Hail the King Chapter 176.2

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Chapter 176: [Bul-Kathos’ Children] Item Set (Part two)

The Diablo World’s difficulty was divided into the [Normal], [Nightmare], and [Hell] three levels. Usually, a player would at first enter the [Normal] difficulty, and then after going past all the maps and completing all the missions, he or she would be able to enter the next level. According to Fei’s past life’s video game memory, the [Normal] difficulty level which he was at right now shouldn’t drop high level set tier equipment like [Bul-Kathos’ Children], and there was only one reason, which was quite simple – only level 50+ characters had enough Strength to pick up these two swords. As weapons that were once used by the Immortal King, they not only had a strict requirement for the wielder’s level, there was also a strict requirement on the stats such as [Strength] and [Dexterity]. So, characters that were still in the low-level stages wouldn’t be able to use these pieces of equipment at all.

Thinking about this, Fei was suddenly shocked. Doesn’t that mean…

It means that his current level 38 Barbarian (leveled up twice after killing Duriel) temporarily wouldn’t be able to use this [Set Item] tier swords.

But then, he quickly realized a strange phenomenon.

At this moment, isn’t he firmly holding onto these two swords? It seemed like there was no such harsh limit like he remembered. Fei then carefully observed, and very soon found the reason – sealed Bul-Kathos’ Children].

It’s actually a sealed set.

“…Tier 7 weapons under the sealed status have 50% of the power as the unsealed version, but it also lowers the requirement for level and stats. As the user’s level progresses, the item would be slowly unsealed, until level 60 where it gets fully unsealed, reaching the full potential of this set!”

So that’s what’s happening.

Fei’s heart was jumping like a rabbit.

Very clearly, reality was again different from his memory of the Diablo video game. Things like sealed weapons never appeared before in the video game, but in this more realistic and lively Diablo World, it actually occurred.

And it seemed like this special “Sealed” effect was more designed for Fei’s current level. Now, he could use this tier-7 Set equipment right away. Although 50% of the weapon’s power was sealed away, under this status, both the [Colossus Blade] and [Mythical Sword]’s single-hand wielding damage still reached a shocking 70. Such damage already far exceeded the purple and green sword that Fei currently used.

Also, with Fei’s increase in level, later on, these two swords’ power will also increase correspondingly.

At this moment, there wasn’t the slightest hesitation for Fei to equip these two swords onto him. Holding the two swords, an unprecedented feeling of strength surged through Fei’s entire body. Gently waving the swords, a chilly wave of green wind shot out, capable of tearing everything in its path… This was indeed a weapon set once used by the Immortal King, too powerful.

After fondling it with love for awhile, Fei then went to pick up other loots dropped by Duriel. All kinds of magical weapons flashed with tempting light, and amongst them, there were actually three gold-light-flashing tier 6 [Rare Items].

“Holy f*ck today’s really my lucky day, didn’t expect so many good things to come out from this fat retarded bug…” Fei was so happy that he was gritting his teeth to the point where they were almost breaking, “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET! Would be nice if I can kill it several times!”

The three [Rare Items] were a bow, a light armor, and a pair of chained boots.

After identification, the bow’s name was called the [Wild Rose Deadly Battle Bow]. It had a delicate design, and it was a mysterious wooden long bow that had a rose carved on both ends and vines spreading across the body. The bowstring was a sky blue string of light, and its two-handed damage was 45-60, plus an ice effect. The light plate was called [Titan’s Battle Honor Armor], 95 defense, plus all types of magic effects. The chain boots were called [Amber’s Swift Battle Boots], and it had a +30 movement speed special effect.

Fei thought for a second. These pieces of equipment were all pretty good, so he just gave them all to Elena. The bow was her only weapon, so the armor could provide defense for her relatively weaker body, and the battle boots could increase her speed to pull the distance between her and her enemy. These all seemed to be designed for Elena.

And there were also a few more pieces of equipment, but they were all tier 4 [Magic Items]. It would be nice to just bring them back to the NPC at [Lut Gholein] in exchange for a few gold coins, so Fei took them all back to the inventory space.

Table of Content

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