Hail the King Chapter 178.1

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Chapter 178: The power of the three miraculous skill (Part one)

“【Give】has been initiated, do you want to activate Frank-Lampard’s Leo Constellation star status and give him his Leo Saint Cloth?”

After three seconds, the cold and mysterious voice appeared in Fei’s head. Fei hadn’t heard the voice for a while and was stunned by the voice and the message it was giving him.

Fei had estimated that this cold and mysterious voice was associated with the Diablo World, and it was probably the voice of the “Gaming system”, but now it suddenly appeared and was telling Fei about “Star status” and “Leo Saint Cloth.” That instantly flipped Fei’s previous hypotheses. Maybe this voice was associated with the Diablo World, but it didn’t belong to it. A better way to describe the relationship between the two was control – this cold and mysterious voice ruled above of the Diablo world.

But now, Fei didn’t have much time to think. He gave out the answer sub-consciously –“Yes!”

Then, what was described happened –

This black Leo Armor that Fei designed and that Charsi forged using the Remains of the Demons and covered using the [Black Iron Essence] shone an eye-piercing light. The ninety-six components floated in the air and automatically flew onto Lampard’s body.

Miraculous skill – 【Give】 It was one of the three miraculous skill that Fei got when he became the Supreme Leader of the【Rogue Encampment】

Fei instantly came up with a possibility. After he completed all quests in  the【Rogue Encampment】using all seven of his characters, his rewards included the three miraculous skills – 【Learn】,【Give】, and【Summon】that could be leveled up. Now it seemed like the leveling up ability of these skills were beyond Fei’s expectation. Before the level up, Fei was able to use 【Give】and gifted Drogba the Taurus Helmet and Pierce the Saint Sword Excalibur. After the level up, he was able to give Lampard “Star status” and the Leo Saint Cloth.


Lampard swung his fist after he felt the power this Saint Cloth brought him. The air moved as if nothing happened.

However, Fei and the other warriors discovered something unbelievable. After Lampard swung his fist, a circular fist-shaped dent that was about a meter in diameter instantly appeared on the black fortress that was about twenty meters away from the watch tower. Although it was a dent, it was quite deep. The edges of the dent were so clean that it seemed like the fist-shaped dent was there from the beginning and not punched out by someone later. There weren’t any cracks or anything.

Then, a deep booming noise sounded as if the air exploded out of high pressure.

Such a fast punch!

“Is this the increase in power that this so-called Leo Saint Cloth brought to Lampard?”

Although Drogba, Pierce, Oleg, and Torres had seen many miraculous events created by Fei, their brains were still blank when they saw this for a moment. They couldn’t believe that Lampard’s strength had increased more than two times! What was more mystical was that a looming and vague energy that wasn’t warrior energy nor magic energy enveloped Lampard. This energy felt ancient, peaceful, unlimited, as if …… as if it was from among the stars. They only felt this way about the numerous stars in the sky. Fei quickly recovered from the shock.

He sensed that the three miraculous skill -【Learn】,【Given】, and【Summon】weren’t that simple. He rubbed his chin and suddenly pulled the long sword from the scabbard that was on Torres’ waist. He shook his hand, and a few strikes flew towards Lampard’s arms, chest, waist, thighs, and knees like lightning. The strikes were so ferocious that people like Drogba even smelt blood.

However, Lampard just stood there and didn’t move. Even the warriors on the watch tower weren’t surprised. Their expressions didn’t change as they trusted their king 100%.

Tink! Tink! Tink! Tink! In the dark night, the sparks appeared and were very eye-catching.

Crack -!

The sword in Fei’s hand was experiencing a lot of strain and broke into four pieces and fell to the ground.

“I used all of my strength!” Fei said with a smile on his face.

Even though the huge force coming from the strikes pushed Lampard, who was a powerful warrior, back five steps, the strikes didn’t even leave a dent or a mark on the black Leo Saint Cloth. It was indestructible! The Remain of Demons’ toughness didn’t disappoint Fei. Also, it was clear that the armor protected beyond physical damage. Under such aggressive strikes, sixty to seventy percent of the force was canceled out by it. Lampard didn’t feel uncomfortable at all from his expression.

The warriors on the watchtower had lost all thinking capabilities.

Magical Saint Cloth!

Then, what was more magical occurred – As Lampard lightly raised his arms, an image of the head of a roaring and angry lion that was formed by ninety-six stars vaguely appeared behind him. It looked real and fascinating. Then, these ninety-six components that represented the ninety-six stars lit up in a flame and disassembled from Lampard’s body and reformed into the black iron lion form as if it was still in the chest. Then, the black chest that had golden lion symbols engraved all over it and a king holding up a scepter automatically floated into the air and contained the black iron lion into it. Then the chest closed as a black light shone. As the moment that the light shone the brightest, it dashed into Lampard’s body and disappeared.

Table of Content

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