Hail the King Chapter 175.1

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Chapter 175: Two Tier 7 Equipment (Part one)

“Your Majesty, this is a giant eagle that’s used to scout and for long distance communication, called the Wind Speaker Eagle. It’s very clever, and many of the subsidiary kingdoms of the Empire breed them in their military. However, this beast has a less-than-good nature, that is, aggressive and brutal. So, that’s why it attacked Your Majesty’s giant bird…” After seeing the white-winged giant eagle’s dead body, old Zolasc quickly came to a conclusion.

Your Majesty’s giant bird…

Fei once again started sweating by the words “giant bird”. It was very easy for people to think of an inappropriate body part after hearing those two words. (TL: giant bird can refer to giant d*ck in China)

But then again, Zolasc was captured at a young age and brought to the Blackstone Kingdom to be a miner, and he endured dozen years of hellish mining slave life to survive until today. That was completely a miracle, but it was also this experience that gave him the knowledge and strong will that normal people didn’t have. He was just like a walking encyclopedia that was covered in blade marks and soaked with blood in the scorching mountains, so his words were very credible.

“A giant bird used for communication?” Fei scratched his chin, and he soon found a very good reason, “This b—–d’s probably trained by the Blackstone King, otherwise why would it be this aggressive? Haha, oh well, it looks quite tasty, let’s roast it first.”

Very soon, this fierce Wind Speaker Eagle had its feathers mercilessly pulled off and placed on a rack. It was roasted into a golden yellow color, and the tempting smell floated permeated the air. The Saint Seiya, Oleg, and others all began drooling, approaching the rack with big watery eyes…

In less than 10 minutes, there was a fine pile of bones left on the ground.

Soon, the dark night finally enveloped the post-battle Blackstone Fortress.

Maybe it was because of the bloodbath that had just occurred during the day, the moonlight seemed to carry a little faint redness.

On the stone pillar field was erected many large and small tents. Some even cleaned up the damaged little fortresses and lit up a warm bonfire. On top of paved hay, the Chambord miners went into a sweet dream with a sweet smile for the very first time, everyone had an incredibly good sleep.

Fei set an example. He gave the King’s tent to some of the heavily-injured miners and placed them under heavy care. This was naturally a means of gathering hearts, and at this moment it played a vital role and once again won the gratitude and respect of his citizens.

In the night, Fei sat cross-legged at the top of the tallest tower of the Blackstone Fortress, overlooking four sides.

The cold moon light sprinkled over his body as if turning him into a silver-plated god.

After observing all surroundings, Fei sat there quietly for awhile, recollecting memories of today’s battle. Then, he changed to [Assassin mode] and set up a few magic traps around their encampment. He used the Assassin’s zen power to begin pioneering a few more energy connection channels and modified the energy scrolls.

Up until now, besides the Thunder Lightning Fist, Corpse-Piling Shock Wave and other ultimate skill scrolls that were copied from the Saint Seiya Anime, Fei was also pioneering a few new energy connection channels that held a different power. Now, he was just training these skills himself to make some tiny tweaks.

Time passed quickly, and sounds of magic beast roars were constantly heard from the surrounding mountains.

Into the midnight, Fei opened his eyes.

He finally completed two 3-star level energy scroll’s revision and perfection.

Calculating the time, he could enter the Diablo world again to kill monsters and level up.


The sky-blue portal appeared on the side, and Fei entered the Diablo world.

This time, he chose [Barbarian mode]. The Barbarian character was Fei’s main account, and it had always been the character with the highest level. At the moment, the Barbarian character had reached level 36, and after these days of hardcore grinding, there were only one of the six missions left in the second map, [Lut Gholein], and that is to go to the last correct Tal Rasha’s Tomb and kill the [Lord of Pain, Duriel].

In the [Rogue Encampment], Fei first found Aunt Akara who had just returned from the real world to the Diablo world, and he continued on learning some scroll-making and medicine-making techniques. Then, he reverse-summoned the beauty mercenary Elena who was just at Chambord city and asked about the city. Hearing that everything was running smoothly under the command of minister Bast and military official Brook, Fei was assured. The two of them then came to the Desert Pearl [Lut Gholein], and passed through the teleportation array and entered the last Tal Rasha’s Tomb that was still unexplored. After killing countless demons and monsters, they finally came to a giant round altar.

The altar was completely carved with mysterious and mystical inscriptions of runes. These runes were ancient and vicissitudes, with the breadth of antiquity. All the inscriptions gleamed with a crimson glow, and came and went, there were roars and whistling of devils coming out from the depth of the altar from time to time, as if it was tying down some kind of terrifying power. The terrifying energy surges like raging ocean, stuffing the entire tomb hall.

Fei gently walked onto the altar, and on the sky blue stone at the top of this 20-something meters tall altar, there was a wrist-sized hole. Fei took out the Hodraic’s Staff which he finally forged after completing the previous 5 missions and placed it inside the hole.


The entire tomb began to shake violently, with the huge stones shaking above, dirt and little rocks began falling down as if the whole cave was about to collapse. Loud banging sounds came from the ancient stone wall in front of the altar, as if some terrifying monster was slamming the wall. Very soon, the stone wall cracked, and a two meters deep hole appeared.

Fei had seen the entire process in his previous life many times, so he couldn’t be more familiar with it, and he even gave a smile to the beautiful mercenary who appeared a little nervous.

Table of Content

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