Hail the King Chapter 179.1

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Chapter 179: The View of Mountains and Lakes (Part one)

The morning breeze was a little cold, and the morning glow was red as blood.

Blackstone Fortress was busy again.

After the battle yesterday, nearly four thousand elite soldiers of Blackstone were killed here. Except for the blood and corpses on the ground, there were also a lot of abandoned armor and weapons. Former mine slaves who witnessed what happened yesterday didn’t hesitate to pull the armor and weapon off of their enemies’ corpses to equip themselves. Then, they took away everything that was valuable and filled up a dozen horse carriages.

Although most of the freed slaves weren’t in a good condition due to the long-time suffering, their spirits were lifted since the Saint King of Chambord descended from the sky and saved them. With the new hope, they assembled into formations under Lampard’s lead. People on Azeroth Continent valued and emphasized power and strength, so most of the men knew how to ride horses and use weapons. Currently, the men were riding on the war horses stolen from the stables, and the women and kids were riding on the horse carriage for protection purposes. With weapons drawn out and a ton of murderous spirit, this troop looked a little dominating.

The two groups went on separate paths. The three warriors lead by Lampard saluted at Fei then took off.

For a moment, farewells and prayers resonated on the cold square in the fortress during Fall.

At this moment, the thin boy Modric assisted elder Zolasc to walk to Fei.

After saluting to Fei as one of his subjects, the elder single-kneeled down to the ground, “Your majesty, please let me join your expeditionary force. These Burning Sun Mountains is remote, deserted, covered in mist, and dangerous. There are regions of forests and regions of steep mountains. If the expeditionary force doesn’t have a guide, it’s very easy to get lost in there. I’ve been taken here and became a slave when I was twenty-six years old. I have lived here for twenty-one years now, and I know every little path, mine pits, and road and ferocious beasts in these mountains. I promise that with my help, Chambord’s forces can get thought the Burning Sun Mountains within the least amount of time.”

“But your body……” As a high-level idiot when it came to directions, Fei knew the struggle of getting lost. That was why after he heard that his eyes shone. What the old Zolasc said made sense; Fei did need a guide when leading the troop through these mountains that he knew nothing about. But the elder in front of him was still recovering from his injuries and torture. Although the potions from the Diablo World helped him to heal up, his body was still in an exhausted condition. Long-term military traveling would only worsen it.

“Don’t worry about me, your majesty. My old bones are still hard……” This elder was very tough. With his white hair fluttering in the wind, he left Modric’s assistance and lifted a black rock that was about a hundred pounds beside him with his arms. He said with a bragging tone, “Your majesty, look. This old man can still lift huge rocks. Please let this old Zolasc contribute to Chambord’s uprising when I can still walk……” Zolasc got emotional and shouted, “For more than twenty years, I’ve been waiting for this day for too long!”

Fei was touched by the elder’s passion and courage.

“Ok, if this is the case…… Oleg, bring a Roaring Flame Beast here and give it to our experienced guide……”

When he said that, Fei looked at Modric who was looking at him and smiled, “Little guy, come and ride with Uncle Zolasc. You will have to take care of him on the way!”

“Ah, really? Thank you, your majesty…… Hail your majesty!”

Little Modric almost jumped into the air out of excitement. He wanted to ask the king to let him join the force, but he didn’t expect the king to say it first. The scene of Fei smiling and reaching out to him under the sun that Modric saw when he just woke up from fainting was engraved into this thin blonde boy’s soul. Being able to follow the king around was the best news he heard in a long time.

Warden Oleg quickly came by with a strong Roaring Flame Beast.

After several generations of cultivation, this level 4 Demon Beast had become obedient and tame. However, the calmer nature did cause their power of a level 4 Demon Beasts to go down as well. That was why they were knocked over by the strong men in heavy knight armor. But after getting fed some 【Hulk Potion】that was mixed into their food, they had signs of atavism, just like how the fatty Oleg was showing signs of a second youth. The weight carrying and charging ability of these beasts had increased dramatically, and the light red flame energy surged around their hooves, just like the wild Roaring Flame Beasts. The tusks in their mouth grew out and became sharp, and their wild nature came back. Although they became ferocious and aggressive again, they were obedient to their masters.

Little Modric became excited and ran to the beasts to grab the reins.

Table of Content

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