Hail the King Chapter 181.1

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Chapter 181: The Slaughter in the Night

Fei’s arrogant attitude angered the perverted young man beside the bald one-eyed muscular man. He finally took his eyes off that charming woman’s graceful body on the Soros caravan side. He checked Fei out from top to bottom, and then a disdainful cold smile appeared on the sides of his mouth.

“You know what I hate the most?” The young man began talking, “Those delicate roses like you that grew up in the greenhouse, but must naively provoke wild weeds that have experienced countless storms… Boy, have you ever seen a dead man? Have you ever killed anyone? Have you ever heard the sound of a man’s head being chopped off? Have you ever smelled warm, crimson blood spilling over your face?” As he continued speaking, his tone became a ferocious roar, and implied a hint of jealousy and anger, “You self-righteous stupid pig noble, put away your dog s–t pride on your face when you are in the outside world. Here, you are just a homeless dog waiting to be slaughtered!”

Is this guy retarded?

Fei touched his chin in confusion and thought, I’m just here to kill a few people, why ask stupid philosophical questions? How come when I’m listening to this perverted-looking young r—-d, I’m reminded of those keyboard warriors on the internet that always find things to be mad about?

“Your Majesty, this guy’s name is David Bently. He’s a middle-level leader at the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group. It was said that he’s a fallen samurai that had his aristocratic identity revoked from him after his family fell. Maybe due to his past, he has a strong hatred towards the general nobility that’s usually incomprehensible to others. He’s an ice-type warrior with a strength between 3-4 stars. The bald one-eyed guy is one of the six main fighters under the Blood-Edge’s command. He has an unknown origin, but his strength is way above Bently. That humble-looking middle-aged mercenary is also a leader, named Cassa-Sana. He has a dead face but the truth is he has a ruthless heart. He’s extremely cunning, and is a killer with a smile. The girl beside him that looks like she’s 18 is actually 30 something years old already, with a half dark elf bloodline. She’s bloodthirsty for kills…”

Looks like the old Zolasc wasn’t just a solar-powered automatic-charging GPS navigator. He’s also the latest version of a revenge compass, being able to quickly and clearly identify all these people.

“Kidnapping and trafficking my Chambord’s people, have these people participated?” Fei asked.

“Every one of them has a share of…” Zolasc didn’t even finish, and the little boy Modric already answered, “Your Majesty, these people are the main leaders of the Northern Trafficking group under the Blood-Edge group. The hands of each every one of them were stained with the Chambord slaves’ blood. During the past 3 years, 4000 slaves were sold to the Black Stone Kingdom and over 60% were kidnapped by them!”

At this moment, the skinny young boy and the white-hair elder’s eyes were filled with hatred and anger.

Fei carefully listened to the end, and he quietly looked at the 200 or so mercenaries at the scene. With a very calm voice he asked, “Hey, now you know what debt I, your King, am here to collect right? Now you don’t have to die as a confused ghost…”

His voice was slow and calm, yet revealed doubtless resolve. He clearly saw all these mercenaries from Blood-Edge as dead people now.

Your King?

Hearing that self-proclaimed name, a light flashed past the bald one-eyed man’s mind, and he suddenly remembered the young king that recently became famous. He was in shock and was just about to say something, but the pervert David-Bently beside him couldn’t suppress himself anymore and leaped up.

“Naïve stupid pig, go die!” Bently instantly pulled out the long blade on his waist. The energy in his body surged like a tsunami, and he sliced into the air. A 5 to 6 meter long deep blue chilly air blade came out from the physical blade. It roared as it began shooting down towards Fei and the other two!

“Bitter Ice Blade!” Under the light of the deep blue air blade, Bently’s face looked ferocious like a demon.

The 4-Star level weapon spell [Bitter Ice Blade] condensed extremely deadly cold energy that could instantly turn the opponent’s fleshy body into an ice statue. It was an intermediate tier ice-type skill. Fei had once seen a book on this skill from the pile of scrolls inside Evan’s storage ring. Fei happened to be using the assassin mode’s energy channel network to modify this scroll, so he was very familiar with it.

Since he was familiar with it, he could easily deal with it.

Gently gesturing in the air, a dark green blade/sword-like strange weapon appeared out of the blue into Fei’s hand. There was no loud roar like Bently, nor any surge in energy or magic, no fancy special effects. Fei just lightly flicked his wrist like killing a fly.

Comparing the two moves, it seemed like the victor was already determined.

“Be careful…” The young woman in the red coat from the Soros Caravan couldn’t help but shout out to warn Fei.


At the instant, the atmosphere suddenly changed.

In front of the everyone’s stunned expression, that powerful and fancy air blade that was shot out by Bently in anger that was enough to freeze all surrounding giant trees didn’t even get close to Fei’s body, as it suddenly just dissipated into two streams from the middle and scattered towards the two sides. It did freeze countless giant trees and stones on both sides past Fei, but it didn’t pose the slightest threat to Fei and the other two.

And then, something even more unbelievable happened-

Table of Content

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