Hail the King Chapter 177.2

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Chapter 177: The Legendary Saint Armor (Part Two)

“Pegasus…..Draco……Haha, I can actually find them. This is impressive!” Fei rubbed his chin and came up with a great idea.

Soon –

“Come to the highest watch tower and find me.”

Fei’s voice sounded in people including Lampard, Oleg, Torres, Pierce, and Drogba’s ears. These people didn’t sleep all night. Except walking around in the fortress to patrol everything, they tried their best to train and improve their strength. They all wanted Chambord to get a good score in the upcoming Military Exercise. In order to take some stress off of Fei’s shoulders, they were very strict on themselves and worked very hard.

After hearing Fei’s voice, they dashed through the air and came to the watch tower quietly.

“Your majesty!” The six of them kneeled on the ground with one knee and saluted.

“Up.” Fei stood on the verge of the watch tower and said. The nightly breeze made his long black hair and clothes fluttered in the air. Fei pointed at the sky and said with a smile on his face: “To you guys, the stars in the sky are pretty, shiny, and innumerable. But do you guys know that in legends, the stars in the sky were not scattered around randomly? They occupied different areas in the sky and formed a number of vivid pictures. These pictures are called constellations. All the stars in the sky could be categorized into eighty-eight constellations……”


Although people on the Azeroth continent did study the stars in the sky and had different theories, there were legends and stories about the stars. The talk of constellations was a first time for these warriors. They didn’t know why the king was telling them this, but they listened quietly and patiently.

“In the legends, the eighty-eight constellations in the sky represented the eighty-eight most powerful warriors on the earth. These warriors existed for the purpose of protecting love and justice. Their fists could tear space and their legs could break the land. They had invincible power, and you are all familiar with their name – they were called the Saint Seiya!! That’s why I named King’s Guard the Saint Seiya…… Look closely, the constellation made up of the ninety-six stars at the north looks like a roaring lion, right?”

The six of them looked at the direction Fei pointed at and saw a lot of stars. Using their imaginations and drawing lines to connect these stars, it did indeed look like a roaring golden lion like what the king said.

“This constellation is so-called Leo.”

Fei said as he turned around and looked at them. His eyes landed on Lampard and said: “Golden Leo is corresponding with the Leo Saint Seiya. In legends, golden Leo could tear its enemies into pieces using its teeth, and the Leo Saint Seiya’s fist was filled with the power of lightning!”

As Fei said that, he reached out and an iron chest with a lion symbol on it appeared out of nowhere. With everyone staring at the chest in surprise, Fei opened the chest. An iron lion that looked like it was about to jump out like a real one despite that it wasn’t real.

“Leo Saint Cloth, Frank-Lampard. This Saint Cloth is specifically made for you. When you wear it, you will be able to feel the power of Leo!”

Fei wasn’t even finished talking and a mystical event occurred –

The Leo Saint Cloth actually came to life! It emitted a strange power as it floated in the air. At the same time, as if he was pulled by this power, Lampard floated into the air as well without using his warrior energy. Although he was already floating in the air, the black Saint Cloth suddenly shone a bright light and disassembled itself into ninety-six parts. These part flew towards Lampard and put themselves onto Lampard’s body.


When he landed back onto the ground, the whole watch tower shook.

Oleg, Drogba, and Pierce opened their eyes big as they were shocked.

In front of them, Lampard was completely covered by a strangely shaped armor. Fingers, palms, wrist, arms, shoulders, head, back, waist, chest, abdomen, privates, thighs, knees, shanks, ankles, feet…… almost every part of the body was covered by the ninety-six pieces of armor perfectly. Every single part of the armor was perfect! They protected the body parts and didn’t affect Lampard’s movements. None of them had ever thought that there would be such a perfect armor in this world.

Lampard himself was stunned as well.

He felt an unprecedented comfort and power. He felt like this armor was connected with his body by blood. When he wore the armor, he felt like it became a part of his body. He didn’t feel the heaviness and choppiness of regular armor; instead, it was very flexible and agile.


It was the only thing that this Saint Cloth made Lampard feel.

The director of this show – Fei – was shocked as well. He was just listening to the cold and mysterious voice that he didn’t hear for a long time to explain this mystic scene to him.

Table of Content

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