulled out his weapons, which were two gigantic unique axes that flashed a strange cold light. The axes rose into the sky, cutting open the night sky and dropped straight towards Fei and the rest. Before the axe even landed, the faint silver blade energy already swept up the withered leaves on the ground. It was unstoppable and fierce.

“Haha, you dare to show off axe skills in front of a barbarian?”

Fei laughed in disdain and pulled out the [Bul-Kathos’ Sacred Charge – Colossus Blade]. Instantly, the tier 7 Set Item [Bul-Kathos’ Children] equipped. The two blades crossed, issuing a cheerful blade cry. The magical light surged, and wherever the blade travelled past, despite how hard the Blood-Edge mercenaries tried to resist, they still fell like straws under the farmer’s sickles.

Very soon, the duo swords in Fei’s hands met the bald man’s giant axes.


A series of sparks flashed in the night, followed by a deafening metal striking sound.

“Poof*… That’s impossible!”

The bald one-eyed muscular man suddenly spat out blood. The giant axes in his hand were already hacked into pieces, only leaving behind two bare axe hilts. His eyes were filled with shock. He kept taking steps back until finally landing on the ground, and he kept crawling backward, with blood spewing out of his mouth like a bloody fountain.

Table of Content

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