Hail the King Chapter 175.2

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Chapter 175: Two Tier 7 Equipment (Part Two)

Now, what he was going to do was enter the dimension behind this black hole, and kill the last BOSS in there – a giant-bug-looking boss named [Lord of Pain, Duriel].  After completing the final mission in [Lut Golein], he will be able to move into the tier-3 difficulty map [Kurast Dock].

Based on Fei’s memory from his previous life, Duriel was very difficult to deal with, and he was nicknamed the Noob killer. His physical attacks were very strong, and he also had ice/freezing type skills. If a player was not carefully and got frozen or stunned, he or she would have no choice but just watch the fat giant bug stab you to death with its sharp limbs. They wouldn’t even have the chance to fight back and then they would have to wait to be respawned.

But Fei was already well-prepared. Before coming, he already prepared a plate armor that was high in physical defense, and also many magic equipments that reduced crowd control effects and increased dexterity for him and Elena. Fei closed his eyes and reminded himself of everything he had to watch out for, then he nodded towards Elena, said “be careful”, and then stepped into the pitch black hole.

The scenery in front of his eyes changed.

Darkness and angry roars came directly towards Fei.

The first thing Fei did after entering this dimension was not to find the [Lord of Pain] and start attacking, but to consume a town-teleportation scroll and open up a portal that went to [Lut Golein]. Although he doesn’t know if he could be revived if he died, but that at least leaves an opportunity for Elena to run.

A figure flashed beside Fei, Elena also entered this dimension.

“Roar! Ridiculous stupid humans, are you looking for Baal?”

With a smelly wave of odor rolling over towards Fei, a loud voice sounded.

Turning around, Fei saw a giant bug-like monster that was over 20 meters tall appearing in his sight. Its front limbs could even match Fei’s height. This thing was entirely brown red, covered with sticky stench disgusting juice. There were four snow-white spurs on top of its head, and the fat and chubby appearance reminded Fei of the giant queen bugs from the movie “Starship Troopers”. Although gigantic, it did look a little funny.

Don’t know why, at that moment, the slight nervous feeling from before immediately disappeared without a trace.

He whistled, smiled and replied, “No, I’m looking for you, you moron!”

Instantly, the [Lord of Pain], who felt that he was insulted, began roaring and attacking. However, today it didn’t seem to be very lucky because, under merely ten minutes, this little-mountain-like fat bug was howling painfully with sticky stench body fluids shooting out as it fell to the ground. Then, with a series of light sounds, a lot of equipment appeared on the ground.

“Uhh… dead so soon?” Duriel’s easy defeat was a little unbelievable to Fei. That performance shouldn’t belong to the last boss of a map… It hasn’t even been one round and it already collapsed? How could it be this fragile?

“Could it be because of this sword?”

Fei looked at the giant black sword, and there seemed to be a little enlightenment in mind.

Because of his video-game memory from his past life, Fei already knew that the [Lord of Pain] had strong resistance towards thunder, fire, ice, and poison the four elemental magics. If one wanted to defeat it, he must take the physical approach. So, when picking a  weapon, Fei took a black 2-meter tall giant sword that the blacksmith Chasi had crafted with the “Demon’s Remains”. However, once this sword was brought into the Diablo world, it lost all its magic properties. To be precise, this equipment could only be grouped into the tier 3 category of weapons – [Superior Items], but if just evaluating the physical damage and sharpness properties, it was even better than tier 4 category [Magic Items]. Considering Duriel’s strong resistance to magic, Fei decided to take this “Demon’s Remain” sword for the battle, and the effect was surprisingly good.

Although when dealing with normal little monsters and demons, “Demon’s Remain” weapons weren’t very exceptionally effective other than for how sharp they were, it seemed like it was shockingly effective towards bosses. Does it mean, when faced with these types of bosses, later on, all weapons made with this kind of material will be able to kill them like slicing vegetables?

Fei fantasized for awhile, and then he began to collect the equipment that fell onto the ground.

Soon, he was stunned.

Due to the surprise.

“Am I hallucinating? There’s… there’s actually two tier 7 [Set Items]?” Fei almost couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Two green flashing sword-shaped equipment were lying there beside Duriel’s body, exuding endless temptation.

Although the game knowledge from Fei’s past life mercilessly reminded Fei again and again that it was possible to get items of this tier in [Lut Gholein] on “normal difficulty”, but he got two! After a  slight hesitation, Fei finally believed his eyes, and then like a mad dog jumping towards its food. He embraced the two green swords, and began to carefully and greedily observe them both.

Table of Content

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