Hail the King Chapter 178.2

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Chapter 178: The power of the three miraculous skill (Part two)

“This…… this is a warrior weapon? Frank, you advanced to a Moon Rank Warrior?”

As soon as Torres saw this scene, he thought of something and shouted. Everyone else on the watch tower were also shocked.

On Azeroth Continent, star ranked warriors and mages were at the bottom of the pyramid. Only after these warriors advanced to moon rank, they would have actually stepped through the first threshold and can start training for real. The training method for moon ranked warriors were completely different from star ranked warriors. After reaching the peak of a nine star, a human body couldn’t contain more warrior energy or magic energy. It was impossible to store more energy in the body to improve one’s strength. The ancestors came up with many ways of improving strength. The most common choice for a warrior was to find a high-quality weapon that had a similar enough spirit in it and make it his or her Natal Warrior Weapon. Moon ranked warriors were able to keep their Warrior Weapon inside their body, just like how Lampard kept the Leo Saint Cloth into his body. That was why Torres thought the Saint Cloth was a Warrior Weapon and thought Lampard had instantly advanced to a moon ranked warrior.

“No, it’s……” Lampard said as he shook his head: “It’s a really strange state. I can’t really explain it.”

Fei smiled as he moved onto another topic: “Every Saint Cloth corresponds with one constellation, so they are unique. They are made out of precious material, so only heroes who great contribution to the Chambord Kingdom will get their own Saint Cloth. Lampard has been protecting the royal family for the last four years earnestly and prevented the conspirator Bazzer from getting into power. He had also assisted me the king to defeat the black armored enemies and the nine kingdom coalition. He had accumulated a lot of merits, and that’s why I have awarded him with Leo Saint Cloth. Do you guys have any objections?”

“Not at all, your majesty!” The envy on Torres’s, the blonde young man’s, face couldn’t he hidden. It was very different than jealousy. Motivation shone in his eyes, “I will contribute to Chambord one day and get my own Saint Cloth!”

“I would agree with your decision 100%, Your majesty! Mr. Lampard deserves it.” Drogba scratched his head and giggled.

Pierce and Oleg didn’t have any objects as well. Pierce got his life back because of Fei, and Oleg had his current status because Fei protected him using his personal prestige and credits. He had seemed to be a member of Bazzer’s henchmen and his ending wouldn’t be any better than the military judge Conca otherwise.

On top of their own loyalty, the effect of the【Hulk Potion】make them even more loyal. If someone captured Fei and asked them to kill themselves, they would do it without hesitation.

“However, you guys have merits as well. Pierce, to protect Chambord, you used your own body to block the enemies’ swords and knocked away a siege ladder; you almost died from it. Drogba, when faced with thousands of elite black armored enemies, you dared follow me, the king, and charge into them to go one against hundreds. You killed more than a hundred enemies and were injured severely. You guys also have earned merits from the battle with the nine kingdoms and today. You two also deserve Saint Cloths!”

As Fei said that, he flipped his palm and took out two iron chests from his storage space.

When the two chests opened, a magnificent and dominating black metal bull and a black metal goat with two horns pointing up the sky appeared. Similar to Lampard’s Saint Cloth, The Taurus constellation contained a hundred twenty-0five stars, so the Taurus Saint Cloth contained a hundred twenty-five components. The Capricorn constellation contained fifty stars, so the Capricorn Saint Cloth Contained fifty components. Every component represented a star in the sky and had a different star power. As Fei answered that cold and mysterious voice in his head and initiated 【Give】. Both Drogba and Pierce had their star status opened. The Taurus Saint Cloth and Capricorn Saint Cloth found their owners and flew to them. Under the stars, they attached themselves to the two people with an energy flame.

Instantly, both people felt the power and connectedness that Lampard was feeling a moment ago. At the same time, the ancient, peaceful, unlimited star energy also appeared on their bodies. Although it was vague, it was there.

“In terms of you two, you have established merits and should get the rewards as well. They won’t be complete, just a heads up.” Fei looked at Oleg and Torres and gave them the appropriate rewards. Torres obtained the Bow of God which was a component of the Sagittarius Saint Cloth, and Oleg got the chest armor and the fist weapon of the Cancer constellation.



The second day.

After the expeditionary force cooked and had breakfast, they started to move under the smoke from the bonfires. The mine slaves were heading back to Chambord with Lampard, Pierce, and Drogba. After getting the items of the three constellations, their strength had increased dramatically, and they would have no issue in terms of guarding the former mine slaves back to Chambord. Fei, on the other hand, led the force and continued marching towards the Capital of the Empire with the Elder Princess. The two groups made a promise that they would meet on the plain outside of the Capital City in six days, before sunset.

Table of Content

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