Hail the King Chapter 176.1

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Chapter 176: [Bul-Kathos’ Children] Item Set

The two swords were still both unidentified, so they both flashed a dark green light.

In terms of appearance, the two swords were one long and one short, having different shapes.

The long one was clearly a two-handed sword, but it could also be used one-handedly. Its overall length was about 1.6 meters, 5 fingers wide, long and heavy, with delicate design. The 20 cm long sword handle was tightly wrapped with bright-red beast skin. What’s amazing is that there were sharp sawtooth grooves on both sides of the blade, like the ferocious fangs of a beast. After extending for about 2/3 of the sword length, two grim barbs curved towards the sword handle, and after those 2 barbs, there were no more saw teeth on the blade, and it became sharp and smooth. On top of the blade’s body was carved 9 mysterious dark black tadpole-shaped texts. Fei didn’t understand its meaning, but it seems to contain a mystical ancient power, each text flashing with blood-red light.

The short one was a single-handed sword, and its shape was relatively simple. The outside looked more like a podao than a sword, but both sides had an edge like a sword. It was approximately 1.2 meters long, 6 finger-width, and the blade of the body was covered in countless strange dark green runes. With the glowing light, it gave the feeling that it was god’s work. The blade’s body was heavy and wide, and it was more suitable for hacking.

There was no need to identify them. The first look of these two weapons already triggered familiar yet distant memories of Fei’s past life, and it had already helped him determine the identity of these two swords – The tier 7 Set Equipment, [Bul-Kathos’ Children].

These two swords that were named after people had a very glorious past.

According to the legend, in the world history of Diablo, the Barbarian race once gave birth to a great and unrivaled leader, whose name was Bul-Kathos. The legend said that this Barbarian leader had a terrifyingly strong strength that even the gods and demons feared him. He once led the powerful barbarian soldiers to achieve national freedom. In order to defend his homeland Mountain Arreat, they defeated the devil army led by the Evil Lord Baal. Then, his fame was recognized in all three realms, even the gods and devils would take a few steps back when they see him.

The entire Diablo world gave this most accomplished leader in the entire history of Barbarians a legendary title – [Immortal King], and the magic weapons and armors that he once used that had incredible power were also passed down, known as the [Immortal King’s Set], which was recognized to be a top tier [Set Items].

Besides the [Immortal King] set, this Barbarian leader also left behind two swords, and these two swords both carried incredible power. They formed another set together and was known as [Bul-Kathos’ Children]. (TL: I wonder how his real children felt)

And these were the two swords in Fei’s hands right now.

Although the [Bul-Kaths’ Children] were a few degrees weaker than the [Immortal King] top tier Barbarian set in both strength and magical effects, and they were just two swords without any armor, but to Fei’s current level 36 Barbarian character, this was already god-like equipment. According to Fei’s past life video-game memory, killing the second map’s boss Duriel wouldn’t give this kind of equipment. Not knowing why, these two swords appeared in Fei’s hand.

After consuming two [Scrolls of Identify] and a golden light flashing past, both swords’ complete stats and name appeared in Fei’s vision.

The name of the delicate two-handed long sword was called [Bul-Kathos’ Sacred Charge – Colossus Blade].

One-handed damage was 70-195 and two-handed damage was 174-345. It had an extremely fast attack speed, 44/44 durability, 20% increased attack speed, 200% enhanced damage, +35% crushing blow, and all resistances were +20.

The relatively shorter and simple one-handed sword was [Bul-Kathos’ Tribal Guardian – Mythical Sword].

Melee damage was 120-150, had an extremely fast attack speed type sword, +200% enhanced damage, +50 poison damage, 2 seconds duration, +20 Strength and +50% fire resistance.

And when these two swords were used together, it could be called [Bul-Kathos’ Children] and give a full set bonus: +2 to all Barbarian Skills, +200% enhanced damage, +200% damage to Demons and Undead, +20 fire damage and +25 defense.

After being identified, the green light flashing on the two swords’ body gradually disappeared and returned to the original color. Although they had different shapes, both swords looked green from afar, with the green being a darker shade on the shorter sword. Both swords were shrouded by a glimmer of silky looming green light, exuding a domineering chill, and giving off an incredibly mighty feeling.

Fei lightly stroked the sword handles. A chilly sensation came and it felt great, just like touching the skin of a lover.

This was really strange.

Table of Content

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